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Epic Mickey

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Epic Mickey on Nintendo Wii

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During the 2D transition levels (between game sections), collect the indicated number hidden film reels to unlock the corresponding cartoon at the "Extras" menu.

Mickey Mouse in "The Mad Doctor": 6 film reels.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in "Oh What a Knight": 14 film reels.

Gilda, a cow on Mean Street, will offer you a quest to retrieve an axe from the Slopes area of Mickeyjunk Mountain. Get the axe and head to Oswald's lair. Thin Oswald's massive face in the floor to find a hidden room. At the end of the secret passage you'll come to unthinnable bars. DO NOT use the axe to explore the area. Instead, go back to Gilda. You can return to Mickeyjunk Mt. later in the game and pry open the bars anyway -- even without the axe. For this you will get both Hero and Scrapper credit.

Successfully complete the game. Load the cleared saved game file to start a new session will all previously collected items.

This trick will allow you to trap enemies like the Beetleworks (the bird things n the ones who throw paint and thinner at you) and the Robot Pirates. In order for it to work, you have to lure the enemy to a spot where you can thin things out, thin it out, then quick re-paint it. If you did it right, the annoying enemy will be trapped, and won't be able to move or attack. Unfortunately, if you should die for some reason, they'll be free again.

Complete The Lonesome Manor and return to Mean Street. Talk to the Gremlin at the Penny Arcade to find out the machine has another function, but requires 30 Power Sparks to activate. After the Power Sparks are given to him, he will tell you that something has activated at the Fire Station. Jump up to the window above the door at the Fire Station. Gus will ask if you want to enter. Inside are two gold E-Tickets with Oswald on them, which are worth 150 Tickets. Note: The Oswald Tickets will not appear again.

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