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DragonFable Cheats

If you have the chicken cowlord armor you can get extra health. If you are in battle with someone or something and are wearing the chicken cowlord armor when your health gets low use your potions after you are out of potions if your health gets low again go to your inventory and unequip the armor then equip everything you had on cape,helm.,ring,sword,etc. then when you leave your inventory you should have full health.

Go to Dr.VB (and press quest) if you get lucky you should get the "Junkyard Driller" as an opponent. If you do get lucky, yes he has way more HP then "The Doom Cola Machine" but it also has a way HIGHER Percentage of winning and gaining/obtaining a Battle Core (May not obtain every time you beat him).

This a list of guys you can invite into the game.

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