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Mario Strikers Charged

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mario Strikers Charged on Nintendo Wii

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award:

Brick Wall award: Concede the least goals in the group stage.
Crystal award: Win the Crystal Tournament.
Fire award: Win the Fire Tournament.
Golden Foot award: Score the most goals in the group stage.
Striker award: Win the Striker Tournament.

In this game and Mariokart DS, i get kinda angry everytime i disconnect and lose points. here is an amazing way to do it. before quitting a game, go up to your modem (this internet machine that has a switch somewhere) and push it. if you cant find it, unplug the internet cord, not the power. when you do, wait for the game to freeze or say disconnected. when it does, turn the modem back on. you will not have any gain or loss in point ONLY FOR THAT MATCH. also, its helpful in MarioKart or Starfox DS. | Submitted by Leadergo

Have Boo get the ball. Fully charge it and then use Boo's defensive deke to disappear and charge the ball again. Boo can charge the ball twice as much as any other character and can allow easy scoring.

To charge the ball quicker, hold B, and before you let go, press A. The ball will go to another player and will become white because it was charged when you pressed B. When the player has passed it, before it reaches the play, press B again so he shoots first time. The gameplay will slow down and he will a slow motion shot, which gives you a better chance of scoring. | Submitted by benrules

Reset or turn off the game during a tournament match. When that tournament is continued, the news headline will state that your fans are shocked at the allegations of cheating and you will have to start the cup from the beginning.

With any character: run up to the goal but just outside the line and start to charge for a shot, when the goalie is about to hit you (just as he jumps) release the charge and you will make a goal. This might take some practise but it is a good way to rack up on goals. | Submitted by Samdude

Hammer Bros. has one of the best skillshot. To make it effective,Just get enough space between Hammer Bros. and Kritter. It will throw bomb first and shoot. No one can block it.

Use Wario's gas attack and Bowser's fire attack to create a fireball.

When playing, an easy way to charge up the ball is to use 2 players to pass it to eachother repeatedly at the back until the ball turns white,then lob pass it to someone further up, and take a first time volley. For this to have maximum effect, I recommend using one or two playmakers to pass it at the back(such as Toad or Boo), and using either a captain(such as Wario or Bowser Jr.) or another sidekick with high shooting(such as Birdo or a Hammer Bro). | Submitted by Jman

I know many people are annoyed by the countless Hammer Spamming on MSC wifi matches. For those who don't know what Hammer Spamming is, it is when someone takes advantage of Hammer Bros. Deke and flattens all the opponents, then he gets close, charges up his shot for an unstoppable goal. Here is how to stop it:

1.Make sure you have at least 2 fast players on your team. An example would be Dry Bones

2.Now use that character to approach the Hammer Bros, who has the ball. This is where your oppoenent will begin to use the deke.

3.Now this involves timing. Keep your distance but do not get too far away. Once his hammer touches the ground, flick your wrist to tackle the Hammer Bros. This trick always works for me and once you get the timing right, Hammer Spammin won't bother you.

Now you can also stop Hammer Spamming by using items. So use the above technique when you don't have an item like red shell, chain chop, etc. | Submitted by Nova

It's pretty hard to master the skill shots of everyone, so here are a few to start out with.

Boo: stand near the bottom or top of the screen, just far enough away from Kritter that he can't come out and get you. Now use his skill shot. Should work around a third of the time.

Dry Bones: Stand in the same place where you stood with Boo. Use his skill shot. About 3/4's of the time, the ball will come fly back at you. You now have a choice:
A: run up to the ball while it's still in the air and press B with good timing.
B: stay where you are. Hold z and press b with bad timing to bloop it over Kritter's head.

Toad: Stand anywhere you like. Use skill shot. Instant gratification- if Kritter blocks it, his hands will be on fire. Shoot around all you like.

Notes on Boo- Deke isn't very effective. Good at getting around, but not the best at stealing the ball.

Notes on Dry Bones- Deke is very effective, and can be used to cheat. Very good at stealing-can slide very far.

Notes on Toad- Very fast. Deke is very effective. Take advantage of slow players like Monty Mole.

Cheap Dry Bones Strategy- Run around the bottom perimeter of the field. Turn up towards Kritter. Get close, and start charging for a shot. As Kritter comes out to deck you, use Deke UP. Dry bones will disappear and reappear right in front of the goal. Tap B for instant gratification.

First, play a tournament up to elimination mode or another point at which you want to continuously retry. Then, insert your SD card, copy your saved file onto it, and play the game normally. If you lose, erase your internal Wii saved file, and replace it with the SD card's saved file. This allows you to continue from where you left off until you can win the tournament. The game will not detect you cheating like it does with turning off the power or resetting.

Note: This trick requires a SD card and will erase all of your Mario Strikers Charged WiFi statistics (Mii data can not be stored on a SD card).

In the Waluigi and Diddy K challenges, try to score as many goals as you can before deliberately drawing the game (shoot into your own goal). This forces a sudden death (or shoot-off).

Since you only need to make one goal to win, use a Mega-Strike to complete the challenge.

For the Striker's Cup, it's recommend having a Dry Bones instead of Koopa or Toad probably Koopa. My team was Yoshi (Mario/Luigi is better), Dry Bones, Toad and Hammer Bros.

Dry Bones can score easily with the skillshot and can score better if you next to the fence and click the Z at least 2 times, then go to the place where the corner kick should be, go in the direction of the keeper and the disappear and shoot, its probably a goal if done correctely.

Toad is good because of jumps, try to pass by the keeper with a jump. You can also go to corner use jump and as soon as the keeper hits you pass the ball and if theres no one at the goal it should enter.

With Hammer Bros. use the hammer when someone is next to you and use the skillshot when near the keeper.

Mario/Luigi is good because of the power-up. Charge the ball and before shooting click on the d-pad (to jump), and repeat this till the ball is white then just shoot and it should be goal. Hes also good at shooting from far with the ball charged.

If you're ahead by a point and simply want to run down the clock (for whatever reason), have a defender take possession of the ball and stand in front of your own goalie.

When an opposing attacker tackles your defender and takes the ball, your goalie auto-tackles the attacker and takes the ball. From there you can pitch the ball back into play (to your own defender) and repeat the process.

First you have to know how to make Toad jump with the control pad (press down). Then, put Toad on your team. Give the ball to Toad and run up to the goalie and make a Toad jump. If you timed it right, Toad should jump over the goalie and you can put the ball in the net! | Submitted by ChrisO

Note: This trick requires a SD card and will erase all of your Mario Strikers Charged WiFi statistics (Mii data can not be stored on a SD card). First, play the tournament up to the elimination mode or another point at which you want to continuously retry. Then after inserting your SD card, copy your saved file onto it and play the game normally. If you lose, erase your internal Wii saved file and replace it with the SD card's saved file. This allows you to pick up where you left off until you can win the tournament. The game will not detect you cheating, as with turning off the power or resetting.

Have the least amount of goals scored on you overall in the qualifying round in any tournament.

To unlock cards featuring artwork, you must complete challenges in Striker Challenges mode:

Effect - Code

Bowser Card - Beat Challenge 09
Bowser Jr. Card - Beat Challenge 11
Daisy Card - Beat Challenge 05
Diddy Kong Card - Beat Challenge 12
Donkey Kong Card - Beat Challenge 03
Luigi Card - Beat Challenge 02
Mario Card - Beat Challenge 01
Peach Card - Beat Challenge 04
Petey Piranha Card - Beat Challenge 10
Waluigi Card - Beat Challenge 07
Wario Card - Beat Challenge 06
Yoshi Card - Beat Challenge 08

To unlock cheats to toggle on/off in Domination Mode, you must complete challenges in Striker Challenges mode:

Effect - Code

Always Sidekick Skillshot - Beat Challenge 11
Always White Ball - Beat Challenge 10
Classic Mode - Beat Challenge 01
Custom Power Ups and Infinite Power Ups - Beat Challenge 12
Devastating Hits - Beat Challenge 05
Field Tilt - Beat Challenge 09
High Voltage - Beat Challenge 04
No Power Ups - Beat Challenge 06
Power Shortage - Beat Challenge 08
Safe MegaStrike - Beat Challenge 02
Secure Stadia - Beat Challenge 07
Super Captains - Beat Challenge 03

Beat the Crystal Tournament.

You can unlock extra captains for offline modes by playing through Road to the Striker Cup.

Effect- Code

Bowser Jr. Win the Fire Cup
Diddy Kong Win the Crystal Cup
Petey Piranha Win the Striker Cup

Beat the Fire Tournament.

Score the most goals overall in qualifying round of any tournament.

To unlock more stadiums for Domination Mode, you must play through Road to the Strikers Cup. Note: The Brick Wall Award is earned for conceding the least goals in the group stage. The Golden Foot Award is earned for scoring the most goals in the group stage.

Effect - Code

Crystal Canyon Win the Crystal Cup
Galactic Stadium Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Striker Cup
Stormship Stadium Win the Striker Cup
The Dump Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Crystal Cup
The Lava Pit Win the Fire Cup
The Wastelands Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire Cup

Beat the Striker Tournament.

Boo has the ability to quickly disappear and then reappear while managing to retain control of the ball. Try this as soon as you're approaching a player on the opposing team to go directly through them. This even works, from time to time, on the opposing team's goalie.

When approaching the opponents goalie press the down arrow key on the Wii remote(not the Nunchuck) and you should pass right through the goalie. It might take a few times but it is easy. | Submitted by kieranfung


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