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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Unlock Psi Commando for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - PC

Play as the Allied Army. Now, you need an opponent from the Soviet Army. Build your Battle Lab as soon as it is available. Place it near your War Factory or Barracks in case that your opponent is fond of tank rushes. Just be sure to protect your investment, as this is the key to unlock your Psi Commandos. Once you have your Battle Lab online, train at least one Spy. Of course, Spies must first disguise as an enemy infantry. Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab of your opponent. As soon as the Spy has taken over the building, your Psi Commando is available in your infantry list. A Psi Commando uses Ultimate Mind Control, much better than fifty Yuri Primes and has C4 charges that can easily eliminate buildings. Much of what you know, Psi Commandos are better than Yuri Primes and Crazy Ivans. Here are some important reasons why I concluded it:
1. They use their Ultimate Mind Control in every enemy units they encounter and even non-enemy units such as cars and animals which you can use to scout the enemy's base and later on, cause mass destruction on the enemy's base.
2. They can cause permanent brain death on the enemy infantry which is their second attack.
3. They can quickly take out buildings with C4 charges.
4. Even fifty Conscripts are no match against one Psi Commando, they are elite bread-and-butter units.
5. The true power of Psi Commandos really come through, try garrisoning them into key buildings where they can use their Ultimate Mind Control in very long ranges to control enemy units, this is also a great way to rack up veterancy. After all garrisoned troops are promoted, try getting them into the enemy base, causing mass destruction and dispatching enemy buildings, your opponent will go in a rage but will finally ask you for a rematch in no time! They are only expensive to produce that takes up to $1,000 per unit. Using them in maps with lots of Oil Derricks and Ore Fields is great! Have fun mind controlling and destroy nicely! | Submitted by CidHighwind

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