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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for MadWorld on Nintendo Wii

Search the following locations to find the coins.

Coin 1: Located in the Dragons mouth. To get it, go to where the money shot is found and walk on the dragon until you make it to the head. Press A.
Coin 2: In the room where the meat grinder is located, go to the elevator. Kill all the guards on it. Defeat Yuu Fung to get the next coin.
Coin 3: Stay on the roof and look for the grapple point somewhere on the corners. Slide up the grapple and kill all the enemies at the bar. The bar produces a constant supply of meat buns so you can distract the enemies while you fight. Kill all enemies and grab the coin before it gets to the other side.

Most people think that's impossible to escape from the voids of the black baron, for beings specific his black void, to escape it as soon as he initiates the move and you are beings sucked in, just simply shake the nunchuck jack will initiate his standard backwards flip keep shaking it so he will never be sucked in and eventually the black baron will end the move.

You know when the Boss Battle Bell comes up. Well when you challenge the boss Jack goes URRRAAAAHHH and punches it like an insane person! Well you can do that in the game! You won't want to do this near a lot of enemies!

1. Find an enemy
2. Tap the "A" button as fast as you can
3. Jack will keep punching really fast but no kick after the 2nd punch if you're fast enough
4. If you're lucky he will do what he does at the Boss Bell kinda. Do a POWERFUL punching sending your enemy headless and anyone colliding with him to anywhere around!

The comments the announcers say will vary depending on what you do in the game. Interact and do as much as you can and see what they say.

Use the following trick to defeat Death Blade during the first challenge, Mad Castle. Run around him until he swings and misses. His face will light up when this happens. Attack with the chainsaw while he is recovering from the missed attack.

Beat the game on Normal once.

If you need lives or HP, kill a mini-Boss. It will always leave one of the two behind.

In the courtyard area, if Death Blade is on the loose, do not get captured by a zombie. If you are, Death Blade will reappear again. If you lose the Power Struggle, you will lose one life instantly.

When Jack is holding an enemy, he is rendered invulnerable when he is throwing them or otherwise engaged in an execution/murder animation (the rose bush murder is handy and readily available).

Use this exploit to make Jack invincible for the no-hit DeathWatch Challenges (DWCs) when he is surrounded by enemies (esp. in Area 66's warehouse).

Some of the enemies in Downtown Varrigan look similar to that of the Locust.

One of Jack's B finishers is exactly how the COGs and Locust finish off their enemies with their chainsaws. This finisher is the one where no movement is required to complete it.

Ultra Violence is impossible to achieve with any one enemy except the zombie. To get Ultra Violence, grab the zombie and use the human garbage can. Do not finish it. Allow it to regenerate and repeat the process until you get Ultra Violence.

If you attempt to score Ultra Violence with normal enemies, you will need to score 30,000 points from one enemy. The only way to do it is to take one enemy, jab five sign posts into him, two trumpets, then place a tire and/or otherwise on top of him. Make sure to attack him normally a bit as well. Also use the daggers to cut off both arms. You must then use a bench or clubbing weapon and hit him along with several others and knock him into the human garbage. You still only have a chance of getting the points you need.

Jump on the boxes stacked up near the saw room. When you get to the top, dash down the hallway or you will die.

Beat the game on Normal once.

The following aspects are changed in Hard mode. The best tactic in Hard mode is to complete the area without worrying about enemies. Finish off the enemies and do not worry about making high scoring kills unless there is only one enemy. Also, if you know where any extra lives are, pick them as soon as possible. If you managed the complete the game, pick up the special weapon awarded for defeat the Black Baron. You will need them to survive.

Enemies are far more relentless with attacks.
Enemies have now mastered the art of dodging and blocking.
Enemies now have weapons equipped to them (most of the time).
Enemy HP and attack power are increased.
You will only have one life per level.

You know those dual swords you can pick up after point rewards? Well here is a very strong instant kill combo that nets you big points.

1. Shake your remote up so that the enemy is in the air.
2. Rapidly tap A
3. When you land, press B quickly
4. You'll initiate a finisher, so shake the remote and nunchuk constantly to deliver a gorey blow.
5. You will get about 15,000 points each time netting you a hardcore bonus as well.

For extra points, try this combo next to a rose bush!

Beat the game on Normal once.

When Bull Crocker is on his last bits of health, winning a Power Struggle will make you decapitate him. Damage Bull Crocker three to five times with chainsaw to speed up the process. Then, continue to win Power Struggles until you kill him. Cutting off Bull Crocker's head increases the score you normally are awarded. You can also use the head as a trash bin and smash it on an enemy's head.

Use the chainsaw and hit both at least twice. After their next attack, or even after they recover, they will start to rest and breathe heavily. You can stick a sign in them at that point.


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