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Elder Scrolls : Tribunal

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Elder Scrolls : Tribunal on PC

In order to put in these codes you must put them in case sensitive and any item that have spaces you must put them in quotes (example "daedric longsword") nd the way you put them in is you press the ~ button below the esc button and then drag the cursor over your character and click on him/her so the boxs says "console(playersavegame)" and they are all CaSe SenSiTiVe

Centurion_Projectile_dart [number] adds a centurion dart
Centurion_Projectile_dart_shock [number] adds a centurion dart of shock
"Corkbulb arrow" [number] adds a corkbulb arrow
"Corkbulb bolt" [number] adds a corkbulb bolt
"ebony arrow_sadri" [number] add a enchanted ebony arrow
"grey shaft of holding" [number] adds and enchanted steel arrow
King's_oath [number] add an enchanted daedric claymore
Longbow_shadows_unique [number] adds and enchanted steel longbow
"Mace of Molag bal_unique" [number] adds an enchanted mace
"Mehrune's_razor_unique" [number] adds an enchanted dagger
"Silver Vipersword" [number] adds and enchanted silver claymore
Spear_mercy_unique [number] add an enchanted spear
"Arrow of wasting viper" [number] adds an enchanted arrow
"bleeder dart" [number] adds an enchanted throwing knives
"bipolar blade" [number] adds an enchanted blade
"Carmine dart" [number]adds an enchanted throwing knives
Claymore_Chrysamere_unique [number] adds an enchanted claymore
Cleaverstfelms [number] adds an enchated axe
Ingred_adamantium_ore_01 [number] adds adamantium
Lightofday_unique [number] adds and enchanted shield
"her dart" [number] adds her dart enchanted silver throwing dart (tribunal only)
"Mace of slurring" [number] adds an enchanted mace
"Silver dagger_hanih cursed" [number] adds an enchanted dagger
"Silver spear_uvenim" [number] adds an enchanted chitin spear
"Glass throwing star" [number] adds glass throwing stars
Iron_arrow_uniq_judgement [number] adds iron arrows
"Ebony throwing star" [number] adds ebony throwing stars
"ebony war axe_elanande" [number] adds an enchanted ebony axe
Erur_dan_spear_unique [number] adds an enchanted spear
"Fine black dart" [number] Adds darts
Foe-grinder [number] adds an enchanted ring
Foe-quern [number] adds an enchanted ring
"Helseth's Collar" [number] adds an enchanted amulet (tribunal only)
"Helseth's Ring" [number] adds an enchanted ring (tribunal only)
"Helseth's Robe" [number] adds a frostguard robe (tribunal only)
Hort_ledd_Robe_unique [number] adds an enchanted robe
Hortatorbelt [number] adds an enchanted belt
Hortatorring [number] adds an enchanted ring
Hortatorrobe [number] adds an enchanted belt
"Ring of vampires kiss" [number] adds an enchanted ring
"Cruel Viperarrow" [number] adds enchanted arrows
Warhammer_cruser_unique [number] adds an enchanted hammer
Gauntlet_fists_l_unique [number] adds an enchanted glove
Gauntlet_fists_r_unique [number] adds an enchanted glove
Daedric_cuirass_Htab [number] adds an enchanted daedric cuirass
Daedric_Greaves_Htab [number] adds an enchanted set of daedric greaves
Ebon_plate_cuirass_unique [number] adds an enchanted ebony plate | Submitted by WyattRichert

Press ~ to display the console and type player-> and one of the following cheats:

Granted Wish Code

Flight mode setflying 1
Super jumps setsuperjump 1
Walk on water setwaterwalking 1
Breathe underwater setwaterbreathing 1
Set player level setlevel [number]
Add indicated amount of gold additem "Gold_100" [number]
Set maximum fatigue value setfatigue [number]
Set maximum magic value setmagicka [number]
Set player health sethealth [number]
Place character in the named cell centeroncell -or- coc [cell ID]
Place character in exterior cell grid centeronexterior -or- coe [x,y]
Create map image file for Xbox createmaps ["filename.esp"]
Add all entries to journal filljournal
Show all the towns on full map fillmap
Teleport 128 units from location fixme
Get faction reaction getfactionreaction [faction ID]
Show help commands help
Show variables showvars -or- sv
Stop cell test stopcelltest -or- sct
Test cells testcells -or- tc
Test interior cells testinteriorcells -or- tic
Test models testmodels -or- t3d
Toggle AI toggleai -or- ta
Toggle borders toggleborders -or- tb
Toggle combat statistics togglecombatstats -or- tcs
Toggle collisions togglecollision -or- tcl
Toggle collision boxes togglecollisionboxes -or- tcb
Toggle collision grid togglecollisiongrid -or- tcg
Toggle debug text toggledebugtext -or- tdt
Toggle dialogue statistics toggledialoguestats -or- tds
Toggle fog of war togglefogofwar -or- tfow
Toggle God mode togglegodmode -or- tgm
Toggle grid togglegrid -or- tg
Toggle kill statistics togglekillstats -or- tks
Toggle load fade toggleloadfade
Toggle magic statistics togglemagicstats -or- tms
Toggle magic statistics togglemagicstats -or- tms
Toggle menus togglemenus -or- tm
Toggle path grid tpg
Toggle scripts togglescripts
Toggle stats togglestats -or- tst
Toggle sky togglesky -or- ts
Toggle texture string toggletexturestring -or- tts
Toggle wireframe togglewireframe -or- twf
Toggle world toggleworld -or- tw
Show ownership and script name togglefullhelp -or- tfh
Show selected actor's party sg
Show selected actor's targets st
Show scene graph showscenegraph -or- ssg
One to one mode moto
Toggle water/no water twa
Toggle vanity mode tvm
Toggle script output tso
Toggle load fade tlf
Toggle bot AI tai
Display output info ori
Toggle lighting tl
Show variables sv
Show animations sa
Reset enemies, NPCs, players ra
Purge textures pt

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