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Mario Sports Mix

Stages for Mario Sports Mix - Nintendo Wii

Complete the indicated task in order to unlock the corresponding stage. Note: Standard Exhibition, Tournament and Online matches all count for stages that require a certain number of matches to be unlocked.

Bowser's Castle: Defeat Bowser in the Star Cup.
Daisy Garden: Complete the Flower Cup. This stage is not available in Volleyball.
Daisy Garden for Feed Petey: Play the stage in the Hidden Route in the Mushroom Cup Basketball.
Ghost Ship: Play 40 matches.
Koopa Beach: Complete a match that is played on Koopa Beach in Tournament Mode.
Peach's Castle: Complete the Mushroom Cup.
Starship: Complete the Star Cup.
Waluigi Pinball: Play 35 matches. This stage is not available in Basketball.
Wario Factory: Complete a match that is played on Wario Factory in Tournament Mode.

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