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Wizards of Waverly Place

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Wizards of Waverly Place on Nintendo DS

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The 1st Scroll
Go to the potion lab, then put stuff in to the pot and play the minigame. Use it on the one kid in the potion lab, then the one in the hall to get the scroll.

The 2nd Scroll
Go the classroom, and see the sleeping girl. Go to the dorms, and get the alarm clock from under the shaking box by move spell on the top one, and levitate on the bottom one. grab the alarm clock, and go back to the girl and click her.

The 3rd Scroll
Go to the clock right outside the forbidden library. Use the undo magic spell on the clock to get scroll.

The 4th Scroll
Go up to the dorms. Tap the kid and then tap the first torch, choose the right spell (Torchius Lightus) then do the same to the other torch on the other side of the room. Then go back to the book case in the dorm and tap the flying book. Play the minigame and win the key. Unlock the chest and give the hat to the kid.

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