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Beyond Oasis

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Beyond Oasis on Nintendo Wii

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To view the best players screen (which is firstly seen on completion of the game), press B + Start at the title screen.

Press Forward, Forward, Forward, B.

Hold B, press Forward, Backward, Forward, and then release B.

Hold B, rotate the D-Pad clockwise, and release B.

To instantly switch from your Alt. Knife to the weapon currently selected in the weapons menu and vice versa without needing to open the weapons menu up, hold Mode and press B. Please note that this command requires a 6-button controller.

Go to the seashore on the lower west side of the map. Use Shade's Doppelganger to locate the invisible silver crack (the warp), then use your Warp Device to open up the warp.

You'll then be transported to a secret island located on upper west side of the map.

Note: This will only work after you have the Warp Device.

At the Diary (save select) screen, press B + Start to access the game's sound test screen.

With any sword equipped, 360 motion on the d-pad, forward, back, forward, B, pause for half second, B.

360 motion on the D-pad, forward, back, forward, B, B, B (can also be ended after the 1st or 2nd flip).

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