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Mega Man 10

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Mega Man 10 on Nintendo Wii

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Mega Man 10 Cheats

It's been over two decades since Dr. Wily built his first set of Robot Masters with an exploitable set of fatal flaws. Not having learned his lesson the last nine times, Wily's newest batch is once again riddled with weaknesses. Our own Colin Moriarty exposes these weaknesses with his no-fail Mega Man 10 boss order.

Defeat the robot bosses in this order to take advantage of their unique weaknesses. You'll have to use your Mega Buster to take out the first boss, Sheep Man, but he's a bit of a pushover thanks to the predictability of his attacks. Use the weapons you gain from each enemy to beat the next.

Sheep Man - Use Mega Buster
Pump Man - Use Electric Wool
Solar Man - Use Water Shield
Chill Man - Use Solar Blaze
Nitro Man - Use Chill Spike
Commando Man - Use Wheel Cutter
Blade Man - Use Commando Bomb
Strike Man - Use Triple Blade

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding type of challenge in Challenge mode:

Easy Boss challenges: Reach the Boss on the Easy difficulty.
Easy Mini Boss challenges: Reach the Mini Boss on the Easy or Normal difficulty.
Normal Boss challenges: Reach the Boss on the Normal difficulty.
Normal Mini Boss challenges: Reach the Mini Boss on the Normal difficulty.
Hard Boss challenges: Reach the Boss on the Hard difficulty.
Hard Mini Boss challenges: Reach the Mini Boss on the Hard difficulty.

Certain challenges in Challenges Mode can be unlocked by confronting that challenge in the main game. For instance, to fight Pump Man on hard in Challenges Mode, you must first get to him and beat him in the regular game on hard difficulty.

Beat the game on Normal.

In Challenge Mode, some challenges are marked ???? by default to access them, you must meet the following conditions in Story Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock

ChallengeHow to unlock
Note: This refers to the Challenges on Page 2: the 88 on Page 1 of the menu are those you can accept from the menu and go immediately into a specialized situation for the challenge. These must also be completed during the main story mode.

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