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Nintendo Wii - Monster Hunter Tri screenshot


Monster Hunter Tri

Item combinations for Monster Hunter Tri - Nintendo Wii

Combine the indicated ingredients to get the corresponding item.

Air Philter: Airweed + Catalyst
Ancient Potion: Immunizer + Kelbi Horn
Antidote: Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
Cleanser: Popfish + Catalyst
Cool Drink: Ice Crystal + Bitter Bug
Demondrug: Might Seed + Catalyst
Drugged Meat: Raw Meat + Sleep Herb
Energy Drink: Honey + Nitroshroom
Goldenfish Bait: Sneakbee Larvae + FireFly
Herbal Medicine: Bitter Bug + Cactus Flower
Immunizer: Dragon Toadstool + Catalyst
Iron Pickaxe: Iron Ore + Bone
Large Barrel Bomb: Gun Powder + Large Barrel
Mega Air Philter: Airweed + Dash Extract
Mega Nutrients: Nutrients + Honey
Mega Pickaxe: Machalite Ore + Bone
Mega Potion: Potion + Honey
Might Pill: Might Seed + Immunizer
Net: Ivy + Spiderweb
Nutrients: God Bug + Blue Mushroom
Old Pickaxe: Stone + Bone or Stone + Mystery Bone
Oxygen Supply: Airweed + Bomb Casing
Paintball: Sap Plant + Paintberry
Pit Trap: Net + Trap Tool
Pitfall Trap: Traptool + Net
Potion: Herb + Blue Mushroom
Shock Trap: Thunderbug + Trap Tool
Small Barrel Bomb: Gunpowder + Small Barrel
Sonic Bomb: Bomb Casing + Screamer
Tinged Meat: Raw Meat + Parashroom
Tranquilizer Bomb: Tranquilizer + Bomb Casing
Tranquilizer: Sleep Herb + Parashroom

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