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Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint on Nintendo Wii

Finish in first to seventh place in a Classic mode level.

Finish in first to third place in a Classic mode level.

Successfully complete a Copycat or Mission level to gain a Time Diamond. the indicated number of Time Diamonds to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: The Fantasy Chips that are unlocked can be selected when game play is paused in Classic mode. When one is selected, you will enter Practice mode.

JAPAN-Fantasy Chip: 8 Time Diamonds
FM-Astronaut and FM-Butterfly disappear : 12 Time Diamonds
ZeLeLi Plate in the Time Diamond menu (Disappears after getting your 14th Time Diamond): 13 Time Diamonds
FM-Astronaut and FM-Butterfly return; and FM-Car and FM-Ladybug: 20 Time Diamonds
FM-Football and FM-Blossom: 30 Time Diamonds
FM-Fan and FM-Knight: 40 Time Diamonds
FM-Star and FM-Stylus: 50 Time Diamonds
Fancyless in Space and Memory Fantasy Chips; andFM-Pocket lamp: 60 Time Diamonds
FM-UFO: 70 Time Diamonds
Fruity Smile Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-Rain cloud: 80 Time Diamonds

Hold the C-Button on the Nunchuck to look around the main screen using the pointer. After typing the profile name in the right slot, switch back to your own profile by using the D-Pad up/down. To disable a cheat select the profile and add/delete one character (a) Profile Nr (b) Cheat Profile Name (c) Result a = 2 b = END c = Enables access to the Credits in the Help Screen a = 7 b = FANTASY CHIPS c = Unlocks all Fantasy Chips in the Pause Menu a = 10 b = TOO HARD FOR ME c = Easy Mode more lives, more time, less obstacles a = 11 b = SUPERMAN c = Fanatsy Me becomes invincible a = 13 b = BPLUS c = Unlocks all FANTASY MEs a = 23 b = ZOOM c = Activates Zoom Mode press B+UP or B+DOWN a = 29 b = NO MUSIC c = Disables the in-game music a = 30 b = JAPAN IS COOL c = No obstacles - All sectors are in Japan-Fantasy


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