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Chaos Legion

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Chaos Legion - PC

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This is the "human shield" Legion. They are best used to create a temporary safe haven. Basically, summon them and keep them in passive mode so that they do not move, but protect. Then, trek out slightly and face your foe. If you find your enemy's numbers are too great, simply fall back to your safe haven and battle them from behind your shields. You may notice that the Arrogance Legion does not exactly pack a whole lot of power in their attack. However, if you wait until they have just a little bit of health remaining, press [Force Attack] and watch them put the hurt on. Then unsummon them and fight ferociously until you have restored your soul power.

Pause game play before the last part of your health disappears. Use a healing item, and you will still have that life.

Their little floating bombs also turn into convenient little land mines. This legion is best used against Denu, or the metallic and shiny opponents that are impervious to your attacks.

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting to unlock the "Extra" menu (with all movies available), "Liv Special PV", "Total Results", "English Language Cinematics" (in the Japanese version) or "Japanese Language Cinematics (in the North American version), and "Language Options".

You will eventually encounter gates with huge metal boxes behind them. Notice that you can lock on to these gates and even attack them, but it does not really do anything. That is because you need to use a Legion's attack to open it. To see which Legion you should use, check the little circle in the gate, and make sure it matches your Legion's symbol.

Defeat the stage 10 Boss to unlock the "Change Appearance" option. This allows you to change how the enemies appear on any previously completed stage.

Jump and attack so that you can do a spin slash at its head. That will immobilize it. Keep doing this.

To defeat a large Danu (the Boss creatures in the Lakeside level that are supposedly unaffected by your sword) easily, equip the Flawed (Claw) Legion. Jump up to an elevated area where the Danu cannot hit you, but where you have a good overview of the area and the enemies. When positioned, summon Flawed and press [Force Attack] to get them to dive down on the Danu. After you hear the Danu get hit about five or times per Legion. Hopefully they will all attack at the same time. Then, call your Flawed back. As soon as possible, re-summon your Flawed for another round of attacks then call them back once again. This prevents the Danu from getting an attack in, and it drains their life at a fair speed.

Find a safe location where the lasers shot by his minions will not hit you. Then, stand there and time the lasers with your Legions and your own attacks so that no health is lost.

Make sure you have the Guilty Legion and the Arrogance Legion equipped for this Boss. When you first get to the Boss, summon Arrogance to protect you. As they absorb the blasts of the cannons, have them return the attack of the cannons for experience. When a couple of cannons are remaining, dismiss the Arrogance Legion. Run to the tree and attack it until it opens up. Then, summon the Guilty Legion. Note: The amount of cannons respawned will increase as the tree gets more damaged -- be careful.

First, equip the Arogance and Blasphemy Legions. When you get to the Boss, attack it until a blue thing on the tree appears. Attack it with two combos, then when it starts to come down quickly use Arrogance's Force Attack move and you will not take damage. When you get it into yellow HP bar, destroy the little energy beam things so that they will not get in your way. Also look out for the vine whips. Once you defeat the Boss, you will receive the Flawed Legion.

Find a location where enemies spawn in groups of two or three. Put a Legion on active attack mode and let them kill those same enemies for hours. This works if your Legion is strong enough, but check up every ten to fifteen minutes to make sure your health is still the same. If it has changed, check more frequently to make sure you do not die.

Let your Legions take the kills and do most of your dirty work. You will get double experience. Also, press [Force Attack] if you are in a tight spot.

For more challenging play, but better experience, when a generator keeps making monsters reappear, just stay there and kill those monsters over and over again, but don't attack the generator.

Go to level 6 and fight all the way to the second stage. Use the Malice and keep using the Force Attack. Press it repeatedly after there are no threats around, except for the heads with the spikes that cannot die with conventional attacks. Do this for a while to gain experience.

Start level 7 and go forward. Kill the opponents, then go to the generator (the one with two Babdhs around). Kill them, then destroy the generator. Go up the ramp through the gate. There will be a cliff to your left. The opponents will begin spawning. Do not go up on the cliff. Stay down, under the cliff. Opponents will continuously spawn. If you position yourself correctly, you will not get hit. This is an easy way to level up Hatred/Flawed/Blasphemy, before level 12.

On level 5, proceed to the first Boss (with the shield). Back off him and let Malice continually shoot him. It appears that they can shoot at his shield continuously and still not kill him, and without him touching you, but your experience keeps increasing.

After getting the "Map Selector", return to level 2 and complete it. Every time you finish this level, you are bound to get an "Exp Gem (L)" which you can use to give a Legion 500,000 experience points. This is very useful, as this level is very easy. It should take you less than five minutes to finish it.

On level 6, target the Armored Spikes and use the Malice Legion. Tap [Special Fire] as fast as possible. The Armored Spikes will not die, but the experience keeps increasing.

To max out all your stats accept Soul Replay stage 2 repeatedly. Kill the Starving Fang that is after the first two groups of Blades before it runs away. Where it normally would be after it runs will be a Max Life Up Small.

The clear enemies and the Giant Behemoths are weak against Lightning. All enemies are weak against fire, and can be easily brought to their knees with an Avenger level 2 or Breakdown level 2. Malice will make quick work of any metallic monsters on any level. The stage 8 Boss is weak against Breakdown level 2 or Air Blaze level 2. Organic enemies are weak against Guilt.

These are the little midgets with razor fingers. Once you lock-on to a hard to-defeat metal enemy and press Force Attack, they will surprise with how they burrow into your opponents and take their health down a by a considerable amount. They are by far the worst fighters when left in active mode, which is why they are not recommended for large group fights unless you are in a situation where your attacks are almost worthless. Note: The Flawed Legion's extra abilities and the group's unsummoned special attack are by far the most useful of any legion.

When using the Guilt Legion, treat them as your troops and yourself as a general. Command them into attacking targets who pose the largest threat to you by locking on and using Force Attack. If you are in need of protection from an onslaught, unsummonm then resummon the Legion after putting it into passive mode. Then, when enemies close in, press [Force Attack] and let your minions do the dirty work.

Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting.

The Hatred Legion is useful when you need some serious back-breaking power. It is best to rely on these Hulk-like legionnaires if the enemy's number is great and you are in need of a little break. They are best left in active mode. However, if you fiddle around with passive mode and target elimination, you can become a ferocious force with this legion.

Make sure to level up one organic-attack Legion and one inorganic-attack Legion (for example, Guilt and Flawed) until stage 9. After that, you can go back and level all of your Legions equally.

Blasphemy and Hatred Legions are by far the hardest Legions to level up. Take out one of your more powerful Legions along if you are using either one of them.

On the Lakeside level, have Malice Legion and Flawed Legion equipped. At the beginning of the level, kill one of the Spiked monsters on the first ledge. You can attack the Cannon monster a few times and make him fall off the ledges without dying (leaving the Spiked monsters still alive). Then, summon the Malice Legion and have them attack the monsters from the safety of the top ledge. This will allow you to get the power ups later in the level after leveling up Flawed Legion to get the double jump.

If you want a longer combo try jumping into the air once. When coming down, you will hit your enemy once and when you hit the ground you will start your regular combo. It is still slightly longer.

This is the crossbow Legion best saved for large numbers of metallic enemies. Sniping is a great option, but consumes Soul Power. When the metallic enemies draw within ten feet of your legion, tap [Force Attack] repeatedly to "group snipe" them. Keep in mind that this is a great Legion for large numbers, but for other metallic enemies that are powerful as the Hatred legion, (for example, the armor suits on levels 10 and 11), consider using the Flawed Legion.

Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

On the stage 11, constantly explore before continuing onward. You will find plenty of power-ups.

This works with almost all normal enemies but is more effective to those you can launch in the air. First, acquire the Double Jump technique from the Flawed Legion and equip the Legion or have its Spirit Trancer. You also must acquire the Ground Zero technique from the Guilt legion and equip the Legion or have its Spirit Trancer, or have the Tackle Technique from the Hatred Legion and equip the Legion or have its Spirit Trancer. With the Double Jump technique, jump above your enemy and make sure you are directly above it when you execute your second jump. If timed correctly (assuming you could launch your enemy in the air), the enemy will be launched in the air and will be in front of you. Your next move will be determined by what you have equipped, Guilt or Hatred Legion. If you have Guilt Legion equipped, during the time that the enemy is in front of you in the air, slash it once and hold [Attack] until you hit the ground. Once you hit the ground, Sieg will automatically perform the Ground Zero technique. If you are strong enough, most normal enemies will be killed by doing this. Stronger normal enemies will at least have half of their life shaved off. If you have the Hatred Legion equipped, during the time that the enemy is in front of you in the air, slash it once and once you land, perform the Tackle technique. This is a much stronger move and is quicker than using the Ground Zero variation above. If you are strong enough, most normal enemies will be killed by doing this. Stronger normal enemies will have more than half of their life shaved off. This combo still works with larger enemies, but they will not be launched when hit with the second jump.

Defeat the stage 9 Boss to get the Map Selector. This allows you replay any previously completed stage.

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the super difficulty setting.

In super hard mode, Sieg's sword glows in red fire, and all the enemies he kills die in one hit. However, the same goes for him. It is very easy to get AA++ in this mode.

On stage 6, there is a Thantos Chip on the far right side on the beginning. However, you have to defeat the red monster layer. Once you do that the Thantos chip will appear.

This is by far the game's best Legion, yet the most underdeveloped. For example, it teleports to your opponent's blind spot and basically mutilates it. When you use its unsummoned special attack, you can move through a plane of slower time. There is only one legionnaire in this crest. Also, you cannot rely on this Legion to protect. It has a reaction time, and when it attacks it leaves you very vulnerable to your foes.

Note: To get the Ultimate Legion, collect all the Thantos Chips.

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