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Sims 3, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sims 3, The on Nintendo DS

Want to raise your Sims career faster? Well, when you're at work change your work tone to WORK HARD. But when you done working, you'll get a bad mood -> overworked.

How to avoid it? Well it's pretty simple. It's DEFINITELY will NOT hurt your job performance, or at least, not disturbing it :p It also needs a perfect timing. Once you late, you will get this overworked mood and it will decrease your mood.

So here it is. You should remember the time when your Sim done working. Just few minutes before they done (recommended 7-10 minutes) change their work tone from WORK HARD to BUSINESS AS USUAL (actually I think you can change to any work tone but I recommend this :p) and when they done the job, they will not get the overworked.

You have to have two sims to do this and this is for 3ds. First have one sims do something that they will be able to gain skill, make sure the bar is over the their head when you switch to the other sim, then have the other sim stand right next to them. Next put the speed on three then have the sims doing nothing call someone but when you go to the meun that lets you chose which person to talk to, don't click noone and the sim who is gaining a skill, the skill bar will go up faster.

After getting the required amount of Lifetime Happiness, select one of the following objects at the listed location to unlock the corresponding Karma Power.

Bless This Mess: Garden Gnome outside Landgraab house.
Casanova: Dance Club, near the restrooms.
Cosmic Curse: Graveyard at night.
Epic Fail: Statue at Goth's house.
Giant Jackpot: Bench near the Lighthouse.
Muse: Painting in the Art Museum.
Super Satisfy: Wrought Iron Trellis off the path near the Lighthouse.
The Riddler: Jet statue near the Military Base.
Winter Wonderland: Alcove near the Stadium.
Wormhole: Potted flower outside the Poet's Abode.


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