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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on PC

O.k,go into the consle by pressing "`",(the button to the left of the 1 on the keyboard),it will open up the consle.Now for soul gems,type "player->additem misc_soulgem_(any type goes here) (display how many desired gems here(5 3 8 etc.))For example, player->additem_misc_soulgem_grand 7.The desired amount of soul gems will instantly appear in your inventory.Now for any enchanted item that you made.This is basically duplicating without glitching or cheating.Drop any enchanted item that YOU made on the ground.Go into the consle and left click on the item dropped.At the top of the consle it will say "consle (and a bunch random numbers here)."Now duplicating it is easy.Type "player->additem (type in all the numbers it displays of the item here) (and the desired amount of the item here).Your enchanted item will duplicate the desired amount of it and it will go into your inventory.All done. | Submitted by Nate

If you go to the console,type [player->coc "ken's test hole"].It will teleport you to an otherwise inaccessible room with some very valuable weapons in it.Other ones are [player->COC "ToddTest"],[player->coc "Clutter Warehouse-Everything Must Go!"],[player->COC "Mark's Vampire Test Cell"],[player->COC "Character Stuff Wonderland"].

Try these out!(Don't include the parentheses!)  | Submitted by Nate

This is exactly the same as the one on the xbox version i put. Daedric is the best heavy armor in the game. Go to Vivec.Go to the boat there travel to Tel Branora from there.From Tel Branora travel to Sadrith Mora.Then check your world map.Go on each of the small scattered islands to find Tel Fyr. I forgot exactly where it is but it's on 1 of those islands.Once you found it,go inside.Then go upstairs and go through the door that says Hall of Fyr.Keep looking up until you see a large hole in the ceiling you will need a levitating spell or something.Go up the hole and check each of the rooms.You will eventually find a guy with all daedric except for the helm.If you haven't done the main quest for him yet,when you kill him you won't be able to beat the game properly.If you already did the main quest for him go ahead and kill him,it won't matter.Loot him after killing him and take his daedric armor.

Now go to ghostgate and go to the lower level of the tower of dusk.Search every room and you will eventually come up to a guy with a strange helm. Kill him and take his helm.Equip all daedric and you now have full daedric armor! Woot! | Submitted by Nate

Glass armor is light armor.Okay go to Vivec at the Hlallu canton.Go to the waistworks.Find the Hlallu Treasury there. Go inside. Go downstairs and find the vaults. Go inside. Kill the guy standing near the vault door(taunting first is extremely recommended because like 6 guards are in the vault.) Once you killed him take the outer key from his corpse. Then open the vault door.Taunt the guard in between the inner door and the outer. Kill him and close the outer door.Take the key off his corpse and open the inner door there will be 2 guards in there and they will not move.Instead of taunt-killing them,leave the door open it will glitch and it will block their view.Turn right and there will be full glass except for the bracers.Take all the armor.

Now to get the two bracers.Go to ghostgate in the tower of dusk.Go to the lower level and search every room.Eventually you'll come up to an armory kill the guy in there(taunt-killing is recommended.)Once you killed the guy close the door and look on the shelf there will be a right glass bracer and a left one.Equip both and you now have full glass! | Submitted by Nate

Orcish armor is a medium armor i'm not sure if it's the best but it's pretty good. Go to Suran.Go inside the armorer shop.Inside there will be an Orc with full orcish armor.Taunt-kill him.Take all his armor and you will have full orcish armor! | Submitted by Nate

Alright,first let's show you where the Sword of White Woe is.Okay,go to Suran.Find the guard tower next to the silt strider near the entrance of town.Go inside and go upstairs.There will be a guard standing in the room.Kill him(taunting first is recommended.)Now once you killed him look under the bed the Sword of White Woe will be laying there.Pick it up.It's an enchanted ebony broadsword that drains their health 1 to 10 points on strike for 30 SECS! It may not seem very good but it's very effective!

Now let's show you where a daedric that's right daedric longsword is and it's pretty simple,go to Suran.Just keep following a trail that leads directly west of Suran on your map it will show a part of land surrounded by water but has 2 trails one leads east and the other one leads west.Follow the east trail of the island going west and you will eventually find Arvel Plantation go directly south of it and you will find Dren Plantation. Find the guard house and go upstairs go through a door leading outside turn right and there will be a guy standing there kill him but have
some kind of paralyze spell if your character is a mage with no armor. If your character has armor and has 100 skill with it just attack him and use the restore health cheat on this page somewhere.You might want to save before killing him just in case.Once you killed him he will have a daedric longsword on him.Take it.It has 4-44 slash damage which is it's best
attack.I don't know the other types of the attack's damage but it's pretty good.

Now to get the daedric dai-katana,from the information of getting the daedric longsword,just go out of the guardhouse and head west i think,and you will come up to a house high in the air with a stairway leading to the door.Go through the shack and there will be a guy standing there.You'll have to kill him. Save before killing him.Use the advice i gave you for killing the guy with the daedric longsword.Once you kill him loot him.He will have a daedric dai-katana take it.It's best attack is chop which does 1-60 DMG! All Done!
 | Submitted by Nate

First, solve the murder of Ralen Hlallo. When you go to the House of Hlaalu to collect the reward, keep on clicking on the Ralen Hlallo option in the dialogue to collect as many batches of 1000 gold as you like. Do not join the house, simply repeat until you have as much money as desired.

setflying 1
Flight mode

setsuperjump 1
Super jumps

setwaterwalking 1
Walk on water

setwaterbreathing 1
Breathe underwater

Set player level

additem gold_100
Add indicated amount of gold

Set maximum fatigue value

Set maximum magic value

Set player health

First, bind or conjure the desired weapon, then disarm it, so that it's in your inventory, and drop it. Cast the spell for another weapon, and hold onto it for a few minutes, until it disappears. Then, the weapon that was on the floor will be permanent. This weapon can not be dropped afterwards.

Cast any bound spell with a 0 second duration, and it will be permanent.

Once you finsh creating your caracter go into the trade house in Syda Needin and go upstairs and talk to the guy at the top on the steps. Talk to him about the tax collecting quest and after that exept the quest. Go to the top of the light house and wait until eight-o-clock. Then look at the small swamp in the village and wait for a guy with a torch to go up to the tree stump insode of it. Then go to the stump and select it. Then take the 300 gold and anything else in there you want. Then whatever you do don't talk to Fargoth or the guy at the top of the steps or Fargoth will call the cops. Or the guy at the top of the steps will kill you or take the money. | Submitted by Blah

The skeleton key is capable of unlocking anything,anywhere,anytime.

To get it,just go into the console and type [player->additem skeleton_key
1]and you'll have the skeleton key!=D =O =P =I munch munch =I=O burp! | Submitted by Nate

createmaps "filename.esp"
Create map image file for Xbox

Add all entries to journal; takes a long time

Show all the towns on full map

Jump 128 units away from current location

getfactionreaction faction ID factionID
Get faction reaction

Show shorthand for most commands

showvars or sv
Show variables

stopcelltest or sct
Stop cell test

testcells or tc
Test cells

testinteriorcells or tic
Test interior cells

testmodels or t3d
Test models

toggleai or ta
Toggle AI

toggleborders or tb
Toggle borders

togglecombatstats or tcs
Toggle combat statistics

togglecollision or tcl
Toggle collisions

togglecollisionboxes or tcb
Toggle collision boxes

togglecollisiongrid or tcg
Toggle collision grid

toggledebugtext or tdt
Toggle debug text

toggledialoguestats or tds
Toggle dialogue statistics

togglefogofwar or tfow
Toggle fog of war

togglefullhelp or tfh
Show ownership and script name

togglegodmode or tgm
Toggle God mode

togglegrid or tg
Toggle grid

togglekillstats or tks
Toggle kill statistics

Toggle load fade

togglemagicstats or tms
Toggle magic statistics

togglemenus or tm
Toggle menus

Toggle scripts

togglestats or tst
Toggle stats

togglesky or ts
Toggle sky

toggletexturestring or tts
Toggle texture string

toggleworld or tw
Toggle world

togglewireframe or twf
Toggle wireframe

Toggle path grid display

Show selected actor's group members

Show selected actor's target group members.

showscenegraph or ssg
Show scene graph

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