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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Cuphead - PC

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Beat all bosses in S Ranking to unlock 2-Strip Mode.

Get a pacifist ranking (beat the level without firing a shot) on all run and gun levels.

In the first isle, you will come across cagney carnation which is the last boss you will take on. When he is about to launch his seeds, you have to quickly dash into his seeds (you will take damage so you won't get a perfect score) then go back on the platform then cagney carnation will be frozen in that state where you can then easily take him out without any problems.

Beat the game to unlock a new harder difficulty.

Look for items in pink color, these are the one on which you can parry. Like balloons or attacks by bosses like Bon Bon which releases a pink candy. Another boss Floral Fury releases seeds in air, you can parry on pink ones to destroy them before they hit the ground.

A is the default button to Jump in Cuphead, when you see any item with pink glow or color, maintain a distance. Do not go near, this is also applicable to enemies. Then perform the jump and land on it and then press the button back again and again by controlling the movements.

If you are playing a multiplayer game, then you can use Parry to revive a dead partner. You have to parry on the ghost of player.

Any pink object can be used for this attack, this includes bullets, items, enemies attack, etc. You have to keep a close watch on things coming up in your path. So that when you get a chance you can jump above it and perform Parry attack.

One of the major objectives of Parry attack is to fill your Super Meter that you can see on the lower left of your screen. You can see the cards that are building up when you perform the Parry. Once this is full you can perform Super Art. A successful Parry rewards you one Full Card.

With the help of successful Parry attacks you get more and more chances to use Ex Attacks and Super art. This means you can spend less time on bosses and reach a higher score sooner.

Use Y when you are in Air to perform a Dash and B for performing EX Attack. Controls are not a big issue here, you just have to ensure the right time to jump on the pink objects for others you can try about Dash or Ex attack if you have atleast one card.

Remember Parry attacks are essential to fill the Super Meter so avoid losing any chances in your path and also there are many items that will help you in this. So these are some tips you can try out in Cuphead.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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