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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence running on Nintendo DS

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Cheats & Hints for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence - Nintendo DS

Successfully complete Jill Valentine's scenario with Barry Burton alive or Chris Redfield's scenario with Rebecca Chambers alive. Save the game, then load the cleared game file to start with the Special Key in your inventory. Use it to unlock the closet in Mansion 1F to access the alternate costumes. Note: The alternate costumes are different in Classic and Rebirth modes.

Let Jill idle until she does her hand-on-hip pose, then tap her on the chest or butt with the stylus to view a bonus animation.

At the main menu, hold Right until the "New Game" option turns green. Start a game and double the normal amount of items, including ink ribbons and ammunition, will be available. Note: This does not effect other items, such as health sprays or herbs.

Additionally, after selecting "New Game", hold Right on "Rebirth Mode" until it turns green to play both Rebirth and Classic modes on the easy difficulty setting.

Note: This requires an Action Replay DS. Go to the nearest save room and take the four crests out of the item box. Then, go to the Guardhouse. Get the Room 002 key, then go to Room 002. When you try to open it, you will hear Barry's voice talking to someone. Go through the door after for the rest of the scene. There may be others also. Experiment with the three different places.

To get 2nd weapon,let barry check the dining room again then go upstairs and go to the 2 doors(do not go into the left side, instead,go to the right side then enter the door then go to your right you will see blood(it is forest's)then go inside the door ,you will see barry he will talk to you that he is investigating the cause of forest's death,he will tell you to leave and will give you the second weapon (BAZOOKA)find acid and explosive rounds for your BAZOOKA!! Then rule the mansion. - Sent by [Timberwolf987654321]

Remain idle until Jill puts her hand on her hip, waiting for you to resume the game. Tap the touchscreen over her bosom or rear to see her response.

When you shoot a zombie down, linger an extra moment to make sure a pool of blood forms around the fallen monster. Sometimes they will simply fall and lay there, waiting for you to pass so they can grab you. If you do not see a pool of blood, shoot some extra rounds from your weapon. Also, sometimes you will see a fallen zombie that appears dead, but you have not shot. They might not be dead. Shoot them once to be sure. If they spring up, finish them off before they finish you.

When a zombie starts spitting, blow into the microphone to send it back at them.

Beat the game once, WITHOUT KILLING THE GIANT SNAKE!! once you've completed the game, you will have all weapons with infinite ammo when you start the game all over. - Sent by [halo]

When a zombie starts spitting, blow into the microphone to send it back at them.

Leave Jill alone until she enters her inactive animation. Get your stylus and give her a tap in the chest area, or if she's facing away from the camera, tap her behind. Marvel at the bonus animated resposes. You can do the same thing with Chris as well.

Beat the game with Jill once in Rebirth Mode.

Clear all Co-op levels in Wireless Play.

Complete Classic Mode as Jill.

Complete Classic Mode as Chris.

Beat the game once to unlock the mini game Masters of Knifing.

Complete Rebirth Mode as Chris.

Clear all Versus Mode levels in Wireless Play.

Beat any scenario in under three hours to gain the Rocket Launcher for your next run through the game. It'll be in your inventory when you start from your completed save.

Get a Rank B in Masters of Knifing.

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