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NBA Live 08

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NBA Live 08 on Nintendo Wii

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To almost always make a 3 pointer, flick the Wiimote back and forward like in the 3 point contest.

Use the following moves with the indicated player in a Five vs. Five or One vs. One game. They cannot be done in Practice mode.

PlayerHow to unlock

To unlock the following Adidas sneakers for your use, insert the corresponding codes into the in-game extras menu.

23DN1PPOG4 - Gil Zero All-Star
ADGILLIT0B8 - TS Lightswitch (Away)
ADGILLIT1B9 - Gil Wood
ADGILLIT2BA - TS Lightswitch (Home)
ADGILLIT5BD - Customize
ADGILLIT6BE - Agent Zero
FE454DFJCC - Duncan All-Star

There are two ways of doing this.

1) Before you start the season got my NBA live at the main menu and swap any player for any player allowing you to swap someone like LeBron James for a rookie you can repeat this as many times as you want.

2) While in season mode go to options and turn computer initiated trades of, then go to roster management and release all of the players you want to keep as nobody will sign pick through the list and find the most skilled (Francis) then fill up your roster with other players. Then go to trade players and go through the teams ding small deals like taking a 67overall player and swapping him for a 69 or 70overall when you get your whole roster like this you can get the three 97's (Garnett PF, James SFand Bryant SG)now you only need a center (Stoudemire) and a point guard (Arenas) repeat this until you have a ful roster of 90's and above(there are 12) ande then fill in the gaps with your favourites or the other best three (pierce SF, S.O'niell C, B.Davis PG or Y.Ming C) | Submitted by snazzy456

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