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Super Mario 64 DS

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Super Mario 64 DS on Nintendo DS

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Enter World 2, Whomp's Fortress, while attempting to earn the seventh star. From the start of the stage, hop up the brick wall and then run up the ramp with a row of coins, which is just to the right of a pool of water. At the top of that ramp, continue forward past a Thwomp as you slide downhill toward a waiting grouping of red blocks. Skirt their edge to the back side, so that you're facing up the slope you just descended, and punch the bricks to make a mushroom appear.

Once you collect the mushroom, Mario will temporarily swell up to an immense size. Now, quickly run back up the slope, taking out any Thwomps you encounter, and turn right at the top of the slope. Run to the high brick wall directly ahead of you, where Bullet Bill enemies fire at you. Turn right and knock over the pole, which falls to the side like a plank. Step onto it and then waddle left and right as you gain a bunch of 1ups until your mushroom power expires. You have to move quickly through the steps described above, once you have the mushroom power activated, and the trick appears not to work on some later versions of the game.

Go underwater and wait for awhile until you lose one health gauge. Now just press up until your feet get out. And there you go. | Submitted by leo

You know those invisible red ? blocks? Well, when you have 14 or more stars, go stand in the sun and look up (X). You will be taken to the Castles in the Sky area. Fly down and hit the big red ? switch. Red blocks will be activated. To leave the area, you can either collect all eight red coins or dive down into the sky. | Submitted by FireElementLord

In versus mode when you get a Luigi, Yoshi, or Mario cap and get onto the roof, the friction is different, and there are no 1-Ups or the "?" box.

With Yoshi, go to Bob-Omb battlefield. Shoot yourself out of the cannon near the starting point. Aim over to the areas on the left. Go to the orange bricks, and jump on top of the one with the mushroom inside of it. You should have a bob-omb chasing you, and he cant hurt you when you're on top of the box. He will blow up, and the box will open. You won't get hurt, and you can brab the Big Mushroom. | Submitted by Vipershark

It's true. With an action replay hacker. On bob-omb battlefield, second star, face the mountain (Making sure pre-game you entered codes for sprint & moon jump) and speak to koopa the quick. Speak until ready steady... and you pick. Before picking, tap L+up and b. Then, it'll show koopa the quick then show you. Time correctly, only one second in you'll manage to reach the top.

PS. Theres no real advantage you get for doing it in one second, but hacking sure prolongs a games entertaining-ness when you've completed in 100%. | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

Make sure that you do not collect the red coin in the first room, as well as the red coin in the last room in the black box. Get the other six coins. Then, use Wario to break the black box and collect the seventh red coin, then fall into the hole. You will appear in the first room. Collect the eighth red coin. You will hear a chime that reveals the star, but not see the star. Go to the last room without falling, dying, or choosing the wrong door. You will see two stars, Note: If you never collected the star before, it will make two yellow stars, but when you will pick up the other star it will not count in your star total.

There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that lets you get from one side of the level to another quickly. After going up the first slanted bridge, go right and stand in the flower bed. The game will warp you to another flower bed, near the mountain. You can also warp from the flower bed next to the mountain to the flower bed next to the slanted bridge.

There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that allows you to go up the mountain quickly. Begin by heading up the mountain until you come to the first indentation in the mountain that metal balls come out of. Go into the indentation, and stand there. The game will warp you to another indentation higher up in the mountain.

Selecting any star but "Big Bob-omb on the summit" Enter the cannon next to you. Aim it as high and as far to the right as possible and fire. Repeat this and you will die in the air but with your feet on the wall of the course. You can also make it look as if your whole body is on the wall by going to the second cannon in the course. Aim the highest and most further right as possible and fire. Repeat and you will die on the ground but it will appear as though you were on the wall before the camera finds its proper angle.

Go to the cannon left of the summit or the Chomp Chomp that is near the more open area. Aim the cannon all the way to the sun, then point it at the cloud below the sun. Set it so that the bottom arrow of the target is almost touching the middle bottom part of the cloud. Then, fire. You should fly into a fence and the top part of the screen will turn blue. You will fall straight out of the sky. You can even go out of the level if you try to move with the D-pad while still high in the sky.

Go to Bomb-omb Battlefield. Get into the second Cannon under the floating island. Aim so that the top arrow is on the bottom point of the island. You will go into the wall and hit the ground and lose half of your energy.

Select Mario and collect either Wario's or Luigi's cap to turn into that character. Then, lure an enemy to the red power-up box. Break the box while wearing Wario or Luigi's cap and a Power Flower will appear instead of the Feather. Then. get hit by an enemy to turn back into Mario and collect the flower. Mario will float instead of getting the Wing-Cap. This trick can also be done in other levels that will give Power Flowers to Wario or Luigi (but not to Mario), as long as you can get hit to lose the other character's cap and collect the Power Flower as Mario before it disappears.

To get a bonus level, go to the Castles in the Sky Level and long jump into the flower bed. Then, it will transport you to another place in the game. There you will find a box, hit the box and you will enter a Bonus Level. | Submitted by Woot

In the Hazy Maze and in the basement you will find doors that lead to hills with glass walls directly above them. Their purpose is to only allow you to go one way: down the hill. Use the following trick to go back up the hill. Step back from the hill about 15 feet, dash, and long jump (twice if possible) from 3 feet in front of the hill. Then, regular jump (also twice if possible), then dive (with A). After a few attempts you should be able to bypass the one way system.

To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.

Get to the room where you can only enter with 50 Stars. While facing the door, go to the left staircase and jump to the second step. Line yourself up with the corner of this step and the next one so that you are at about a 45 degree angle. Charge up a dash. When you are at about a second away from the corner, slide kick (Crouch + Punch) and hold Up/Left. You should launch up into darkness then fall down. Try to angle yourself so you will land in the room with the portal. Everything should be black and you will hear the endless staircase music. Try to find the hole and jump in. Note: You can do this with any character, but if done with Luigi, Yoshi, or Wario you will die once the Rainbow Road credits end. Sometimes you will die automatically if something went wrong when at the staircase.

This is for the Cool Cool Mountain slide inside the house. When you come up to the first tunnel, look for a line of 5 coins going into the wall. Follow the coins into the wall and you will take a secret path with 3 1-Ups in it. Note: You can't use this to get the star in the Penguin Race.

When you want to defeat Bowser one last time, you must get 80 stars. If you go through the 50 star door and up the stairs to the 80 star door, you can find out how many more stars you need to get before solving the Endless Stair Mystery. | Submitted by FireElementLord

After you challenge Koopa the Quick, run up the bridge as usual. However, when you get past the bridge, run over to the flower patch near the red block. If you go to around the middle of it, you should teleport directly in front of the mountain. From there, instead of going to where the rolling bowling balls are found, go up the steep hill. This may not seem it is faster, but it is. Continue running up the mountain until you reach the first hole where the bowling balls are coming from. Jump into the hole. You should be teleported to the second bowling ball hole. Then, run up to the flag. If done correctly, this should be an unbeatable strategy for defeating Koopa the Quick.

Jump in the clock on 3 and it will be slow. Jump in the clock on 6 and it will be medium speed. Jump in on 9, and it will be fast.

Go to center of the changing character room. Use any character and quickly hold Down/Right + L immediately in standard mode. You should see the disappearing doors with the person spinning around.

As Mario, enter the Wet-Dry World painting at the lowest point to make the water the lowest. Once in, get to the top of the stage with the red "!" block. Do not raise the water level. Get floaty and make your way to the tunnel that takes you to the second area of the level. Touch the crystal that lowers the water and get the "!" block. Float back up through the tunnel where you came from. At the end of the tunnel, triple-jump to get up. Note: You must wall jump on the side of the tunnel leading up. You will suddenly hit water as if you were swimming. Swim back down the tunnel, and eventually the water will disappear and you will hit solid ground.

With the second star on Bob-omb Battlefield (Koopa the Quick Race), you can use the warp glitch in the game. You will not be considered a cheater by using this trick. (Apparently, Koopa the Quick doesn't know about the warp trick.) The only way you will be considered a cheater is if you use a cannon. When you get to the top, whether Koopa the Quick beats you or not, you will be considered a cheater and will lose the race. Otherwise, good luck! | Submitted by FireElementLord

When the hands are revealed in any of the card games that has a record that increases when you win and decreases when you lose, look at the opponent's hand before it displays who wins or loses and pause. If you lost the hand hit quit and reenter the game. You'll have lost however many coins you bet but your record will remain intact.

When the game starts and Mario's head appears, touch him. The screen will draw Mario. To draw your own picture, touch the pencil on the bottom-right. You have a paint meter at the bottom. This determines how much more you can draw before it automatically makes it into an object. Additionally, if you cannot figure out what to draw, press R or L before you start drawing. A faded image of Mario will appear. The same happens for Yoshi if he was on the screen that was touched at the start.

At the title screen, press B to take a still picture of Mario for you to trace. Also, when you are drawing on "Touch Draw", press Up or X to bold, Down or B to un-bold, Left or Y to delete, and Right or A to undelete.

In order to free draw Yoshi or Mario in any position desired, start the game and hold Start + Select. When you have Mario looking around the screen, press B. This will copy the face, and you can now free draw Mario and Yoshi in your desired position.

At the main screen, press B for tracing. You can also touch Mario or Yoshi at the touch screen then press L or R to also enter tracing mode.

In any level where there is a small wooden post sticking out of the ground, pound it three times to have 5 coins revealed. This can be very helpful when trying to get extra lives or a 100-coin star.

If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Stay at the surface and your health meter will refill.

Go to the first mission of Jolly Roger Bay. You must have Mario to do this. From the starting point, there should be some of those orange brick blocks near you. Destroy them, and get the Shell that's inside. Take the shell out onto the water, and look at your map.Surf over to the ship (The dark circle with the star over it), and when you get there, try to jump off of your shell. (I think you jump and press R in the air.) You should land back on the water and then fall under the surface. Swim down and let the eel come out of the door. Then, go inside the boat. You will be underwater and a Treasure chest will be there. DO NOT TOUCH THE TREASURE CHEST YET! First, swim up to the other end of the room and get some air. Then, swim back to the treasure chest, but turn twoards the star. Now, swim at the treasure chest, and swim as fast as you can twoards the star. Hopefully you will land on a high ledge. Now, you can either jump to the top ledge, (hard) or crawl up the hill. (Easy but slow. If you hit a high ledge, it makes this a lot easier and quicker.) Now, open the box, and get the star inside. | Submitted by Vipershark

On Whomp's Fortress, in the Shoot into the wild blue mission, from the starting point, go climb the tree to the left. An owl will fly out. Jump off the tree and grab onto the owl. Now, watch your map. Jump off of the owl when you're over the body of shallow water. Go get in the cannon next to it. Aim twoards the pillar on the bottom ledge in the back left side. But, when you are aiming twoards it, aim up, almost above the top ledge. If you aimed correctly, you will fly to the bottom ledge and smack into the far piller, stopping you from falling off. Turn around, grab the pole, slide down, and you have the star. | Submitted by Vipershark

Collect 100 coins in a level for an easy star (note only works once per level). | Submitted by jonny

This trick allows you to make new coins appear using Yoshi. You can use the extra coins to get to one hundred coins faster, or to increase your coin record on a particular level. This trick is fairly simple to do. Start off by choosing Yoshi and entering any level. Go up to an enemy, and swallow it. When you swallow the enemy, press R to turn it into an egg. Then, find another enemy, preferably one that is near several other enemies. Aim so that your egg will not directly hit the enemy, but will ricochet off of the enemy. Shoot the egg. The egg will hit the enemy and then bounce of. Since the game thinks that the egg exploded, it will place the enemy coins at the place where the egg hit the enemy. It will also give you the coins for the enemy if you defeated it. Since the egg was not destroyed, however, it will continue to go and hit another enemy. When it hits the other enemy you will receive coins for defeating the enemy, and you will receive the enemy coins from the egg again! If the egg bounces off several enemies before it breaks, you will receive coins multiple times for the enemy that was in the egg. The more times the egg bounces off enemies, the more coins you get. This is especially useful when you swallow enemies that give you blue coins, since you can get many blue coins by using this trick. This trick is difficult to pull off on regular enemies, but it is worth it. This trick is easiest to use if you shoot the egg at a Bob-omb since they are small and usually do not break the egg.

After getting all 150 stars, return to Cool, Cool Mountain and you can race a fatter version of the penguin.

Ordinarily, you're supposed to have 80 stars to finish the game, but with this glitch, you can finish it with 50. Go into the room on the third floor which contains the levels "Tick Tock Clock" and "Rainbow Ride". Once you enter this room (which requires 50 stars to enter), run to your right, and climb onto the second step. Angle your character so that they're about halfway between the corner and the edge (and have them facing the corner). When they're in this position, charge up a run, start running, slide kick, and hold right on the D-pad. If all goes well, you'll slide into the corner, and get shot into the sky. From here, you can navigate your way to the top of the endless stairs while they are still endless, and enter "Bowser in the Sky", and hence finish the game, with only 50 stars. This glitch can also be used to access "Bowser in the Sky" as characters other than Mario.

Get a Star while carrying a baby penguin. When Mario does his victory pose, the penguin will be floating near his head.

Okay, okay, you need an action replay hacking device. Enter in sprint with L+up, then start the game. Go in jolly rogers bay, and see the sign next to the ledges- it should say about slow walking with the touch screen. Anyway, 2 a-presses then sprint!! Press a again as soon as you've passed the wall. When you land in the water slightly beyond the wall (If you've gone too far, see the second bit), swim outside of the wall, until you see the cave from above. Swim down, go through the ceiling, and hey presto, one flooded cave.

My second bit needs moon jump to rectify the mistake and transform jolly rogers bay into dry rogers bay. Moon jump back towards the stage but don't go too high!! Stay below the water line while you getting close as to keep it dry. Then, when you finally get back in the stage, if done correctly, jolly roger bay will be dry as long as you don't cross the water line. And, with this, you can, not surf on, but pick up, that shell in the oyster. Enjoy. | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

Go to Wet-Dry world with Yoshi. Jump into that water skating bug and try to use your tongue. If you get hit by him, the game will freeze.

On level 6, Hazy Maze Cave, go into the hazy maze as any character except yoshi (preferably wario since he can become metal) and navigate until you find a red brick block, inside will be a mushroom. Grab that mushroom and go around the corner. There will be 2 moles, (i forgot their real names), keep running in circles over the holes in the ground that they pop out of and you will repeatedly kill them. After killing 10 you will start gaining lives, continue this until the mushroom runs out. You should have 40-60 extra lives now.

Beat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo's Haunt.

Beat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room.

Change your character to Luigi and go outside near the waterfall. If you are in the correct place, which is near the fence, turn your back to the little piece of land across the water. Do a backflip (R + B) and you will start twirling. Try to twirl to the little piece of land (not the steep side). Turn your back to the steep part of the hill and change the camera position so the it is showing your back. Jump and scuttle while holding Down and you will get up the hill a short distance. Then, just as you touch the ground press B(2) and hold it while pressing Down. Keep doing this until you get to flat surface at the top. Jump onto the red roof. It is steep, but it has a lot friction so that you will not slide down. There will be a rabbit, a "?" box, and three 1-Ups here.

Change your character to Mario, go outside, then keep going to the left. You will see that there is a corner formed by the castle. Do a triple jump, then wall jump kick on the wall. Then use another wall jump kick on the other wall and continue until you reach the top.

Change your character to Yoshi. Go near the waterfall, but not in it. Turn your back to the steep hill. Press B, then when you touch the ground press B (2) (Luigi's technique). Keep doing this until you are high up the hill. Try to slide down onto the little piece of land. Do the same thing up the hill and you will be there.

Go to the right side of the outside castle as Mario. Do a triple jump where the wall splits to two sides. If the last jump was close to the roof of the castle, do a wall kick twice and you will be at the top of the castle.

This is a useful trick that can help you get to the top of Mushroom Castle without having to get all 150 stars. You will need Luigi for this trick. When you have changed to Luigi, go to the castle grounds. Go near the fence near the waterfall. Look for a grassy platform on the other side of the waterfall (the side you cannot get to yet). As Luigi, turn your back to the fence and do a backflip (R + A), and aim for the grassy platform. If successful, you should land on it. Be careful not to land on the steep hill or you will fall into the water and must start again. When on the platform, face the castle wall, then turn your back to the steep grassy hill. Your view should be facing Luigi's front. Jump, then hold B, and press Up. You should be jumping backwards towards the hill. Remember to hold B to scuttle. This action is exclusive to Luigi, and it slows his fall. When you land on the hill, quickly press B, Up and hold it to ascend the hill. Do this quickly or you will slide back down. This is very difficult and requires practice, but it does work if you have the determination. Eventually you will land on a flat, grassy hill next to the castle top. Walk carefully to the roof. Note: There's a slope that surrounds the entire area; if you bump into it you will slide down. When you get there, you will see a red "?" block, three 1-Up Mushrooms, and, if you are Luigi, the last mini-game rabbit. When you catch it, you will obtain the key for the Super Mario Slot mini-game.

Use the following trick to get on the roof with 8 stars. Go to the far right side of the castle as Mario. You will see a slab of the castle where it meets the mountain. Triple jump then wall kick and you will land on the mountain. If you land on the edge it will not work. Once you land on the mountain, jump to the red colored part. If you miss, try to slide on your butt. Jump and you will be on the roof. Note: This only works with Mario.

With Mario, go to the right side of the castle. Go where the water was blocking the basement door. Run up to the right wall and do a triple jump. Do the wall kick back and forth on the two sides in-between the corner of the wall. He should make it up the ledge and grab it. This takes some time. With Luigi, go to the left side of the castle where you are next to the fence above the waterfall. Do the Backflip Jump and spin backwards towards the small grassy platform on the castle. Then do the Scuttle Kick with Luigi's back facing the slope. Gradually and slowly, Luigi will make it up the slope and on to the castle roof. This is not as difficult as Mario's, but it requires practice. You can also do this with Wario, but it is very difficult. First you have to master the Slide Kick. Go to the right side of the castle towards the slope away from the wall. Time your jump and when you make your second jump land in the corner of the slope in front of you and the one beside you. The third jump will land on the slope. In a fraction of a second, do the Slide Kick until you reach the top. Then, move towards the castle. You should be on the roof.

With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario's Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully.

There is a way to get to the floating island at Bob-omb Battlefield with Yoshi. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the cannon on the summit. It's by the wooden plank.
Step 2: Get in the cannon.
Step 3: Aim a bit over the tree, then shoot yourself.
Step 4: Hope you land safely!!

You will most likely land on the platform. If you don't, try again. It'll work sometime! | Submitted by FireElementLord

As Wario, go outside to the Boo-infested courtyard. Position yourself so that a Boo is between you and the rabbit. Run and dive for the rabbit. As you do, the Boo will solidify and knock you away while you catch the rabbit. Then walk back to the rabbit. It will not move, but it is now untouchable, like a Boo when it transparent. This can also get funny screenshots if Wario stands inside the rabbit, which makes it look like Wario has rabbit ears.

When you enter the area, go into the building by the black blocks. Get on the red elevator, and jump off. Make sure you Ground Pound (B + R) to land safely! Now, before the elevator gets to the bottom, go under it. When it stops, you will be trapped under the elevator. Jump (B) and you will be on the elevator going up. Pretty cool, eh? | Submitted by FireElementLord

When you catch all the normal rabbits, shining/glowing rabbits usually appear. However, if you catch all normal rabbits for one character ( for example, Mario), you can catch more than two rabbits with him. You can actually catch all the glowing rabbits with one person. They appear in locations where other rabbits are found; check where you have seen rabbits for that person. Once you catch eight, the door beside Wario's door will open, containing only one Star.

This code will let you take your hat off in midair! First, go to bomb-ob battlefield as Yoshi, or any other character but Mario, and put on the Mario hat. Then hit the red block, take the feather, jump into a cannon, and shoot yourself out in any direction you want. Then fly at one of those bouncing balls of water, a chain chomp, or a goomba. If you hit a goomba or somehting else near the ground, then after you hit it fly as high up as you can. The moment you hit it, Mario's hat will come off you and you'll transform back into yourself in midair. | Submitted by ChristianDadosky

While Mario, Luigi, or Wario, lose a cap in any of the stages that you can lose a cap... and leave the level... While you have no cap, go to any other level, get any star and when you return to the castle, go back to the main hall and toad is there wearing your cap!!! He will say that he found it outside the castle front. This is also good in case you lost your cap somewhere but you don't know where you left it. Check it out, it's pretty neat.

Enter the Hazy Maze Cave level and into the gas filled area. You will find a block. Jump into the block to go off an edge that you cannot see. If you look at the map after you fall off the "edge", you'll see yourself going flying to the north for about thirty seconds. Note: You will lose a life.

As Mario (Not a dude with a Mario Hat) go to the Goomboss, and when you start battle with his, Jump Kick his face. A red mushroom will pop up and you can: On his first life, punch him. Second and Third lives, Jump Kick him. There, defeat the goomboss with ease (though he's easy enough anyway). | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

Whenever you see the ice water at course 10, Snowman's Land, don't stay in for too long. Your health decreases instead of increasing. | Submitted by FireElementLord

To vary the water level in Wet Dry World, jump in the painting for the level at a certain height on the picture to make the water start on a low, medium, or high height equal to how high you jumped in.

Lose your cap as Mario, then hit a ? Block containing a feather. Because you have no cap, a short-fused Bob-Omb drops out instead. Run away!

Another action replay hacking device related thing, but pure evidence of the lazy guys at nintendo. Use the 'change into yoshi while loading with R+L+up' code. Then, switch to yoshi while the big boo's haunt level is loading (you can't beat the big boo that guards the entrance with yoshi) and you'll see the yoshi picture in star selection. Then, as yoshi, go in the luigi painting. As yoshi, face big boo (and this is the best bit.) and what does the ghost say? Ha, a bald guy? No, nothing!! Stupidly stupid.

PS. enter this with any character with the code moon jump to go out where you fell in the room from, travel over to the mirror side, then fall back down, to go in the mirror. Hacking mario 64 Ds is funny! | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

Using the cannon near the start of the level, as far as to the left and as far down as you possibly can. When you launch Mario, he'll blast up way into the sky and begin falling. You can use this to quickly navigate portions of the level, as you can control Mario when falling. Note that you will lose half of your health from the fall, but you can circumvent this by ground-pounding just before landing.

In Lethal Lava Land, at the beginning of the level, turn left and walk across the platform, jump across to the island in the lava. On a certain place on the island, if you just stand there, you will be transported underneath the giant eyeball near the center of the level. (do not try with luigi while invisible because you will keep bouncing on the lava and probably die, since you go through the platform)

Make sure the hundredth coin you get is under the bridge. After you get it, a Star appears for getting 100 coins. Get the Star. You will do the victory dance on the lava without getting burnt. You will be prompted to continue. Answer "Yes", and one of two things will happen. You will either continue and the game will notice you were on lave, and you will take damage; or the game will forget and lava will not hurt you until you exit the stage. Note: This includes all fire, magma, and lava.

Normally in a level, a moustached player can brake a box and there will be a mushroom inside. Try this with Yoshi however, and he'll not be able to break it, therefore not getting the mushroom and not growing big. Solution!

1. Start level as yoshi
2. Get a cap
3. Make sure an enemy is close to the mushroom box
4. Break the box
5. Get ingured by the enemy
6. You'll lose your hat and return to grab the mushroom before it's gone! | Submitted by ASHFan

Go to Hazy Maze Cave with Yoshi. Choose Wario's hat when coming in, then take the left route. Long jump (dash, crouch, then jump), go through the door, then go across the wire until you reach the falling rocks. Go to the black brick to your left, break it, then dash quickly to the rocks (do not get the mushroom), so that they hit you. Your cap will fall off. Quickly hurry back to where the black brick was located and get the mushroom. Jump back on to the land. You should now be a Big Yoshi. Press A. Notice that instead of swallowing, he will punch (like Mario, Luigi, and Wario). If you press A(3), he will kick. Note: This may take require a few attempts.

When playing the game, pause and then close the DS. When you close it, Mario will say "Bye-Bye!". Then wher you re-open it , you will he him say "It's-a me, Mario!".

When playing as Yoshi, get anyone's cap. While flashing blue, use Yoshi's tongue power. You will see Mario, Luigi, or Wario bending over like Yoshi when he uses his tongue attack.

Note: These basic techniques can be performed in standard mode:

Run: Press any direction then Y to accelerate. Hold Y to remain that way.

Run Dive: Start running then press A. Mario will do an instant dive, then slide on his stomach. While sliding it would be best to press B to hop quickly back on his feet.

Run Jump Dive: Start running, then press B. Mario will jump with medium acceleration. Then, press A and Mario will dive in mid- air. Note: This works best for gaps that you can get the triple jump to work. Then as you slide on your stomach, press B.

Running Slide Kick: Start running, then hold R and press A while still moving to do a sliding kick towards an enemy.

Dash: Do not press any direction and hold Y. Mario will charge up and run in place. Then, hold any direction to dash off.

Double Jump: This requires timing. When standing still, press B to jump. Just as you land, jump again. You should go higher. Note: It will not work a third time.

Triple Jump: You must be moving. Do the same thing as the Double Jump, but time it correctly one more time to do a super high jump.

Triple Jump Dive: Perform the Triple Jump, then press A.

3 hit combo: Press A(3) while standing still to do two punches and a jump-kick.

Ducking: Press R to duck, crouch, or get down.

Ledge Grabbing: When you grab a ledge quickly press B to get up or R to descend.

Tree Climbing: When climbing on a tree, hold Y to accelerate up. When at the top of the tree, do not move then press Up. You will do a hand stand on top of the tree. Press B to go flying high into the air. Note: This is useful for places that you cannot reacy by foot.

Power Dunk: When in mid-air at almost any time, press R. Mario will stop in mid-air for a full second, curl up, then descend at a good speed directly downward. This is useful for boxes that need smashing.

Crawling: Hold R and press in any direction to crawl. Crawling works best in small narrow spaces where it is easy to fall.

Super Backflip Somersault: Hold R and make sure you are crouching, then jump. You can maneuver slightly while in the air.

Super Hop: Long jump when needed to get to the other side of a gap. Run or jog, then hold R and jump.

Wall Jumping: Jump on a wall at a certain angle. Mario will slide down the wall. Press B to jump very high off of the wall.

Breakdance Sweep Kick: Remain still, then hold R and press A. Mario will sweep his feet around, then get back in crouching position.

Mario MiniGame - Code

Bounce and Pounce - Have when you start
Bounce and Trounce - Catch 4 Rabbits
Connect the Characters - Catch 5 Rabbits
Mario's Slides - Have when you start
Shell Smash - Catch 6 Rabbits
Shuffle Shell - Catch 3 Rabbits
Sort or 'Splode - Catch 1 Rabbit
Trampoline Terror - Catch 7 Rabbits
Trampoline Time - Catch 2 Rabbits

MiniGame - Code

Boom Box - Catch 3 Rabbits
Which Wiggler? - Catch 5 Rabbits
Hide and Boo Seek - Catch 1 Rabbit
Puzzle Panel - Catch 2 Rabbits
Tox Box Shuffle - Catch 4 Rabbits

It is possible to have certain characters gone in the final ending sequence of the game. In order to eliminate characters from the final ending sequence, you must complete a simple task. You must not unlock them in the game. If you do not unlock a character in the game, he will be missing from the final ending sequence. The entire sequence will go by and you will never see the character. Also, on the cake at the end, the locked character will be missing and the other characters will be in different positions.

Play as Mario, Luigi, or Wario. When you teleport and reach your destination, you may notice that their noses will be missing for about two seconds. If you do this with Mario, you may see a red patch where his nose should be.

MiniGame - Code

Bingo Ball - Catch 2 Rabbits
Bob-omb Squad - Have when you start
Coincentration - Catch 1 Rabbit
Giant Snowball Slalom - Catch 7 Rabbits
Intense Coincentration - Catch 6 Rabbits
Lakitu Launch - Catch 5 Rabbits
Psyche Out! - Catch 3 Rabbits
Slots Shot - Catch 4 Rabbits
Snowball Slalom - Have when you start

When you go to Tall, Tall Mountain, keep going up the mountain until you reach the waterfall with the black brick box in it and head to the piece of land on the bottom. Its better if you use luigi because of his spins after the backwards summersault. After you do that, when you see the angry cloud just sprint accross it so yu dont get blown away. If done correctly you will reach a bunch of curved coins. The place where they intersect with the wall is where you will jump in to. After that you will go to a secret slide that is VERY TRICKY so be careful. After you reach the end, there going to be a hole where you are supposed to jump in so after you jump in you will somehow go to the side of the big terrain of the big blue tough bomb-omb and the star will be there! | Submitted by miguel

Go to the tiny-huge island and meet up with koopa. He will race you. When you race, you must win. Before koopa comes over, get the Wario hat (which is like 2 steps away) and talk to koopa. He will say Mario wimped out. Get the hat off and talk to him again. He'll say you lost when you actually won! | Submitted by Brandon

As the title suggests, this allows you to break tick tock clock. Jump so the clock hands arew facing opposite ways ie:long hand at 12, short at 6. Sometimes, the clock will break. When it breaks, it:

Changes speeds

And becomes Awesome!! If it works, you'll be in for a treat. The unreliability of tick tock clock in this state therefore gives the bored gamer a challenge... give it a try! | Submitted by dudenessthethird

On the screen that lets you choose either rec room or Adventure touch the stylus on the characters faces and it will become black and white. You can pull on their faces to move it around.

After collecting all 150 power stars, beat Bowser in his final stage, he will say something different than normal.

In levels where there are a lot of grass, such as Bomb-Omb Battlefield, Whomp's Fortress, or Tiny-Huge Island, you can punch the butterflies that you come across. They'll disappear after you punch them and turn into 1-Up mushrooms. Beware, sometimes the butterflies can also turn into black balls that follow you around and will deal 2 damage to you on contact.

Go to the area with all the ghosts and where the door is located. Jump, then grab the ledge. Climb it, then jump up again. There should be a green rabbit up there.

Hack the game with an action replay to moon jump. Start the game, and enter a level on the red coins star (any level will do). Then speak to the bob-omb who shows the red coin locations on the map. Tap b while speaking to him and you'll moonjump, then just press a till he stops speaking. Then you'll fall to the ground and undoubtedly hurt yourself, but the red coin locations will be permenantly on the map screen. Plus, now, as long as you don't quit, or switch off your DS, you can see the red coin locations in any level, not just the level you did the technique in, as long as you're on the red coin star. Good luck! | Submitted by dudenessthethird

Enter the castle and stand in the middle. Look up into the light and you will be transfered into a level. Go to the end to find the Red Switch. | Submitted by dannyboy

As you do a long jump hold down R, when you hit the ground press B, you should do another long jump! You will keep on doing long jumps if you hit B everytime you hit the ground. | Submitted by sammy

Instead of holding Y and pushing in the direction you want to go, just hold the y button. After about 1 second you should see a lot of smoke coming out of the person's feet. Now push in any direction while still holding the y button and you'll run faster than normal.

To use this cheat, you must be Wario, or at least another playable character wearing a Wario cap. First have the owl lift you to the top of the mountain in Tall, Tall, Mountain, the hit the red box. Grab the Power Flower, and you will turn metal. Go down the waterfall, and you should be where the monkey is. Grab him, and go in the water. Once you're normal, you'll float in the water. Get out, and what the monkey will say, "Ukkiki...wakkiki...kee kee! Ha! I snagged it! It's mine! Heeheeheeee!" If you're not playing as Wario, you'll turn back into Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi. But the weird thing is, the monkey will be wearing Wario's cap underwater! | Submitted by eddygurero

Go into the room that you switch charicters in and immediately turn right. Jump into Peach's stained glass window. You get one star for completing the slide. You get a second star for finishing the slide in under 21 seconds. To do this jump off the edge on the left; right before the first steep drop. With some practice you will land on the slide below.

Go into the room that you switch charicters in and immediately turn right. Jump into Peach's stained glass window. You get one star for completing the slide.You get a second star for finishing the slide in under 21 seconds. To do this jump off the edge on the left; right before the first steep drop. With some practice you will land on the slide below.

Once you get to the third floor,jump into the squared shaped hole to the left of "tick tock clock"then get the flying cap and go to the wario cap and get it.Go into the cannon and shoot your self to the black box on the cloud.Then brake the box a secret star will appear.

Note: It might take a little practice to land on the cloud correcly. | Submitted by BabyLuigi

Once you have Luigi, and have beaten Bowser the second time, go to the mirror room and get the power flower, then jump into the mirror. You will appear on the other side of the mirror.Once you pass the mirror, go straight to the door and go through it. The room will be white and a star will be there. | Submitted by NS1

Go to the the rec-room(in the castle up the stairs the door to your right).Go up to toad (don't talk to him)then turn to your left there should be a painting of an island,jump into it you will have to collect the blue stars and then a star will appear in the glass sphere. | Submitted by JosephL

Find all the characters and the collect most of the rabbits. Eventually, the more you collect, white sparkling rabbits will pop up in places with normal rabbits were. Capture these 8 rabbits and enter the door that is all quiet. Someone will come out one power star richer. | Submitted by Brandon

First You need to Rescue Luigi from "Big Boo's Haunt". You have had to have beaten the second Bowser to get to the second floor to Princsess Peaches Castle.Go to the mirror room(with Luigi).(The mirror room is the second floor.)There will be Power Flowers on the pedestals.Get one and Luigi will disappear.Then run into the Mirror.Once your in the mirror go inside the entrance door's reflection.Once your inside the door,the room will be white and there will be a Secret star!There you go! | Submitted by LuigitheHero

For this to work perfectly you need at least one star to go upstairs and to the room with a 1 on it or the character room. When you enter look for a glass window of P. Peach on the right side.Jump in it to go to a secret level wich is called Princesses secret slide.1st star you get it at the end of the slide. 2nd staris when you get to the end in less that 21 sec. this will take more than 2 times.3rd star is when you get all 80 coins. It doesnt always work for the third one so good luck! | Submitted by Miguel

In Shifting Sand Land, head over to the tree that is next to the oasis. Stand under the tree, and the game will warp you to a metal platform in the quicksand area. The cannon is there, as well as a black brick block. You can also warp from the metal platform to the tree.

Go to Shifting Sand Land as Yoshi. Pick up one of those small crates and make your way to the pillar. Get very close to it, having your nose partially into it. Then, spit the crate out. The coins will come out, but they are now stuck in the pillar.

Well, to unlock the unmarked door at the room of the princess, you will need to catch 8 shiny rabbits. To make them appear, speak to Toad at the princess' Rec'room. Then some of the rabbits (about 1/15 of them) will be white and shiny. I would recommend Yoshi for this trick 'cause he has 6 rabbits at a place (outside the castle), and he can catch them easily. After you have caught 8 of them, the unmarked door will open, allowing you to take its content : a Power Star! | Submitted by Naridar

Go to the bridge at the top of the mountain. Go underneath. There should be a cloud that is trying to blow you down. Follow the coins. At the end of the slide, you should end up in a cage. There should be a Star here.

For this warp, head over to fenced in area where three Goombas are huddled around a campfire. Stay outside of the fenced in area, and stand under the tree closest to the fence. Your character will warp to another tree, right next to the freezing pond. You can also warp from the tree in the freezing pond to the tree next to the campfire.

Go to Snowmans land and choose snowmans sliver star. Collect all the sliver stars but DO NOT GET THE GOLD STAR. Go into the small snow hut and come back out. The silver stars will be back. Get one and freeze everything in the level. You can walk through some stuff as well. To get out kill yourself in the freezing pond. | Submitted by bob

Go to Snowman's Land as anyone but Yoshi. Make your way to the big ice bully. Hop on the rink and punch him onto the ramp. Keep punching him away from the rink, and you can do whatever you want with him.

Play as Yoshi and have all the characters. Jump into the picture, select the star you want, and go. Once there, go to the place with General Goomba (Goomba with the Wario cap), Major Goomba (Goomba with Mario cap), and Lieutenant Goomba (Goomba with Luigi cap). Get near the fence and they will either run from you into the fence and kill themselves, or run to you and then commit suicide. Note: These are easiest with General Goomba.

Well on Snowmans Land (Level Ten), theres that wind right? As Mario Luigi or Wario, that'll blow off your hat. You'll find it on a snowman. Kill the snowman, and get your hat back. Now, lose your hat again. This time, when you kill the snowman, there'll be two. Repeat again and there'll be four. Then eight. Then 16. Then 32. Your game should start to slow down. Do it once more and the game crashes. | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

Spider man is on the scene! As any character, go up to a usually impossible to scale slope. In some cases, you will be able to crawl up them... hence why the signpost outside the castle says crawling's a secret. (To disappoint some people, waluigi is not real.) | Submitted by dudenessthethird

Start as Yoshi, then go somewhere with the small square crates (like in the start of Hazy Maze Cave), lick it up, then swallow, you egg should be a square egg now, talk about easter egg.

In order to stop the gears and platforms in the Tick Tock Clock, simply jump into the clock when the minute hand is on the 12.

There is a surrealism picture with fish in the air by Salvador Dali- and nintendo's take is absolutely stupid (stupidly funny, that is.) Use the action replay hacking device to enable moon jump and sprint with L+up. Enter the room with the painting of Jolly Roger Bay, and while going through the door, sprint. If you haven't gone through the wall the painting on, time for take 2. If you have, navigate (using the touch screen map) your way with moon jump's help, to the side of the room where the fish tanks would be. When you've made your way inside one of the fish tanks- if you've gone in the room, time for take 2. If inside the tank, observe. You don't swim, you just stand, while the magically fish, swimming in air, go through your head. If you're in the tank close to toad, go to the closest point in the tank to toad and you can speak to him. Now you'll know why the fish are oddly hypnotic. Mario 64 DS is a silly old game- when hacked.

PS: Hack for test map two, and stand on the numbered pads in the corner- they're test outs for warps (like on bob-omb battlefield). Another fun thing on test map two is the 3 strips of land with Japanese letters- one is sand, one is ice, and one is snow. | Submitted by Dudenessthethird

In Tall, Tall, Mountain, there is a warp that makes it easy to get to the cannon. In the area with all of the mushrooms, you will see two tiny mushrooms that are next to each other. Jump to the second tiny mushroom, and you will warp to a hidden area below the mountain. From there you can head to the cannon. You can also warp from the hidden area to the mushroom if you decide not to use the cannon.

You can flood Tall, Tall Mountain and swim in midair. Try using Luigi for this. First, go to the top of the mountain. To get there faster, climb the tree at the beginning of the level and ride the owl. Note: You may have to get the first Star to ride the owl. You will see a gray path that curves away from the mountain and reforms with it. There will be five coins on it. Follow the path until you reach the edge near the mushroom patch at the bottom and jump off. Note: Look at the map to find its location. If you are Luigi, hold B to get more distance. Ground Pound to eliminate damage, and follow the path as if you were climbing the mountain until you see two small mushrooms. The second one warps you to the bottom of the mountain. If done correctly, there will be water everywhere (although, if you swim high enough you will reach the surface). If you swim where it is windy, you will return to the regular course except you will be underwater. Go back to the warp and start swimming again. Do not go too close to the beginning of the level or you will have to start all over again. This is the easiest way to get the "Blast to the Lonely Mushroom" Power Star. If you get the box with the face on it, you can ride it like an underwater Koopa shell.

Start as any character on Tall Tall Mountain. Go to the part where you find the red coins on the "Scary 'Shrooms". Go off the opposite edge of the mushrooms where there is nothing but sky. If the lifesaving winds push you up, after you are on land go to the end of that road before the little incline, then try to go off. If you hang on, drop. The winds will get you to the place where a sign is under that read "road". Go in the middle. If you do not hear a noise, move around that block. When you transport, the level will be underwater for a short time (or until you reach the boundaries where it ends).

Do the trick that floods Tall, Tall, Mountain. Swim down the side so that wind blows you back up. Move yourself back to the platform. You will be walking under the water and will not drown. Note: If you get higher than the water limit, the flood will dissapear.

Go to Tall, Tall Mountain as Mario, Luigi, or Wario. Pick up the chimp at the top of the mountain. He will ask you to let him go. If you choose "No", you will be able to carry him wherever desired. The other monkey, however, will steal your hat and dodge you. You must catch him. After this, the monkey asks to be put down. The game forces you to do this. Next, bring the other monkey to the other one and place it down directly where the other one is located. Then pick both of them up. You will now be carrying two monkeys.

In level 15 Rainbow Ride, ride the carpet all the way up to the Floating Mansion. Walk out of it and stand in the grey area in between the Mansion Entance and the Wooden Platform. you will be teleported to the top of the Red Coin Maze or vice versa. Be careful, on top of the Red Coin Maze, there is a 1-Up Mushroom but you can also be blown off by the wind.

You have less that one minute and twenty-eight seconds to beat Koopa the Quick for the second star. If you take longer than that, you will lose whether you use a cannon or not. | Submitted by FireElementLord

1. The Great Flying Mario* Trick (very hard to do) FIRST you must find a Goomba near a cliff, THEN long jump toward the Goomba, and the cliff. If done correctly, Mario* shall long jump toward the Goomba, and off the cliff! * means Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario

2. Silver Rabbits Galore!
Most people have been waiting for a quicker way to get the 8 Silver Rabbits, well here you go! Play as Yoshi and go outside the Castle, where the three rabbits are. If one of them is shiny (or even two or three), catch'em and go in the front doors and then go out again. Repeat this process until you get the key. Then go to the room with the character changing doors and insert the key in the White Door to claim your prize!

3. Never Endin' Jump!
While battlin' Wiggler on Tall Tall Mountain, jump on his back and don't move the D-Pad and you'll keep on bouncing! | Submitted by M.E.G.A

Go to Snowman Land with any character with a hat, in the Mirror Room. Go up to where the snowman tries to blow you off the ledge. Let him blow you off then you get your hat back. Do it again, but this time there will be two hats.

If you happen to miss out on the star that you get from defeating the Boo's in the courtyard and getting their red coins, dont fret. You can still get 150 stars. It is simple, go to any one of the three Toads that gave you the other stars ( the one in Hazy maze Cave level entrance, near Tick tock the Clock entrance,and near tall tall mountain entrance) and talk to them, one of them will give you the star that you had missed out on earlier. This does not work for stars that you dont want to get like secret level stars on regular level stars, it only works for the Boo's courtyard star because it was a star that dissapeared near the beginning.

After you have unlocked Mario, go outside and do the glitch where you climb down the tree into the water, but make sure the moat has not been drained yet. Also, make sure you have not defeated the first Bowser. Swim down low and go to the metal door that takes you into the castle basement. Do not swim too high or you will be above the floor of the moat and have to start again. Go around to the back side of the door and swim through it. You will hear the sound that usually plays when you jump into a painting. You will be in the basement and walking underwater. Walk forward and get out of the water. All of the castle's basement levels are now open. If you drain the moat, you can come and go freely without unlocking the door to the basement. You can probably unlock the door to the upper levels of the castle before or without unlocking the door to the basement.

To unlock Luigi's Mini-Games, catch rabbits at the following locations with Luigi:

Memory Master-Near the entrance to Wet Dry World.
Lucky Stars-Near the entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield.
Mario Slot-In the secret room with the Mario painting.
Mushroom Roulette-In the area with the columns used to drain the moat.
Pair-a-Gone And On-Outside in the hedge maze.
Picture Poker-In the courtyard above the entrance.
Super Mario Slot-On top of the Castle. (You need 150 stars)

To unlock these mini-games, catch rabbits at the following locations as Wario:
Giant Snowball Slalom-In the alcove opposite Rainbow Ride.
Bingo Ball-On the right side of the castle when facing it. (Near the trees)
Coincentration-Near the entrance to Whomp\'s Fortress.
Intense Coincentration-Near the entrance to Tick-Tock Clock.
Lakitu Launch-Near the entrances to Tiny-Huge Island.
Psyche Out-In a corridor near Lethal Lava Land.
Slots Shot-In the courtyard behind the fountain.

Any tree with a yellow coin on top of it has a owl in it that will let you hold on to him by jumping under him and holding "B" and release to let go... This will take you to the top of any course and makes many stars that were once very difficult extremely easy.

Enter Wet-Dry world, and set the water level so just the tip of the large gray spiral ramp is in the water. Swim around to the underside of the ramp, and swim up towards the ramp while jumping. If done correctly, you should fall down to the bottom of the level, and be able to move like normal under water.

When Bowser's Submarine is still in the docking area, head over to one of the back propellers. It is just slightly above the water. While underwater, jump up under it then quickly Ground Pound. Your character will fall fast through the water and land at the bottom. You can now walk underwater, so you can easily grab several of the Stars that lie there. This only works while Bowser's Submarine is there.

When you are Wario, turn in to Mario in Bob-omb Battlefield. Then, hit a "?" box and the feather will appear. Grab it, and when you get high enough, dive down and go up. When Wario says "Whoa!", you will hear him hitting the ground, but still remain flying.

For this warp, the water level needs to be as low as it can get. Walk around the base of the level until you find the brick structure that is made of several steps. Stand at the base of the structure, in the corner between the highest and lowest steps. The game will warp you to the top of the structure that holds the entrance to the cannon. You can also warp from the cannon to the other structure.

Note: This trick requires you to get all three other characters other than Yoshi. Change into Yoshi. Jump into the painting about halfway. You should be on the floating platform when you enter. You should see a ramp due northwest of your location. Get onto the ramp and go to the thing that throws you up to the next level. Once you get past the wind up purple Bomb-Omb thing, get to the pink Bomb-Omb that sets up the cannon. Fly over General Goomba (the Goomba with Wario's hat) and turn around so that he will know you are there, but will run into the corner. If maintained long enough, General Goomba will commit suicide by blowing himself up. Also, if General Goomba notices you when you are right next to the pink Bomb-Omb, he will try to get to you and eventually commit suicide, but you cannot really see it. This is a somewhat difficult trick. You may want to practice it, as General Goomba might jump back and try to ram into you.

Catch all the Shinning Rabbits.

Step on a Whomp five times while he is down (do not get squished), then butt slam it. You should get ten coins instead of five.

There is a warp in Whomp's Fortress that makes going up the fortress a lot easier. Go until you reach the area where a Thwomp is pounding the ground. There are several boxes and a ? box there as well. Stand in the corner between the wire wall and the fortress wall. The game will warp you to a ledge coming out of the fortress, next to a large pole. You can also warp from the ledge to the area where the Whomp is.

Use any character that's NOT Mario! Get his cap and jump under a ? block, lose the cap, get the fether and PRESTO! | Submitted by Jason

As Yoshi, lose the cap of anyone. When you start turning back into Yoshi, punch. When he turns back into Yoshi, he will be punching. Note: He can also do this in giant form.

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