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Gottlieb Pinball Classics

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Gottlieb Pinball Classics - Nintendo Wii

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Type these codes in the Enter Code screen.

Password - Effect

NYC - Unlock Central Park Table
CKF - Unlock Custom Balls
UNO - Unlock Free Play on the Ace High table
LIS - Unlock Free Play in Black Hole table
PHF - Unlock Free Play in Goin' Nuts table
HOT - Unlock Free Play in Love Meter
HEF - Unlock Free Play in Playboy table
PBA - Unlock Free Play in Strikes 'N Spares table
PGA - Unlock Free Play in Tee'd Off table
BIG - Unlock Free Play in Xoltan
WGR - Unlock Payout Mode
BZZ - Optional Tilt
UJP - Unlock Free Play on the Big Shot table

Complete the table goal for El Dorado.

Complete the table goal for Big Shot.

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