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Super Paper Mario

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Super Paper Mario - Nintendo Wii

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After completing the Pit Of 100 Trials in Flipside, you will fight a dragon, Wrecktail. This is a new version of the first Boss, with the same attacks and same way to defeat it. Once you defeat Wrecktail, you will get a new Pixl, Dashell, who allows you to run at very high speeds.

If you have Luigi, when you jump on wrecktails back. Use Luigis super jump smack the antenna and in midair bounce on it. Wrecktail will start zooming and you will start slideing off. BUT! charge luigis super jump, near the end of him, Super jump and if done correctly you should land back on him. - Sent by [shroomman]

In order to do this you need at least 100 coins. Go to the Flipside Shop and buy 1 Gold Bar. Head to Yold Town in Chapter 1-2 and sell the bar for 120 coins. Go back to Flipside and buy another bar. Repeat until you can buy another Gold Bar, then keep buying and selling Gold Bars for quick and easy money.

After geting the flip pixil fleep and flop side go to the flop side b1. Then enter the caffa and go to the place where the pipe to the arcad shoud be. There you will see two chestes the first has a gold card the second one has a memory card. After go to the flop side soup shop and go to the back and you should a ds looking thing. Put the memory card in it and you will have more memory in it. - Sent by [alan]

In Merlees mansion, when you get to the part where you have to pay off the debt for the broken vase, (and you owe 100,000,000 rubees!) go to the third floor up, and there is a door that is locked with a passcode box next to it. Punch in this code to unlock it: 5963

Now you can get into that room and get a lot of rubees even though you can't make enough to pay off your debt! (You will ned at least 10,000 rubees to find the 100,000,000 rubees, which are found on the forth floor by flipping to 3-d at the left hand side of the third floor. But you will need an even longer passcode to get through that door at the end.) - Sent by [JohnDashman]

Whenever you get stuck, save the game near your current location. Then, take the return pipe back to Flipside and go to the fortune teller. Once you have your hint, press Home and reset the game. You will return to your save where you were stuck and the price of the fortune teller's services will never go up.

After finishing part 2 you can go back world 2-3, go back to the shroom block. You should be able to hit the block for free and the block unlimited shrooms. - Sent by [shroomman]

If you go into 3-D mode while in the coffee shop in Flipside B1, you can access a gold pipe that will take you to an arcade where you can play three different arcade games using different functions of the Wii remote, winning prizes for top scores. A fourth game can be unlocked if you have a Gold Card.

When you have to choose between the two Merlees, the real one will have a fly going around it from hiding in the toilet.

Need to get a level up, but keep dying in the Pit of 100 Trials? Then if you've beaten Chapter 5 (The one with the Crags and the Sapiens) go back to 5-4. Remember that pipe that just kept on sending out annoying Sapiens? Just jump on the block right next to it, then use Bowser's flame, and he just keeps killing the Sapiens, because they just keep coming out, that's 500 experience every 3 or 4 seconds and 10,000 or 7,500 every minute!

Beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario's Card. This will allow you to go in 3D for as long as you want.

When you have to pay 1,000,000 Rubees, earn 100 Rubees then find a man in red. Give him the 100 Rubees to get the code to get in the VIP room. Then, get 10,000 Rubees and give it to another person in red. Note: You must flip to find this one. He will give you the code to the safe, but you will need a certain Pixl to get to it. To save money, the code to the VIP room is "5963" and the safe is "41262816".

Enter Room 2828 in the Castle Of Francis to find action figures and posters from other Mario games.

At the start of the game in Mario's house, you can find memories of your old pals. Behind Luigi will be two photos. The one on the left is one of Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, Bobbery and Ms. Mowz, Mario's partners from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GameCube). On the right is a photo of Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Watt, Sushie, and Lakilester, Mario's partners from Paper Mario 64 (Nintendo 64). - Sent by [NathanJ]

To get the Piccolo Pixl, you first must be able to visit Flopside. Visit Merlee on the second floor of Flopside and talk to her on the opposite side of the crystal ball. Next, talk to Merluvee in Flipside. Talk to Bestovious in Lineland. Talk to Watchitt in Yold. Then, give what Watchitt gave you to Bestovious. Give what Bestovious gave you to Merluvee. Give what Merluvee gave you to Merlee to get a key. Finally, go to the first floor of Flipside and open the locked door near the card shop. Go inside the house and open the treasure chest to get the Piccolo Pixl. Piccolo puts enemies to sleep. There are also special walls with a drawing of him engraved on it; you can use him to make the walls disappear, revealing secret items.

Successfully complete the Pit Of 100 Trials in Flopside twice to get the Bowser, Dark Bowser, Luigi, Dark Luigi, Mario, Dark Mario, Peach, and Dark Peach cards.

Get the indicated Pixl to unlock the corresponding special ability:

Barry: Shield yourself from enemy attacks and also counterattack.
Boomer: Blow up objects.
Carrie: Platform that can get you across dangerous areas.
Cudge: Use a hammer.
Dashell: Run fast.
Dottie: Shrink yourself.
Fleep: Flip objects that are stuck in the wrong dimension.
Piccolo: Play special music that disintegrates certain objects.
Slim: Turn sideways and squeeze through very narrow spaces.
Thoreau: Pick up objects then toss them.
Thudley: Shake the ground.
Tippi: Use the your Wii-mote sensor to scan objects to learn about them and reveal hidden things.

After defeating Bowser he will join your party. - Sent by [Jeff]

If you see anything poison(like a poison prannah plant). Kill it with Barry. then it will drop an item. When I killed one it dropped a dried shroom, horse tail and a peachy peach and someone told me they can drop a poison shroom. - Sent by [shroomman]

If you've beaten the game, you should know that you lose Tippi. Count Bleck and Tippi disappeared in the Heart Palace and both died. However, don't fear! To get a suitable replacement for Tippi, go to Francis in Chapter 3-4 and buy a new Pixl, Tiptron, from him. Tiptron is basically the same as Tippi, but with a different name.

P.S. Tiptron costs 999 coins! - Sent by [NathanJ]

To unlock a special game in Flipside arcade, you need to have unlocked Flopside(For this You need Fleep, who is found in Chapter 4). Go to the bar at B1 Flopside and flip. Go to where the arcade SHOULD be.(It's beside the counter). Then you'll see a gold card and I think there is another one too, but I don't know what it does yet. Go to the arcade, which, if you don't know the location of, is at the place where you found the card, but in Flipside instead. The special game has you playing as Mario with a hammer and there will be shells coming and you need to hit them. - Sent by [Gamelord]

After landing on an enemy to do damage, you can twist the Wii-mote in your hands and shake it to execute Style moves. Holding Jump during this attack will cause you to jump higher, thus giving you more time to shake and line up for a follow up attack. The more Style moves you do in a row, the higher your multiplier will be. This will greatly increase the pace at which you gain levels.

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