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Mario Party 8

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Mario Party 8 on Nintendo Wii

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Mario Party 8 Cheats

To completely lock up and hold a Hotel all to yourselves, invest 100 coins into a hotel, and no one will be able to invest more then you into the real estate hotel! You will then be the lock down owner of that hotel for the rest of the game.

Beat the Star Battle with any character.

When you select "Battle Royale" in the Party Tent, the number of Carnival Cards that you receive at the end of the game is two times the number of turns you played. For example, 10 turns results in 20 Carnival Cards, 20 turns results in 40 Carnival Cards, 30 turns results in 60 Carnival Cards, and so on.

When you beat the game and at the credits click on a letter and it should change colors.(it will be fun while you wait for the credits to end cause if you shut it off you will have to start over.) | Submitted by Elijah

Select Mario and he will do various things, ranging from falling down to jumping in the air.

After turning on the game, at the title screen Mario will be standing in the middle of the screen. Move the pointer over his ear, then press A. Mario will jump, laugh, run, run crying, or fall.

Unlock atlast one minigame in the 4 player, 1 vs. 3 player, 2 vs. 2 minigame and Duel minigame categories.

When you get a Twice Candy or a Thrice Candy, try to get all of the dice blocks the same number to get a nice coin bonus as a reward.

As the target you are aiming for gets to about the 9 o'clock position, or slightly after, throw the dart. If timed perfectly, you will hit what you are aiming for.

Serve the ball, then hit it at the last possible moment. If done correctly, this will result in an ace.

Unlock atleast one 4 player minigame.

Trade the indicated number of Carnival Cards at the Fun Bazaar to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Any mini-game: 50 Carnival Cards at the Fun Bazaar's Mini-game Wagon
Board Sounds: 50 Carnival Cards
Board Related Carnival Figures: 30 Carnival Cards each
Carnival Figures: Buy at least one Carnival Figure
Carnival Parade: Buy at least one Carnival Figure
Character Voices: 50 Carnival Cards
Chomping Frenzy: 50 Carnival Cards
Credit Roll: 100 Carnival Cards
Heckling Sounds: 50 Carnival Cards
Mini-game Sounds: 50 Carnival Cards
Mini-game Related Carnival Figures: 30 Carnival Cards each
Moped Mayhem: 50 Carnival Cards
Puzzle Pillars: 50 Carnival Cards
Staff Record: 50 Carnival Cards
Star Carnival Related Carnival Figures: 30 Carnival Cards each
Table Menace: 50 Carnival Cards
Test For The Best: 50 Carnival Cards
Very Hard Difficulty: 50 Carnival Cards

When you beat Star Battle mode, you can buy minigames in the Minigame Wagon. This is helpful if you feel impatient to or if you do not want luck to try and and get a certain minigame for you on a game board.

When using a Slowgo Candy it is best to be used by a music square, question mark, or DK block. Flick the remote number before desired for better results. Question mark blocks are not all good; choose wisely.

Unlock this mode in the Fun Bazaar.

Unlock atleast one Duel minigame.

Beat Star Battle Arena with any character.

Beat Star Battle Arena with Blooper.

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