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Carnivores 2

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Carnivores 2 - PC

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During gameplay, type debugup to enable Cheat Mode. Dinosaurs will ignore you unless shot and while running hold Ctrl to run faster.

While in "cheat mode" hold shift and press the L key. You can also press ctrl to move faster in the air. Repeat code to turn off. - Sent by [SeanDavis]

Carnivores is a pretty easy game till it comes down to the T-Rex. If you though using cheats to kill him would be super easy, then think again. The only way to kill a T-Rex is to shoot him in the eye. The only weapon you can use that has the capability of an exact precise shot would be the sniper rifle. I used cheat mode to fly, cause' if you get anywhere near him on the ground, then your toast. - Sent by [BrandonMoroney]

Use a text editor to edit the "res_" file in the "huntdat" folder. Find the section for the dinosaur that you can hunt the fastest and change the basepoints or base score to 50. It will not register the points on a kill if enter anything higher. If you kill five or more dinosaurs in a hunt, you can actually get up to 70 points for one kill.

In "cheat mode" hold shift and press M release. Repeat to turn back on. - Sent by [SeanDavis]

To remove trees, press "P" during "cheat mode". - Sent by [NS2]

In "cheat mode" hold shift and press S to activate code then release. Repeat to turn off. - Sent by [SeanDavis]

The instruction book with Carnivores 2 does not show how etc. to activate the directional compass. It is not shown either in the "options" window. To show the "Compass" and "Wind Diection Arrow" simply toggle the "Caps Lock" button on or off during play.

Use a text editor to edit the "res_" file in the "huntdat" folder. Find the entries that define the maximum power of the weapons. Change the health values for all the dinosaurs to 8. This will allow any dinosaur, including the T Rex, to be brought down with one shot of the sniper rifle.

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