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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Chuzzle Deluxe running on PC

Chuzzle Deluxe

Cheats & Hints for Chuzzle Deluxe - PC

Hold the mouse over a Chuzzle for a long time to annoy it. First it frowns, then it kicks the mouse away.

Keep clicking on a big Chuzzle. First it giggles in a deeper voice, then looks like it is going to vomit. Keep clicking to make it belch loudly.

Drag a row back and forth repeatedly. The chuzzles in that row will get dizzy, and make little noises.

Do not use the "Hint" option, as this decreases the "Chuzzle Essence" in your beaker. Instead, stay patient and you will eventually find the Chuzzle that must be moved.

If you cannot find a move, wait. A Chuzzle that can move will either wobble, or roll its eyes at you.

Do not move for about ten minutes. The Chuzzles will fall asleep, and you will see "Z" floating above their heads.

Keep clicking on an ordinary Chuzzle. First it makes giggling sounds, then it sneezes softly, and finally sneezes so hard that its fur falls out. The fur grows back in a few seconds.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy.

Big Boy: Spar all Fat Chuzzles in a game.
Brainiac: Play an entire game without using hints.
Chuzz 10!: Reach level 10 in Classic or Speed Chuzzle.
Chuzzbomber!: Pop 1,000 Super Chuzzles.
Chuzzle Bingo!: Pop across the entire board with one color.
Eight at Once!: Pop eight or more Chuzzles as one group.
Fat Blaster: Pop 1,000 Fat Chuzzles.
Flawless!: Play an entire game without a bad move.
Hundred Grand!: Pop 100,000 Chuzzles.
Lockmaster!: Remove three or more locks in one sweep.
Mentalist Master: Reach level 20 in Mind Bender.
Mentalist Supremo: Solve all Mind Bender Puzzles.
Million Chuzzle Man!: Pop 1,000,000 Chuzzles.
Psychic: Solve all puzzles through level 10 in Mind Bender.
Puzzler: Reach level 10 in Mind Bender.
Quad Boomer: Explode four Super Chuzzles at once.
Quad Combo!: Make a quadruple combo.
Reactor!: Cause a seven-step cascade.
Seven at Once!: Pop seven Chuzzles as one group.
Speed Demon!: Complete Speed level 5 without getting a lock.
Speed Freak!: Complete two Speed levels without getting a lock.
Speed Master!: Complete two speed levels without getting a warning.
Ten Grand!: Pop 10,000 Chuzzles.
Triple Boomer: Explode three Super Chuzzles at once.
Triple Combo!: Make a triple combo.
Trophy Collector!: Earn all other trophies.

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