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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The on PC

Some doors sealed, rusted, or enchanted. You can't normaly access these doors even if unlocked. Enter the cheat menue by pressing ` then click on the door and type "activate" NOTE: you must be right by the door. This also works on switches, levers, etc. even from a distance. | Submitted by Psychosis

To make Posions and potions, and to raise your alchemy level, do the following: Buy (Or harvest) as many ingredients as you can, get allt he main alchemy tools(not sure what all of them are)the beter the level of them, the beter stuff you'll make beter stuff and more things,(along with being able to tell what the diffrent effects are of the items):

Posions are all the things together that are somthing like "damage fatige 50pts for 16secounds." or "Drain health on target." those ingredents together make posions.

Potions are made by adding the good ingredients together, were it says like "Fortify health 100pts on self." or "Cure Common Aliment". Those together will make potions.

You can mix these together, adn get all diffrent resulets, depending on witch is domominet. Like if you have 5 loafs of bread and 20 rats Meat, the Potion/Posion you'll mkae will be a Posion.

There are also other ways to get your alcehmy up, eat the ingreddients that you already have, it'll get it up, not very fast, but it'll still go up. | Submitted by Blades

First, you need to have the god mode cheat on. You will need it on because you`le be carrying well over 1,000 pounds. Begin by pressing ~ . Then type coc testinghall and press enter. You will automaticly fast travle to a room with many doors. Feel free to brows. Sience you have god mode on, TAKE IT ALL!!! To exit, walk through the door in the center marked "hawkaven", and carry on with your old business. | Submitted by Allweaponsandmore!

Press ~ during game play to display the console window:

Effect - Code

Add 100 lockpicks - player.additem 0000000a "100"
Add 100 skeleton keys - player.additem 0000000b "100"
Add 100 repair hammers - player.additem 0000000c "100"
Add 100 gold - player.additem 0000000f "100"
All map locations shown - togglemapmarkers
Change your gender - sexchange
Change your birthsign - showbirthsignmenu
Change your class - showclassmenu
Complete all quest stages- caqs
Spawn indicated item - additem <[item number]
Get indicated spell - addspell [spell number]
Give all spells to player - psb
God mode, if nothing is targeted - tgm
Force a level up - advlevel
Force skill level up - advskill [skill]
Free camera movement - tfc
List console commands - help
Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted - kill
Moves to current quest target - movetoquesttarget
Quit game immediately - qqq
Set player level - player.setlevel [1-255]
Set all quest stages - completeallqueststages
Set hair color - hairtint [red] [green] [blue]
Spawn indicated item - player.additem [item code] 1
Save game - savegame [filename]
Set fog start and end depths - setfog [start] [end]
Show sign selection screen - showbirthsignmenu
Show class selection screen - showclassmenu
Show quest log - showquestlog
Show current quest log - showquestlog 0
Show completed quest log - showquestlog 1
Show current quest targets - showquesttargets
Show name/race/appearance selection screen - showracemenu
Teleport - player.coc [destination name]
Teleport3 - coc [destination name]
Toggle full help - tfh
Toggle grass - tg
Toggle NPC conversation subtitles - showsubtitle
Toggle AI - tai
Toggle combat AI - tcai
Toggle no clipping - tcl
Toggle AI detection - tdetect
Toggle debug display - tdt
Toggle land - tll
Toggle leaves - tlv
Toggle menus - tm
Toggle fog of war - togglefogofwar
Toggle sky - ts
Toggle trees - tt
Toggle wireframe - twf
Toggle water - tws
Unlock selected locked door or container - unlock
Window with the full game scene graph - ssg

Save your game by a door. Auto lockpick the door until it opens. Right before the door opens, hit [Escape] and load the save game. The game will load with you inside the door with all the lockpicks you had before lockpicking and any items from that save.

First, pres ~ to bring up the cosole then you must type in player.additem 00026b22 "1" and the umbra will be added to your inventory, ENJOY! | Submitted by ElMariachi

First, goto the Imperial City Talos Plaza District. Then, open your map (the one that shows the names of all the buildings in your current location), and find Dorian's house. Go inside his house and bribe him all the money you can, then make him upset by making disposition going down by playing the disposition mini game, and repeat the bribing process. Once you've bribed him a good amount of money, such as 1000 Gold, kill him as fast as you can.

A good way to kill him without allowing him to run away is to push him in the other room and stand in the doorway while attacking him. After he's dead, goto his body and keep clicking on his gold. DO NOT select "Take All" as it will ruin the glitch, just keep clicking his gold. You'll get the amount of gold he has on his body every time you click it, and he will never run out of it.

In the early stages of the main quest, go on horse to the female Orc waiting ouside Kvatch. Try and sell her your equipped weapon and it will say "Cannot Unequip this weapon." However, you will be given the gold as if you sold it. You can constantly do this for unlimited gold.

First you must complete the Dark Brotherhood quests up until you receive Shadowmare as a reward. Shadowmare is special in that he cannot be killed (only knocked unconscious). Knock Shadowmare unconscious (you donít need to be quick about it, he wonít fight back). As soon as he drops, you are given the option to access his body via the spacebar. Open him up and
dump your extra junk into him (open him then go to your inventory button and single click items to move them over). Shadowmare will pop back up after a few seconds, and youíll both be good to go.

Whenever you need to access your gear, simply knock him out again. Iíve used this trick for a while, and it appears that Shadowmare has no weight limit, and items remain forever. This trick wonít work on normal horses because they die (and ~ resurrect clears their inventory).

Sometimes after Shadowmare wakes up, he begins to slowly walk away, to stop this, jump on him and quick transport to a location; this fixes him. Also, be careful not to get onto a regular horse, this messes up your tie to Shadowmare, and is a good way to accidentally lose him (not sure where he defaults to). | Submitted by Krypt1

First you need to get the Thieves Guild quest "Boots of Springheel Jack" and complete the majority of the quest, retrieving the Boots. Do not, however, return the boots to the Grey Fox.

Upon obtaining the Boots, equip them to get a +50 Acrobatics bonus, then travel to the Shrine of Sanguine and begin the Daedric Quest there. Follow through that quest, and allow yourself to be arrested by Leyawiin guards when they try. All your possesions will be taken, except for key items (which include the Boots).

Stay your time in jail, and upon exiting, check your inventory. You should still possess the boots, but when you try to equip them the game will tell you "You cannot equip this item at this time". However, if you check your current enhancements, the +50 to Acrobatics will still be there! You can now wear other footwear, but still have the bonus from the Boots of Springheel Jack.

Ever wanted your own private goblin zoo? I know i have. Well ill tell ya how. Go to the fort near the old alyeid ruin of vilverin.urasek if im not mistaken. When you get in there dont kill the goblins only the marauders just press ~(tilde key)(next to 1)and type kill to instantly kill them. Lead the goblins in the cell and run out quickly and shut the door. When it closes simply press ~ again and type lock 100.thatll make it so they cant get out and you cant get in without pressing ~ again and typeing unlock. You should have your own private goblin zoo.(note,you can choose to resurrect the mararuders and watching them try to kill the goblins(might wana be invisible to make sure they dont attack you). | Submitted by Obliviaxe

Firstly to Get "God mode" press the tilde key (~) and type "tgm" for all spells type "psb" to make spells type "showspellmaking" to teleport type "coc" then your destination example:coc brumamagesguild ---now to clone yourself or other things like wolves or guards or anything really-just target it after pressing tilde(~) and type createfullactorcopy and there you have it...a clone!!!!

p.s. a good spell to make after you get the cheats described working is "command all" set it to command creature and humanoid 25 magnitude and 120 duritation and either touch or target for the spells cast effect-------Obliviaxe--------- | Submitted by Obliviaxe

I have figured out a code that has something to do with ownership of objects. Go into the Cheat menu by pressing ` then click on an object,(i.e. apple, bow, horse) then type in "player.isowner" or just "isowner". it will sya something like "(name) is not the owner" or if you have the shadowmare it will say "(name) is the owner.

I havent seemed to figure out what it really does though. | Submitted by Psychosis

There is a setting in the INI file: bAllowScreenShot=0

change it to: bAllowScreenShot=1

Also, two related items for the screenshots:


There are two INI files, one in the game folder called "Oblivion_default.ini", this is the one it uses to generate the real one:

My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini

Edit the first one if you want to default to having screenshots on by default for all users. The settings it uses at runtime are the ones from My Documents folder.

After you edited the INI file, you can press PRTSCN button and Oblivion will write a BMP file to your game folder.

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