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Worms: Open Warfare

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Worms: Open Warfare on Nintendo DS

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Complete all three tutorials. Complete the challenges in order to unlock the next one.

When goin on a quick game make sure that if you want it to be easy then go to options on the start screen then go on game options click across on scheme till you get to user 1(2 or 3) and then click edit scheme then go down and make everything infinite and zero delay and wala instant easy and you can't run out. Thank you for reading this cheat. | Submitted by fitboi2k7

Well as you probably know there's a sound bank option on the create game bit were you can change the language to french, spanish and so on but you can also change it to tykes, irish, rasta, redneck, scouser, stiff upper lip, stooges, angry scots and cyber worms. | Submitted by diddyman

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