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Carnivores: Ice Age

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Carnivores: Ice Age on PC

Type in "debugup" during play to get debug mode. You will see coordinates appear in the top right hand corner and Dinos will ignore you unless you shoot them.

Keys to use while in debug mode:

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

CTRL - Run Faster
SHIFT+S - Slow Motion
CTRL+N - Long Jumps
SHIFT+T - Show Frame Rate
TAB - Full Map
SHIFT + L - Unlimited Ammo/Fly mode

For the Fly mode cheat you need to use the mouse and the CTRL-key to fly.

Before you start the level, first go to the section where you select Double Ammo, Supply Ship, etc. Only activate the radar. Then start hunting. When the level loads, type "Debugup" into the screen. Some text should appear at the top of the screen and the binoculars will come up. Deactivate the binoculars. Now hold down Shift and press L for fly mode. Continue holding down shift and press M to deactivate the trees. Then look into the sky and hit control. You will run super fast. Then bring up radar and fly through the air til you find an animal to hunt and kill it. If your up in the air then the animal can't kill you. Do this til you kill all the animals on the island. | Submitted by Dude

Open the "_RES" file located in the "Huntdat" folder of the game directory on your hard drive. The "_RES" file contains specs for weapons, characters and prices. Changing the values in the "_RES" file will change the values in the game.

the following weapons values can be changed:

power: changing this value to 20 will kill anything with one shot.
rate: the higher the value the faster the weapon will repeat fire.
shots: number of shots or ammo
reload: some weapons have this option and a higher value allows for faster reloading

I didn't see any need to alter the values of the characters but these could be played with as well to control aggresiveness, health and other things listed in the "_RES" file.

Prices for everything can be lowered to a value of 10 and the start value raised to what ever you like, I used 500 so that everything could be purchased right away. One thing I noticed is that purchasing multiple weapons in the selection stage doesn't give you multiple weapons during the hunt. | Submitted by Munch

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