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Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for FantAge on PC

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FantAge Cheats

Step 1. Go to the beach.
Step 2. Go close to the dance place.
Step 3. Click the sun.
Step 4. Tuns night.
Step 5. If you want to turn it back you have to go in the dance place and come back out.

Create a user and a spare user. Face the spare user repeatedly to earn a lot of Starz.

Host a fashion show and wait until many people arrive. Start, choose a theme, then exit. When the fashion show ends you will get Starz and points.

Play Splash! and win to get up to 80 Starz.

You may have noticed the friends invite on your or other's IDFones. Inviting friends to Fantage is an easy way to level up and earn eCoins. Unfortunately, you may find that none of the friends you invited did it correctly or want to join. Here is a simple fix to that. On Fantage, you can make accounts with fake emails. When making your account, be sure to enter your main account's username. You can repeat this thousands of times if you wanted. Once you play on your backup for a certain amount of time, both of your accounts will benefit with a level up and free eCoins.

To get the corresponding item, use one of the following combinations.

Gold Dress
3 rare gems or 1 semi-rare gem and 2 rare gems.

Go to the castle. Clock the front left lamp at the bench. Then, click on the balcony that is close to it.

When there is fruit, get oranges to run faster.

Go to the Carnival and find the fire hydrant. Click the top left knob a few times and water will squirt out. This does not work Downtown.

When there are Starz, take the ones that are worth more first.

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