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MySims Agents

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for MySims Agents on Nintendo Wii

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MySims Agents Cheats

Enter one of the following codes at the Create-a-Sim screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Astronaut suit
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Black Ninja outfit
Press Right, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Down, Left.

Stealth suit
Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down.

The very hidden easter egg in Mysims Agents allows you to play the mini-game Plane VS. Eye. In order to find it, go to the top floor and activate the arcade machine. Then press the "eye" and you will activate the mini game.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding recruit for your HQ.

Annie Radd: Complete the dispatch mission "Roadie Despair".
Beebee: Complete the "Snowy Mountains" level.
Elmira Clamp: Complete the dispatch mission "Assistant Librarian".
Gonk: Complete the dispatch mission "Gonk Need Food, Badly".
Gordon: Complete the "Boudreaux Mansion" level.
Hopper: Complete the dispatch mission "Tainted Broth".
King Mike: Complete the "Jungle Temple" level.
Leaf: During Evelyn's house robbery case, dig around one of the holes west of the Forest Park.
Liberty: Complete dispatch mission "Snake on the Loose!".
Lyndsay: Complete the "Jungle Temple" level.
Madame Zoe: Complete the "Boudreaux Mansion" level.
Magellan: Complete the "Jungle Temple" level.
Makoto: Complete dispatch missions "High School Yearbook" and "Prom Date".
Marlon: Complete dispatch missions "Magical Assistant" and "Magical Disaster".
Master Aran: Complete the dispatch mission "Penguin Style".
Ms. Nicole Vogue: Complete the "Boudreaux Mansion" level.
Petal: Complete dispatch mission "Failing Forest".
Pinky: Complete dispatch mission "Blue Thing!".
Preston Winthrop: Complete the "Snowy Mountains" level.
Professor Nova: Complete the "Snowy Mountains" level.
Renée: Complete dispatch mission "Pig, Camera, Action!".
Roger: Complete the "Evelyn" robbery case.
Rosalyn P. Marshall: Complete the "Snowy Mountains" level.
Sir Spencer: Complete dispatch mission "H4XXOR3D!".
Sir Vincent Skullfinder: Complete the "Jungle Temple" level.
Star: Complete dispatch mission "Blade of Destiny".
Travis: Become a special agent.
Trevor Verily: Complete the "Boudreaux Mansion" level.
Vic Vector: Complete the "Snowy Mountains" level.
Violet Nightshade: Complete the "Boudreaux Mansion" level.
Wendalyn: Complete dispatch mission "Reagent Run".
Wolfah: Complete the "Snowy Mountains" level.
Zombie Carl: Complete the "Boudreaux Mansion" level.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy.

Top shelf
1. Magic Horn: Solve case #18.
2. Fortunite Crystal: Solve case #13.
3. Tobor's Remote: Solve case #16.
4. The Nightmare Crown: Solve case #18.
5. Yeti Boot: Solve case #7.
6. Disco Ball: Talk to Dr. F again at the end of case #10.
7. Man On Horse Statue: Solve case #11.

Second shelf
8. Fireman Carl: In the swamp on top of the nook.
9. Magellan: Second chest after the four vine crossing in the temple.
10. Jenny: Solve dispatch mission #10.
11. Buddy: Solve dispatch mission #29.
12. Roxie: Solve dispatch mission #11 .
13. Travis: Examine the bucket at the top of the first stairs in Patrick's construction site.
14. Evelyn Gray: Solve dispatch mission #51.
15. Paul The Yeti: Search the recliner in Paul's cave.
16. Necromancer Gordon: Searchthe china cabinet in the dining room of Cyrus' mansion.

Third shelf
17. Faith Connors: Search the wall near the library door in Cyrus' Manor .
18. Yeti Preston: Solve case #7.
19. Agent Walker: Solve dispatch mission #39.
20. Supercharged Justice: Solve dispatch mission #38.
21. Morcubus: Search the chest in Yuki's secret cave.
22. Stuntman Chaz: Have Chaz do his stunt again in case #16.
23. Mr. Suckers tentacle: Get Mr. Suckers' help in case #16.
24. Mr. Suckers: Solve dispatch mission #36.
25. King Mike: Completing one of the dispatch missions.

Bottom shelf
26. Wolf rider Gino: Solve dispatch mission #2.
27. The Club Kids: Solve dispatch mission #30.
28. The HQ Crew: Solve dispatch mission #47.
29. The Lab Crew: Solve dispatch mission #48.
30. The Morcugirls: Search the grate by the green barrels in Club Candy's sewer.
31. Avian Joust Goth Boy: Get the ink for Goth Boy's tattoo in case #16.

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