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Crysis 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Crysis 3 - PC

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At the "Extras" menu, choose the "Nanosuit Showroom" selection, then hold RB on an Xbox 360 controller for a few seconds. Models of a deer, a frog, mobile turret, and Ceph will appear. Scroll to the end to see two CELL soldiers dancing.

In Mission 6: Only Human, at the first Ceph Anti-Air waypoint, crawl underneath using the underground tunnels to reach an area below the battery, with Ceph enemies. Enter stealth mode so you do not alert the Ceph. Watch for one of the Ceph leaving the enclosed area to stand near a cliff's ledge with a strategically placed dumpster nearby. Then, power kick the dumpster into the waiting Ceph. If done correctly, the Ceph will go flying far into the distance, and you will hear a roar of applause. Psycho's voice can then be heard saying, "That's how you do it!"

In Mission 2: Welcome To The Jungle, immediately after getting the first Nanosuit upgrade at the beginning, enter the jungle, and equip the Predator Bow with explosive tipped arrows. Immediately cloak, and use the low draw strength to shoot your bow at the buck directly in front of you to get the "Bang For The Buck" achievement.

At the end of Mission 2: Welcome To The Jungle, you will leave a building and enter an area with very tall gras and Ceph Stalkers. Your Nanosuit will be jammed, and you get the secondary objective to disable the jammer. However, the objetive will not appear on your HUD. The jammer is just a little machine, located in the south-eastern corner of the area. Ignore the Ceph Stalkers, and run straight to the jammer. Press the jammer switch to turn it off and get the "Can You Hear Me Now" achievement. Note: You can also see a small world map with all objectives in the pause menu.

In Mission 2: Welcome To The Jungle, you will encounter Ceph Stalkers for the first time. Shortly after entering the underground area, you will enter a room with tall grass, and a cutscene will begin to play. Go down the stairs, and stay away from the grass. Activate the cloak ability, and stand still until a Ceph Stalker is close to you. Then, quietly sneak up from behind, and perform a stealth kill to get the "Clever Girl!" achievement.

In Mission 1: Post-Human, there are many opportunities to get double kills by shooting explosive barrels. A good place to do this is in the outside area where the attack helicopter comes in as enemy backup, shortly after obtaining the Predator Bow. The last two Cell Operatives will be sitting behind a barricade, and there are two explosive barrels next to them. Shoot the barrels to get an environmental double kill and the "Improviser" achievement.

In Mission 6: Only Human, there are three total Pingers. All of them can be found on the way to the Defense Battery Bravo main objective. Pingers are basically tanks on legs. There are lots of explosives in the weapon caches of this area. Use the rocket launchers and C4 explosives. Your Predator Bow will also work well. The explosive arrows and electric arrows are very effective. If you are having trouble, set the difficulty to Recruit.

Just before the final Boss fight in Mission 7: Gods And Monsters, reach the checkpoint before entering the Ceph wormhole at the end of the mission. Your Nanosuit will become supercharged, and enemies will begin spawning. Go back through the large alien area, and keep killing the enemies until ten are killed with one supercharged shot to get the "Post-Human Warrior" achievement.

In Mission 5: Red Star Rising, when you go down some stairs and a cutscene begins to play, you will be on a mountain when it ends. Jump down, and a buggy will be right in front of you. There are four soldiers in the first area. They are on a metal structure that resembles a ship wreck. Run over all four of them, and continue to the next area. Keep driving until you reach a closed gate. There are some more soldiers hiding behind containers to the right of the gate. Run over a total of five soldiers to get the "Roadkill" achievement.

Proceed through Mission 3: The Root Of All Evil until you exit a cave into a large open area, with a fallen tree at the cave's exit. Look to the left to find a tan donut life raft on the shore of the river. Interact with it to push the life raft into the water. Jump on it, and ride it on the river for twenty seconds to get the "White Rider" achievement. Crouch to avoid getting knocked off.

Proceed through Mission 1: Post-Human until you leave the computer room and enter a large open area. Follow the catwalks to walkways with CELL soldiers. Kill as many soldiers as possible so they call for a helicopter for back up. You will see its searchlight on the right side of the main causeway when it arrives. Use the Predator Bow with the strongest draw to get the best range and accuracy for your arrow. Select the explosive or electric arrow, and destroy the helicopter in one shot to get the "Who Needs Rockets?" achievement.

In Mission 3: The Root Of All Evil, after the dam collapses, go down the river, and stay to the left. There is a small mushroom hidden in the foliage. It is approximately 471 meters from the "Infiltrate CELL System-X Harvesting Facility" primary objective. Interact with it to use it, and you will begin hallucinating.

In Mission 3: The Root Of All Evil, once Psycho opens the elevator door, enter the shaft, and the elevator cables will break. Go back outside to encounter a CELL patrol. Kill the enemies, then move towards the dam. On your way to the dam, there will be an area with ruined buildings to the left in the dark before entering a wide open section. Search those buildings to the left. Climb on some rubble, and jump up to reach a difficult to see ledge. The ledge is approximately 165 meters from the "Infiltrate the Dam Control Towers" primary objective. Pull yourself up to enter the ruins. Turn around, then keep jumping up from one level to the next until you reach the top. Notice the broken wall with the floor missing in the corner ahead. Jump into the alcove to the right of the hole to find a glowing suitcase on the ground. Open it to get a ketchup packet fountain.

In Mission 4: Safeties Off, look for Thor's Hammer in the shallow water, near some mines and between two building south of the "Avoid the CELL Searchlights and Make your way to the Park" primary objective. The hammer is exactly 81 meters away from the primary objective when looking back at the waypoint. When you pick up the hammer, electricity will surge through your body. It can be carried like a piece of debris. Throwing the hammer at CELL soliders will instantly kill them.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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