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Bonsai Barber

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Bonsai Barber on Nintendo Wii

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Keep painting the bird that appears when Maizy gets a haircut and it will release hearts, flowers, stars and other objects.

When a customer has an apple, keep painting it and a caterpillar will pop out. Keep painting and it will turn into a butterfly. Take a picture of it to get a reward.

When a customer has an apple, squirt it until it explodes.

When a customer has an apple, keep painting it and a caterpillar will pop out and turn into a butterfly. Put your tools behind a butterfly and they will begin to flash. Keep your tools behind the butterfly until they turn gold. If you have golden tools you cannot make a mistake on a haircut.

Take the indicated photograph to win the corresponding prize.

PrizeHow to unlock

Use your tools on the cloud floats above the plant from time to time. Spray it enough with the water and it will rain on the plant, causing it to grow.

When a customer has an apple or bell, cut the middle of it with the scissors. Keep the object in the air for a while continuing to snip at it. After four cuts, the object will turn into a rainbow. Take a picture of a rainbow to get a reward.

Get a rainbow by snipping bells or apples. Ring bells while you have a rainbow. After awhile, your tools will get small. When they are small, completing haircuts is much easier.

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