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Batman: Arkham Knight

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Batman: Arkham Knight on PC

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When the indicated requirement is met the corresponding costume will become unlocked.

Adam West:
PlayStation exclusive pre-order bonus; available to ALL Season Pass owners in Fall 2015.

Anime Batman:
Sign into the game with a WBPlay account.

Batman 1st Appearance:
Amazon pre-order bonus; or included in Serious Edition.

Batsuit v.7.43:
Available by default.

Batsuit v.8.03:
Progress through the storyline.

Included in Premium Edition or ALL Season Pass.

New 52:
Free DLC costume.

The Dark Knight Returns:
Included in Gotham's Future Skin Pack on Steam.

AchievementHow to unlock

Throughout the game, many of the thugs Batman encounters will discuss other cities and heroes in the DC universe, including Metropolis, Bludhaven, Keystone and Central City. There are also several buildings owned by other DC heroes and villains.

Catwoman makes reference to having burgled Queen Industries, which is the large corporation owned by Oliver Queen - A.K.A. Green Arrow.

There are several billboards advertising vacation packages to Santa Prisca, which is the home country of the villain Bane. Many Militia members can also be heard referencing the South American country.

Other thugs reference the fact that Gotham beats out Keystone because you can at least see Batman coming, unlike The Flash, who hails from Keystone.

If you capture fourteen of Gotham's most ended at the end of the game, you'll get a different ending than you will if you settle for the mere seven that are technically required.

When in the GCPD, Batman can view the Evidence Locker, which contains weapons an gear confiscated by villains throughout Batman's adventures in Arkham Origins (note elsewhere also the references to the Blackgate Riots that took place during that game), Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City - all of which have voice recordings from Aaron Cash. You can find Talia's sword in the Evidence Locker, and inspecting it will cause Batman to have a private moment of reflection. Any additional enemies apprehended during the course of Arkham Knight will see their weapons and items added to the Evidence Locker.

Clear New Game+ Mode and you'll gain access to a new one: I Am the Night.

When you complete the game under the Normal or higher difficulty setting the 'New Story +' option will become unlocked at the 'Main' menu. In New Story + mode you will retain your WayneTech upgrades and experience points and you will play under the Knightmare difficulty setting.

Consult the map of Gotham and travel to the coordinates 2208, 1851. You'll find a door you can enter to reach a room with a Gramophone playing a recording of the poem of Solomon Grundy.

Superman has been one of Batman's best allies and greatest foes throughout his career as the "World's Greatest Detective." In Arkham Knight, many in-game items refer to the line between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

Listen to Bruce's answering machine in Wayne Tower to hear several messages from Lex Luthor, who is interested in purchasing the Applied Sciences division of Wayne Enterprises - apparently Bruce has been avoiding his calls. Scattered all over Gotham are billboards for the mega-corporation that serves as the main infrastructure for Clark Kent's nemesis Lex Luthor. Several thugs can be heard lamenting the state of Gotham, adding that all it needs now is for a certain caped freak to come flying in.

Play through the Batgirl DLC (released as "A Matter of Family") until you reach a point where you head underground, shortly after rescuing two officers who were drowning. Look for a room with two boxes on top of each other. They have a "2008 05 15" label on them. This date is a reference to the date when the Dark Knight Coaster opened to the public in the Six Flags theme park.

In several areas of the game like Oracle's Clock Tower and Panessa Studios, posters can be seen for The Gray Ghost. This is a reference to the Batman Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray Ghost," where Batman must solve a crime spree reminiscent of an old TV show who's main hero (voiced by Adam West) operated much like Batman.

Head to the train station located near Grand Avenue. Look around to find posters that advertise travel destinations. These include Keystone City (home of The Flash), Metropolis (Superman's home). Look closely at the artwork promoting those destinations and you'll see the heroes on display.

AchievementHow to unlock

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