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My Pokemon Ranch

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for My Pokemon Ranch on Nintendo Wii

While in the ranch, if you shake the wii remote, an earthquake will occur in the game causing all the pokemons on the ground and the miis to fall down. And if you zoom all the way out and shake the wii remote, instead of an earthquake, a tornado may occur causing the pokemons to be lifted off the ground and they spin around in circles until they fall back down.

You can advance the system date to get more Pokemon easily. Start the game, leave, and save the game. Advance one day in the system settings, and enter the game again. You will get another Pokemon. You can set the clock back to the correct value afterwards. Although you will get a message about your game data being corrupted, you will still retain the new Pokemon. However, you will have to wait two days for your next "new" Pokemon, but the daily new Pokemon will appear after that on schedule.

Get your ranch to Level 10 to unlock the "Favorites" option.

Get your ranch to Level 5 to unlock the "Free Mode" option.

Get your ranch to Level 25 by depositing 999 Pokemon to unlock Mew. If desired, you can transfer the Pokemon back to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.

More Miis can be chosen to inhabit your ranch when you hit certain levels. Below are a list of those levels.

Level 4 - +5 Miis
Level 8 - +5 Miis
Level 11 - +5 Miis

Get your ranch to Level 15 by depositing 250 Pokemon to unlock Phione. If desired, you can transfer the Pokemon back to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.

By playing with your Wii’s calendar and time settings, you can easily level up your Pokémon by simply manipulating the Wii’s settings. So, if you need to go ahead a day in the game for your Pokémon to level up, do so quickly by changing the date!

As more Pokemon are deposited, Hayley will improve the ranch and make it bigger. As it gets bigger, more Pokemon can be stored on the ranch. Below are the levels and how many it takes to boost it to the next one.

At level 21 and up, the Pokemon Hayley brings no longer count towards the grand total of Pokemon on the ranch. Also, certain levels grant you the ability to bring in more Miis to the ranch. These are also listed.

UnlockableHow to Unlock

You can insert a set number of Pokemon from your Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Games onto your Pokemon Ranch to unlock special Pokemon. These Pokemon can be transferred back to your Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock


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