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Enter The Matrix Cheats

If you kill an agent, take his gun (the .50 AE). It is the most powerful handheld gun in the game. It will kill most normal enemies with one shot.

When in the tower, and the Agent is shooting at you, quickly run down the left pillar and stand behind it. The helicopter should be at your back. Use your peek and shoot move to your left side. If you use a fast enough gun, you can kill the Agent in about three seconds. If you fail to kill him the first time, keep in mind he moves in this order: left, right, back. Stay behind the pillar and the your peek and shoot and you will not be hit.

When trapped in the room with the bulletproof glass, use one of your grenades. Throw the grenade then run behind the wall. It will destroy the glass.

In the level where you are playing as Ghost and must find Soren, you can get an M240. When you are on the large walkway, save your sniper ammunition. Kill the guards and keep moving until you see a woman exit from a door with an M240 and shoot some guards. Equip the sniper rifle and move fairly close. Snipe her in the head. If you kill her, she will drop the M240. Quickly grab it. If successful, you will complete the mission. If not, you will fail because you killed the woman. You will then have the weapon in the next mission.

After the intermission sequence with Niobe and Ghost making phone calls, you will start the level on top of a balcony. You will receive a message from Spark warning you of SWAT members approaching. Do not bother with the stairs, and jump the railing down to the first floor. Directly in front of you are SWAT members coming through two sliding doors. Run past them while shooting and go through the sliding doors. Run behind the SWAT van. There will be a entry shotgun here.

During your battle with the helicopter as Ghost, use the following strategy. Focus Run across the room to where the wall starts to curve. Back up against the wall facing the away from the large glass window. Hold [Auto Aim] and when the SWAT starts to jump down through the window, use your Focus and dispatch them with the least amount of ammunition possible. Go back to where you were against the wall earlier and wait for the helicopter to pass over. When it does, it will shoot the wall. If you are in the correct location, it will not hit you. After you hear the bullets stop, run around the wall and the helicopter will be exposed without any protection. Use your Focus and dump at least a clip into it. Then, return to the wall and repeat the process. It only takes three to four times to take down the helicopter.

Playing as Ghost, and after you have just shot off the plane's tire, you will encounter the Agent chopper. Change your weapon from the M95 Sniper Rifle to the SG - 552. Immediately stand almost as far back as you can go from your current position, so that you are not too close to where the chopper will appear. The moment you see it, use Focus and fire at the same time. The chopper should take major damage, but will leave your health at a minimum of about 20% before backing off. It will then try to attack you from the right; turn about 90 degrees to your right and get ready to blast it with the remaining ammunition. Make sure you that you do not stay too far back, because your shots may have less chance of hitting. You may get killed here if your reflexes are not fast enough. Also, if you defeat the chopper you may be left with just 1% health, but this is enough to get you out of there, let you save your game, and continue the war to save Zion.

An easy way to defeat both helicopters in The Airport is to drop weapons at the ticket counter just before you meet the first helicopter. Using Ghost, under the hard difficulty setting, you can hack and view the map for The Airport, which shows the code PNSRZ10. Use the "DROP" command with that code and get two M240 weapons at the ticket counter just before the first helicopter battle. Using an M240 takes about eight seconds to kill a helicopter. For the first helicopter, wait behind a wall for it to turn around after firing, then run out to unload on it. It should go down before it makes its way to the roof to drop cops through the window. For the second helicopter, hide behind the columns in the tower and use the "FOCUS" and "STRAFE" commands to shoot at it and still keep moving towards the opposite column. It should take about three times if you follow this method with the M240. The difficult part about using the M240 is remembering not to waste it in the time between the two helicopter battles.

It is much easier to kill the first helicopter by allowing it to make its first pass. While it passes, prepare an automatic weapon. As soon as the shooting stops, press [Focus], get around the corner, and begin shooting the helicopter. Follow it all the way, You should get about three clips unloaded at the helicopter and will almost always kill it in its first pass. If done correctly, this will allow you to destroy the helicopter without a scratch. Remember to get away from the right side of the window when the helicopter begins to fall or the explosion will kill you.

When you battle the Agent helicopter, quickly use the SSG-552 quickly. When the helicopter appears, shoot it as quickly as possible and he will die. Run down the stairs or you will also die. Note: This does not always work.

This strategy is easy, yet time consuming. Once the mission starts, use Focus and run to the wall opposite to you. Wait for the SWAT members to pop in from the roof. Make sure you have stun grenades and the machine gun. Having flash bangs is also recommended. Kill the SWAT members using Focus to avoid damage and steal their ammunition. To kill them, once they pop in throw a grenade at them, then mow them down with the machine gun. Then, hide behind the fountain and wait for the helicopter to pass. It will be shooting a high powered chain gun. It will soon turn around with its closed side to you and be vulnerable. Use Focus and shoot around the corner of the fountain. Leave one clip for the SWATs. The chopper will pass. Then, run to the wall again. Once again, SWATs will pop in and then you will have to repeat the process

Take out a fast gun such as a MP5. Sidestep and go left and right with your hand on the trigger at all times until it flies up. Do this on all sides until it gets destroyed. It usually requires two sides to take it down.

Enable the "Unlimited health", "Unlimited ammunition", and "Unlimited Focus" codes. After you shoot the tire off of the plane, An Agent will appear and turn into a SWAT member. The Agent will fly up with a helicopter. Tun as far as you can away from the helicopter and hide behind a pillar. Focus run and shoot with you strongest gun then run back behind another pillar. If the helicopter comes around the corner, then run behind a pillar that it cannot shoot you with. When you shoot the helicopter, it should lose life quickly. Keep repeating this.

Listen to the sounds of gunfire and breaking glass until it stops . Get your MP5 and move to the right, where the helicopter is located. Shoot it until it gets to the last window. Then, get a stun grenade and throw it immediately after the helicopter passes the last window to kill the SWAT team. Keep doing this until the helicopter crashes and explodes.

As Ghost, when you have to fight the man to see the oracle, you are supposed to lose. After you complete the game, go back and load that level. You can defeat him to get an alternate game ending.

Playing as Ghost on the city rooftops, after evading the many gaps and climbing the ladders, the Agent that burst through the door drops down to destroy you. If you choose to hide behind the left wall and attempt to fire off rounds from around the corner at this Agent, he will unsurprisingly dodge every bullet. If you Focus, you should be able to jump over the gap between you and the Agent, and will be able to engage in hand-to-hand combat. However, at this point it is extremely hard to win; so continue to jump across to your left. Fall down into the lower area. Now instead of taking the cop out and running up the stairs, dispatch the cop(s), but wait around long enough to see the Agent. If he fires at you, then Focus and bullet dodge to get close to him. You now have enough space to fully challenge this Agent without being closed in. Battling an Agent is more intense (and difficult) than taking on any groups of police or SWATs, because they can avoid all bullets and have shattering strength. You will have to Focus almost all of the time in order to knock him down, and inevitably you will soon find yourself on the brink of death. Run up the stairs and to the phone if low on health. Note: Although you cannot fully destroy the Agent, you can temporarily defeat one until it moves into another body. This would seem impossible, but there is a way. Going back to the point where you climb up the ladder and the Agent first drops down, instead of waiting for the Agent to land, climb up the ladder. Before you even see the Agent, start running and use your Focus to jump to the platform where the Agent lands. Still holding Focus, move behind his position where he lands. Begin to kick him, and as he is off guard, he is very unlikely to counter. If you kick him enough, you should be able to knock him off the edge of the "platform" and down the gap, causing the Agent to plummet to his death. Thus, you have temporarily defeated an Agent. Note: If you should ever face Agent Smith, you would be wise not to underestimate him, he is the most skilled Agent.

Press [Focus], then [Down] + [Kick] to trip the Agent. Immediately when he gets up, press [Kick] and he will fall off the edge and stay out of your way for awhile.

It is possible to beat the Agent who comes through the ceiling to death. Enable the "Unlimited health" and "Unlimited Focus" codes and it should work. Note: This takes a very long time.

When you are running from rooftop to rooftop, you will see an Agent drop down onto another roof across a gap. If you Focus and unload on him while running at him, he will begin dodging your shots. Jump across the gap and over the Agent, firing at him as much as possible. When you are over his head, stop Focusing. You will land behind him and although you will not be shooting at him anymore, he will still be dodging for a few seconds. Use this opportunity to get in a good strong kick or try to knock him into the gap. If you do not get him in the gap on your first try, you should probably quit. If you knock him off the roof, you will see his gun appear on the ground, then quickly shrink into nothingness. You have now defeated the Agent.

This is very difficult to do and may take some time. After you see the first Agent, keep running as usual. When you reach the place where the agent jumps through the wooden roof, shoot at him to keep him occupied (or throw him in Focus mode). Run up the steps quickly and let him follow you. When he runs at you, move out of his way and let him stand near the edge. Run up to him (not in Focus) and try to throw him. Eventually, he will fall off the edge. When he does, stand on the edge on one of the little "bars". When you look down, you will see Agent Smith laying down on the sidewalk with his gun beside him. Note: When you look down there, you will also see regular cops shooting at you.

When driving as Niobe or riding shotgun as Ghost, you can avoid being shot at. To do so, keep your screen in front of you. Doing this makes your enemies seem as if they are not there. They will stop shooting as long as you do not shoot at them.

To do this, it is best to use the "Unlimited health", "Unlimited ammunition" , and "Unlimited Focus" codes. Use Focus and try to disarm the Agent. It may take a while, but eventually you should get it. Once the Agent is broken, you can punch and kick him and he will not react. He will just stand there and straighten his tie every once in a while. If you try to shoot him, he still dodges the bullets as normal.

If you activated the "TRINITY" folder, type HANDSHAKE.EXE and press Enter. You will see a message from Spark. Type anything and press Enter. He will say that you sent him a file to download with a trojan virus. He will then say that he was playing. He will tell you something about you having access to his computer. Access the "DIR: folder and go to "LOGOS:". Go to your command list and select "EMP: in what he gave you. He will say that he was just kidding and will give you a gift in the loading screen. When he is done, you will hear a message from Neo. He will then say goodbye and shutdown the computer for you.

Go into the hacking system, and proceed to the cheats menu. Enter these numeric codes to unlock the corresponding function:

Attention ! :
To open cheats type: CHEAT.EXE
Before every cheat number, enter: CHEAT

All weapons and max firepower: 0034AFFF
Bonus test level: 13D2C77F
Double movement speed: FF00001A
Enemies do not detect you: 0034AFFF
Enemies do not hear you: FFFFFFF1
Faster Logos flight speed: 7867F443
Infinite ammo: 1DDF2556
Infinite focus: 69E5D9E4
Invisibility: 1DDF2556
Infinite health: 4516DF45
Low gravity: BB013FFF
Multiplayer fighting: D5C55D1E
Silent Mode: FFF0020A
Taxi driving: D5C55D1E
Turbo mode: 7F4DF451

There are a whole set of levels in CHINATOWN apart from SERAPH'S TEA HOUSE. Levels in which thousands of Agent Smiths and commandos are chasing you. But you can't play them if you don't beat Seraph. If you don't manage to beat him you will skip straight to Logos where you have to escape and shoot down Squidies (killing machines). It is very difficult to beat Seraph at first. But, it's simple once you get the trick. You have to use slow-motion to defeat him. If your focus gets over just run around and escape Seraph's attacks. Your focus will come back soon. After you beat Seraph you get a new set of levels titled THE SKYCRAPERS. When you are in these levels remember one thing. Don't attack the agents; just keep running where the GOAL TRACKER takes you. | Submitted by RohanNadkarni

As Niobe, when you first start a woman runs past you. Run directly towards the railing and jump over it. Sparks will tell you to stay out of the lobby unless you want a fight. Fight the cops that enter the lobby then turn and go back to the side of the concourse that you started on. You must stay on the ground floor and run towards the escalators. Turn left when you get to them and do not go up. Continue across to the other side of the concourse and turn left around that corner. Somewhere in front of you or near you should be a man. If you go near him, he will start to run away. Follow him. He will keep looking back at you and will trip. He will run slightly farther, then stop, turn, and walk out the door of the terminal. You can follow him out before the door closes to get outside. You will see the SWAT van parked at the curb, and if you go around to the other side you can pick up an entry shotgun. There is really nothing else useful out there, but you can run around if desired.

At the beginning of the level as you go into the first terminal, go forward and two civilians will run out of a door and a policeman runs out of a gate. If you let the policeman get away, he will shut himself behind a gate. Kill him before he does this and a box of five flash bangs will appear. Walk over it to collect them.

Pull out a sniper rifle quickly after the level loads. Then, put yourself in first person mode. A circle with a cross through it will appear. Next, press [Focus] and wait for the plane to come into your sights. Wait for the front wheel to come into the circle in the middle and shoot. You will need to do this multiple times to shoot the wheel. When you finally get it, you will see the bullet hitting the tire and popping it. You will then have to shoot the helicopter and get out of the tower.

Take out any gun, go into Focus mode, then run and jump while shooting. When in Focus, your aim improves and the run and jump will help you dodge bullets.

It is possible to take down Agent Smith without a wall kick, even if temporarily. First, scoot back so he does not throw you, then equip any gun and fire. At the same time, go into Focus and while he is dodging the bullets you just fired, run in then punch or kick him until he goes down. Kicks are recommended because they are more powerful. Then, get out of there while still using Focus. When you are out of harms way, let off the Focus. Note: Doing this in cramped spaces such as hallways is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

When fighting the Agent Smiths, there will be a level where you find a grenade launcher. Stay far back when shooting or you will be caught in the explosion. The Smiths will die with about three shots from the grenade launcher. Be careful -- even when you have unlimited health, you could be blown off the buildings and die. Also, do not get close to the Smiths or they will throw you. When a Smith dies, you will be able to pick up an actual Agent's gun (the .50AE), which can be used in dual handguns. These handguns are the most powerful in the game.

Get a 40 mm grenade launcher. Go into Focus mode and shoot him three or four times. Look again and he will be dead on the floor. You can take his gun if desired. Kill another one to have a double weapons.

In one of the Chinatown levels where you escape from Agent Smith, there should be a grenade launcher somewhere. Three shots with this will kill Agent Smith.

In certain levels you have grenades or grenade launchers. Three launched at far range or one at close range will kill them. If they do not die, pull out a gun. When the auto aim is red, it indicates near death; you can easily take them in hand to hand combat. Sometimes sparking objects are nearby. Knock them into it and will die.

On the level where the Agents chase you up the stairs and onto the rooftops, you can kill them. Before entering the levels, make sure you have enabled the "Unlimited ammunition", "Unlimited health", and "All weapons" codes.. At the beginning of the level, cycle through your weapons and select the grenade launcher. As soon as an Agent runs after you, shoot him three times with the grenade launcher. Wait until the smoke clears and they will be dead.

This trick works best if you are Ghost. In any level that has an Agent and you are or can get to a roof, go up to the Agent. He may kick or punch you back; watch the ledges. Hit him once or twice so that the camera pans to the side. Walk up to him, punch him, then do a Focus Kick (without pressing a direction). The agent will fly back. While he is on the ground press [Punch], [Punch], [Focus] + [Back] + [Punch]. This will do an uppercut, sending him flying. Once he is in the air, press [Kick] and Ghost will do a flying kick, sending the Agent soaring across the room. If you are on a roof, do this to send him flying over the edge, where he dies on impact.

Enable the "Unlimited ammunition" code and obtain the GP gun (which takes the oxygen out the air). It can kill an Agent.

The first time you face an Agent, run. Towards the end of the pursuit, the Agent drops directly in front of you. Note that there is is a gap in the building between you and him. Focus and make the jump. Then, while he still getting up from the fall, run behind him with your back close to the wall and do a kick off the wall. He will fly into the gap, and get killed.

When fighting Agents, kick continuously at them while they are near a wall. They will soon be laying in the wall.

In levels with multiple Agents, use Invisibility and hit one. It may make him fight his partner.

In the level with the Gp-25 Launcher, go up to an Agent and shoot him. He will try to dodge it, but the smoke kills him. Note: You must be Niobe to see an Agent in this level.

It is possible to kill Agents in either of two ways, using a grenade launcher/thrown grenades, or by hand to hand combat. However, to kill them in hand to hand combat, you need to be on a level with rooftops or windows. This strategy works best with Ghost, since his punch combo involves sending an Agent in air, and you can follow up with a jump kick. In order to get close enough to the Agent to send him in his downward plummet, you need to have the "Unlimited Focus" and "Unlimited Health" codes enabled. The "Swordfight" code also works well for taking on multiple Agents, but is not necessary. First, shoot at the Agent so that he starts dodging the bullets. Then, use your Focus, get into him, and use the back punch combo that uses the two uppercuts. Next, kick at him and repeat until the Agent has fallen to his demise. Throwing works as well, if do are not using the sword

An easy way to kill Agents is to blow them apart with explosive weapons. Enabling the 7F4DF451 code is recommended. Three to four grenades may be needed.

To kill any Agent you encounter, enable the 0034AFFF code. Take out your grenade launcher and blow him up about four times. Note: the explosions will kill you if you do not have unlimited health active.

In the last level at the Nuclear Power Plant, you must escape from several Agents. In the Transformer Field-level, you should have obtained a Chloride-gun (gas-grenade launcher weapon). When you use it against Agents, they will choke and die.

Let him strike first, and stay defensive. After this, lay it on him then back off and repeat.

As Ghost or Niobe, you can use Focus after doing a normal jump. For example, run forward, press the button assigned to jump, and press Focus immediately afterwards. You will basically do a Focus Jump, just without the Focus Jump animation. At almost any time during the jump, press Action. If timed correctly, your character will do a dodge move in midair. While this does not serve any real bonus to anything, it still looks good. However, it can help when you are on the run and need to gain extra jump and evasion distance.

This trick can only be done as Ghost. While running forward, press [Jump], then immediately press [Focus]. You should be in the air with the regular jump animation, but in Focus mode. When desired, press [Action]. You will do a dodge move in mid air. You cannot do this immediately after you jump, and if you wait too long you will fall straight down. There is a certain time-frame in which you can do this. You can use any dodge direction with this trick. You can cartwheel left or right, dodge forward, and can also dodge backwards. If you dodge backwards and do a backwards hand-spring, quickly and repeatedly tap [Dodge] again and continue to hold your [Away]. You will do a back flip in the air as well. If you do the backwards spin turning right, you can do the same as above and press [Action] as fast as possible to do a spin turning to the left in mid-air. Not only can you dodge, but if you take out a weapon you can do the dive/cartwheel attacks. You can also punch or kick, although kicking is probably better in the air than punching.

When you are in a close area, Focus and do a wall run. Then, press [Jump] and move your character to the other wall. Next, do another wall run then press [Jump]. You should still be in Matrix mode. If done correctly, you will be able to dodge a lot of bullets.

Type in the command (VIEW or PLAY) and press [Space]. Then [CTRL] and use the cursor keys to the parameters list on the "on-screen" keyboard at the bottom of the hacking page. Highlight the file you wish to play or view and press [CTRL] again. For some reason, entering the parameter on the keyboard (the normal one, not on-screen) does not do anything. It either says "Playing FMV.... done" or displays double blank lines for "VIEW". Obviously, the content must be found and unlocked first. Use DIR on all the directories under "B:\" and "LOGOS:".

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. The ending sequence includes what appears to be a trailer for The Matrix Revolution, the sequel to The Matrix Reloaded.

To hear "Going Under" by Evanescence, complete the game. The entire song will be played at the end credits.

Every highway sign you see in the highway level is a cheat for the game.

You may have trouble grabbing the flashlight, which is actually a MP5 icon. To get it, take out your MP5 and waste its ammunition so that the gun is no longer in the inventory. The same goes for MP5 pistols. Once this is done, you can pick up the flashlight/MP5. Equip it to turn on the flashlight.

Opponents such as Agents, Seraph or Smith have a high rate of reversal/counter which can deal large damage. On a high level, this makes offense not the most suitable option, as the more you attack, the greater the window of opportunity for your opponent to counter/reverse. Anticipate a punch or kick, and before it commences you must fully Focus. Take note of the opponent's stance, keeping a view of their hands and feet while still Focused. The precise moment you see the opponent begin to move their hands or feet to strike, press [Action] for a guaranteed reversal. The amount of damage dealt to the opponent here can be rewarding, as reversals are the most time sensitive and must be executed precisely during combat -- a misplaced reversal attempt can leave you vulnerable.

While playing the level as either Niobe or Ghost, you will pass under many bridges. A few minutes from the start of the level, you will pass under a particular bridge that appears to have a fire blazing on top of it. This is a reference to The Matrix Reloaded, when Morpheus sabotaged the vehicle the Twins were driving in, while on top of that very bridge. What you see in the game is the remaining aftermath.

Allow the game to idle at the main menu. It will eventually play the preview trailer that was used to promote the game through the website.

I have found a way in which you can play with Neo Trinity Morpheus and more:

1. Firstly you have to open your enter the matrix folder, then open the "actors" folder (make a backup copy called "actors_backup").

2. Then you have to find all the Costumes for the original players...(e.g. "Ghost_Costume01.dcx" or "Niobe_Costume01.dcx").

3. Then find the player you want instead of Niobe or Ghost (e.g. "Neo.dcx") and copy that file to how many costumes there are for each player. (e.g. 5 Ghost Costumes = 5 "Neo.dcx" copies)

4. Then rename all the ".dcx" for the desired player (Neo.dcx) to the original player costumes (ghost_costumes01dcx).

5. So..."Neo.dcx" will be renamed to "Ghost_Costume01.dcx"...and so on...

6. After that load a game or start a new one and you wil be playing with a different player.

Note: All the characters moves will remain the same. Only the skin will be changed.

I have tried the following players and thry have worked for me:


Once you have saved, you can select the Hacking option and begin to work on hacking into The Matrix itself. As the Matrix is quite simply a simulation, its rules are no different to a computer systems. This allows you to not only access all stored files, but you can change the physical laws of the system (as mentioned in the "cheat" descriptions) Laws like gravity can be bent, for a greater time/effect than the limited focusing alone. To take advantage of the Hack System's abilities, you will need to know exactly what to enter following the command prompt (default A Drive standard (A:\)): Enter DIR to display directory choices. You can simply type .EXE then press Enter. The executable will be opened. It is not the same with .TXT files, as you must type READ first before the text file selection is revealed in Command List. Simply type DIR then a space followed by B:\ for the contents of the B Drive to be revealed for selection, rather than typing individual filenames. After experiencing the rabbit hole for yourself, the "CHEAT.EXE" is invaluable for those with free minds looking to further enhance skills, and bend the rules of The Matrix. After opening the executable, you will be required to enter specific codes, which will directly alter rules of The Matrix, making it easier for you to utilize your ability to focus the mind, and other aspects. Use it wisely.

For an easy way to unlock cheat mode, at title screen select "Hack". Press any key when instructed. Once the system has loaded, type DIR. You will eventually see various choices. One of these choices will be "TOOLS". Instead of typing it in, go all the way to the left where your options are "HELP and DIR". Click "DIR", then you will see the same choices on the screen above. Click on "TOOLS". From there you will see more choices "CHEAT.EXE" and so on. Click "CHEAT.EXE" and enter in any the codes.

Also, you do not have to enter "Yes" or "No" for command confirmations. You can simply type Y or N to save time.

At the point where you find a grenade launcher after the telephone gets destroyed, find a cliff where you will get killed if you fall off. Lead an Agent to the cliff. Stand with your back to the cliff. Once the agent is at arms length away, Matrix jump over his head and run a short distance away. Then, turn around and take out the grenade launcher. Aim at his feet and try to blow him off the cliff, which saves ammunition. You can also try kicking him off.

When playing as Ghost, and you get to the end of the level (at the drawbridge) in time to see the bridge go down, look forward. You should see a taxi ramp off the bridge before it lowers all the way.

As Niobe, the Agent will start to chase you. The big tank of "Dangerous Gas" you run past can be shot. When the Agent passes it, shoot it. It will explode, and kill the Agent. Note: You may want to enable the "Invisible to enemies" and "Unlimited health" codes.

Play as Niobie and you will start in a room where there is an Agent shooting at you. Ignore the "Don't fight, run message. Instead, take out your MPS gun (you can use a pistol). Shoot him and he will dodge the bullets. Get him to dodge all the way to the left or right. At that time, shoot the explosive barrel. It will kill him, and you may pick up his gun.

As Niobe, when Sparks says run, do not fight him (turn on Focus). Run between the two missiles and turn around, then shoot the bio hazard sign. The Agent should fall and lose his gun. Note: Use the shotgun.

After you find tunnel 7R, An agent will chase you. There is a very easy way to kill him. Every so often there will be a tower lit by red lights. On this there are four boxes labeled "Danger: Explosive!". Lure the Agent near one of those boxes, step back, and while in Focus mode, shoot the box in first person mode. This should instantly kill him, and you can take his Desert Eagle.

Do not shoot the gas can in this level. When near it, the can will explode. Metal will fly and kill you, even if codes are enabled.

Press [Up] + [Jump] without focus, then immediately activate focus. You will jump consistently longer.

To jump off a wall, put your guns away, enter Focus and jump toward the wall. When you are about to hit the wall, press [Jump] and you will flip off the wall in the air. If you want to do a bullet jump (the jump that you do in a battle with guns), draw your guns before you get to the wall and press [Jump] at it. Then, shoot away. You cannot shoot while flipping though.

Use the following glitch to keep the sword out in single player mode. Use the sword, but at the exact moment get hit with a blast. Try throwing a grenade or flashbang, then use the sword on an enemy. You will be thrown back, but the sword should still remain in your hand. Note: You may have to attempt this multiple times in the event you are killed by the grenade.

When doing a wall flip in Matrix mode, press [Jump] to do a longer flip. Note: You will not be able to fire your weapons while doing this. Be careful, and try not to use it around a lot of enemies.

Go to the gate where the two men are pinned down by SWATs. Enter first person mode and pick-off all the SWATs. The two men will say, "We owe you a lot Ghost/Niobe", and the other/your gate will open. You can now complete the mission successfully.

Type LOGIN at the hacking screen. When LOGIN appears in the list of commands, click it. Use COWBOYCURTIS or FREEMIND to hear Morpheus speak. Press the numbers listed to hear different things.

Successfully complete the game as Ghost, then enable the "Unlimited health" and "Unlimited ammunition" codes. Play the chase levels where many Agent Smiths are chasing you. Get to the point where you get the grenade launcher. Use the grenade launcher to take out the Agent Smiths. This requires about two to three hits from the grenade launcher. Continue until the last part just before the final sequence in the Matrix before you get on the platform and kill the Agent duplicates. Look directly ahead at the top of the balcony. You can see Niobe walking into the mini pillars. If you kill her, you will die even with the "Unlimited health" code. Fire the grenade launcher at her, and she should climb up the fencing and walk off the building completely.

First when you get into the level, take out your M240. Then, turn to your left until you see the helicopter. Start shooting and follow the helicopter until you see it go down. This is a fast way to complete this part, and is easy to do.

There is a way to skip the entire level. Jump down off the truck and run to the right in Focus mode. You will see a fire escape ladder that you would usually see later in that level. Climb up the ladder and go up the stairs. You will reach a door. Go through it. Go through two more doors to complete the level.

Get a gun (preferably a machine gun) and switch to first person view. Shoot and you will see that the bullets appear in a perfectly straight line, no matter what the weapon. This is extremely useful and works with any gun.

Approach a Powerade vending machine and press [Action] near the buttons on the machine. A Powerade will pop out.

In the Nuclear Plant level where you get the UMP, look at the wall just before you go up to the tower to find a Powerade vending machine.

If you have low health and are in trouble, go to a Powerade machine. Press [Action] and a Powerade will pop out of the machine. Run on top of it, and if done correctly it will fill up your health.

At the beginning, turn and run to the top of the stairs on the right. Next, hide your weapon, run in matrix mode, and jump across the gap. If done correctly, you should grab onto the railing on the other side and just go up some flights of stairs to end the level quickly.

Find an area with no enemies. Remain idle and your heath and Focus will rise.

Press [Focus] while you are close to a wall. If done correctly, this should make your character run against the wall, then eventually do a cartwheel off it.

When on the first level with Niobe, walk into the men's restroom in the main lobby . You should go to a level called Behind The Scenes and skip you two or three levels.

Start a new game under who you want to play Spark's Training Construct as Niobe or Ghost. Wait for all the FMV sequences to finish and save your game when prompted by selecting "Yes". Exit back to the main title screen, with the "Load Game", "New Game", "Options", and "Hacking" options. Select "Hacking". Load the saved game that was just saved. When asked to press a key, do so to clean the system. Your should now be at the "A:\" prompt. Type "CHEAT" followed by a space, then "13D2C77F" Your screen should have "A:\CHEAT 13D2C77F" displayed. Press "Enter". A message stating that you have unlocked a bonus level will appear. This actually refers to Spark's Training Construct. Exit hacking by going to "Exit" in the command list and choosing "Y" (for yes) and pressing "Enter". Save your progress by answering "Yes". Go to "Load game" at the main menu. Look for "Spark's Training Construct" and go there. You can also indicated that it should be the game you just saved; load this. The game will bring up levels you completed. Move to the right until "Spark's Training Construct" appears in view and load it. If prompted, insert the next game disc. You should now be in the hallway full of doors after it loads. Move forward and go to the second red door you see on your right. Open it and you will now be in a gym where training takes place. Go forward until you see buttons on the wall. Press the left button first. Training will begin. Grab all the weapons behind you and blast your enemies.

Once inside the "shooting range," you can participate in a test of skills. Press the red button and get ready. You will start out behind one of the tables and are told that you are caged in and have to fight. SWAT Agents will start running from the back of the room in your area. If they get up to the 10 ft. mark, youwill lose. Turn around, grab all the guns you can, and take them out. If you get more than twenty, it unlocks the other red door in the hallway. This is where you can engage in hand to hand combat with a never-ending supply of SWAT. This a very good opportunity to harness your fighting skills and find new moves.

In the shooting range in Sparks' Training Construct, look at the hanging targets in first person view. Shoot them until your green crosshairs turn red. Do this to all the targets to open up the other training mode in the same room. You will now be able to push the button on the right. In this mode, you try to shoot the floor out from under people walking across platforms. You will fail if they make it to the other side.

You can only open the red doors. In the beginning only one will be open. Press the red button on the far wall and you will appear before a table. Collect the guns behind you and stop the SWAT members before they reach the 10 foot mark. Note: Use the sniper rifle, and if they get too close, try the shotgun. Shoot the floor of the runners, and when the walkers approach the door quickly shoot them or their floors. Then, work your way across the top row. Score above twenty and the next door and the green button will be available. The green button will set you between you between the tables, and unable to move. With your sniper rifle, shoot the floor beneath them. They will earn you a point, but do not let them reach the doors. After twenty points you can unlock the elevator doors near next to the warehouse in the next red door. In here you will find a red and green button. Push the red button to try and kill twenty people. Note: Use the unlimited focus here. The green button will now be accessible. Knock as many people as you can off the platform within three minutes. Note: Kick them off for as long as you can, and when you engage combat mode throw them off the edge.

In the training mode where you have to fire at SWAT team members as they advance, the easiest way to do this is to select a high powered automatic weapon. As soon as you can, backup until your back is against the shelf behind you. Strafe back and forth as you fire, and you will continue to pick up ammunition for your current gun. This will save costly weapon switching time and you will be done quickly.

You will have to pass a challenge that involves throwing off at least twenty people. Turn around and jump off the left corner toward the entrance. Remain there and they will kill themselves.

Pull out your pistol(s) by pressing [Weapon Draw]. Then, press [Punch] to hit your enemy with the butt of the gun. Your gun will disappear. While he is dizzy, pull out your pistol(s) again and you will automatically grab his head and shoot him in the stomach.

Press [Punch] + [Weapon Draw] as Ghost to grab an enemy and shoot them in the stomach; or pick them up and throw and shoot them in the air.

When playing as either Ghost or Niobe, hold [Focus] and go up to someone that has a good sized gun (machine gun or sniper rifle). Press [Action]. This will make them take the weapon from the enemy and do different things (throw them to the ground and shoot them or smack them with their own weapon).

There are three easy ways to instantly kill someone (excluding Bosses, Agents, and Vampires). Disarm someone with a long barreled gun (shotgun, MP5, sniper rifle, etc.). If you grab their gun, and smack them with the butt of it. Try disarming someone from behind, thereby putting them in a sleeper hold. The best way, though, is to have a gun out, and throw ([Punch] + [Kick]) someone. You will knock them down, then shoot their head.

If you have two pistols, hold [Focus] and jump when you are in a combat with someone. You will dive forward and start shooting.

Sneak up on someone, and the "Use" icon will appear. When this happens, press [Use]. Your character should start strangling the enemy. Immediately press [Focus] to swing them to one side. You will then hear the sound of their neck breaking.

When sneaking up on someone and choking them from behind, tap [Focus] and your character will break your opponent's neck.

When you have the chance to get an enemy from behind, press [Focus] then [Action]. You will kick the enemy down and break his neck on the ground silently. By doing this, your Focus meter will also recharge slightly.

When need to disarm an enemy that is using weapons such machine guns or a sniper rifle, press [Focus] + [Down] + [Action]. If done correctly, you will bounce him over your body, and when on the ground shoot a few rounds to kill him. This requires some practice. Note: When the move is being done, you can turn off the Focus to prevent its discharge.

When you are at the Tea House, lose the fight and you will go to the end. You will not have to put up with the Agents and will miss about four stages.

When playing as Niobe and are being chased by the Agent, get to one of the pillars with the gas tanks. Wait for the Agent, then shoot it as he runs by. If timed correctly, it will explode and he will die. You will even be able to see his body. You will, however, see him at the ladder at the end of the level.

When you are running from the Agent, run past the flammable gas tank. Wait for the agent, then shoot the tank. This will kill the Agent. When you get to the ladder at the end of the level (if you are fast enough), you will see a police officer turning into an Agent. While he is shaking, shoot him in the head. This will kill him again for a very long time.

When you start the level, kill all the guards. Then, look at the picture on the easel. It shows you the layout of that section of the post office. The red X is you, the green arrow is the fork lift, the green Xs are enemies, and the red O with a line through it is the place with the smoke grenade.

When you first start the level, kill the first two SWAT men. Then, travel about halfway down and you should see a whiteboard. Go up to it and look at it in first person view. It shows the plan for the level, where they will attack from and how many SWAT men are in each section.

While in hand-to-hand combat at close range, press [Weapon Draw]. You will kick your opponent backwards, draw your gun, and fire at him while he is still in the air. This is effective, fun, and looks good. Do this while Focused for added effect.

When you first get outside, do a Matrix jump and land on the first bar. Do not move or you will fall off. If you see the Agent, he will be punching nothing. This is a good time too refill health and Focus. Note: The Agent may fire at you.

When you are being chased by a lot of Agent Smith clones, get to the window which first leads you out to the scaffolding and climb out of it. Once on the scaffolding, grab a gun and hide around the corner. Once Agent Smith comes into firing range, fire through the window while hiding round the side so you can dodge if he fires back. After emptying a round on him, he will stop, straighten his tie and jacket, and will not attack you, even if you hurt him.

There is only one way you can kill the Agents. Enable the "Maximum firepower" code and take out the grenade launcher. Shoot the Agents three or four times and they should die.

Enable the "Invisibility" code. Wait for an Agent to come outside a skyscraper then knock him down. Note: Swords do not hurt Agents.

Proceed through the level as usual until you reach the part where the Agents drop out of the buildings and put you through a wooden floor. Instead of walking or jumping it, do a long Matrix jump over the gap next to it. If you make it the leap, follow the outer boards and do a big jump at the end to the windows. Once in the building, exit at the far window and you will be near the end of the level. By doing this, you will eliminate about 75% of the level.

Enter the following commands:

Passcode 8ram
3 digit code 942

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