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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC

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At the main menu, select "Options" and choose the "Blackout" tab. You can then change your mini-map from square to round. The square mini-map does not reorient as you move, but the round mini-map does. The round mini-map should be more familiar to Call Of Duty veterans. Using the round mini-map may improve your navigation skills.

Reaching the ground first in Blackout

After dropping out of the helicopter, immediately fly straight down to approximately 65-70 m/s, then wingsuit to your destination. You will gain speed due to the dip in altitude, and speed straight ahead of everyone else. | Submitted by Neto

The following is a list of the effects and duration of perks in Blackout mode.

Effect: Increase melee damage. Gain 50 health for each successful melee attack.
Duration: 240 seconds

Dead Silence
Effect: Move quietly. Make less noise opening stashes.
Duration: 240 seconds

Iron Lungs
Effect: Increase breath hold time on siper rifles and tactical rifles. Increased breath hold time underwater.
Duration: 300 seconds

Effect: Reveal nearby stashes and loot items.
Duration: 120 seconds

Effect: Receive additional audible alert when targeted by an enemy.
Duration: 240 seconds

Effect: Reduce damage from explosions and fire. Increased resistance to flashbang, concussion, and razor wire.
Duration: 240 seconds

Effect: Move faster while crouched and prone.
Duration: 180 seconds

Squad Link
Effect: Teammates are visible through walls.
Duration: 120 seconds

When you find a Zombie crate in Blackout mode, it will be locked at first. There will be some zombies near the crate. Kill all the zombies to unlock the Zombie crate. The zombies will also drop weapons and items. The Zombie crate contains weapons that you cannot find anywhere else in the game, unless you kill someone who obtained the weapons. There are multiple Zombie crates that can be found throughout each Blackout game. | Submitted by Neto

To find this easter egg, drop in to the Asylum in the eastern part of the map, head up to the second story and flush the left most toilet in the bathroom three times to trigger a secret song.

Seraph's annihilator pistol Easter Egg locked in a box on Blackout BR at Firing Range. The box even says "54i" on it. To see it, you have to use the Looter perk. How to open it? Don't think you can.

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