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Pokemon White

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon White on Nintendo DS

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the coresponding color.

Black or White: Complete the National Pokedex.
Gold: Obtain all Pokemon Musical Items.
Purple: Defeat the Elite 4.
Red: Get a 49 Streak in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway.
Silver: Obtain all Entralink Powers.

Walk over to shaking patches of tall grass to have a chance to encounter Audino. Note: Use Repel in grass to find shaking patches easier.

Darmanitan- lv 100, moves: Fire Punch, earthquake, hammer arm, stone edge. Item: expert belt
Samurott- lv 87, moves: scald, megahorn, ice beam, sword dance. Item: splash plate
Electross- lv 90, moves: coil, zap cannon, brick break, wild charge. Item: Magnet
Latios- lv 93, moves: Dragon Pulse, Luster Purge, Shadow Ball, Psycho Shift (I think). Item: Lucky Egg
Braviary- lv 55, moves: Fly, and any other moves. (Used for transport)
Virizion- lv 85, moves: Sacred Sword, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Leaf Blade. Item: Expert Belt

I use this team all the time, and I have never lost. | Submitted by ranga

Set the system date to your birthday. Talk to the nurse at a Pokemon Center and she will ask if it is your birthday. Answer "Yes" and she will wish you a happy birthday.

Set the system date to your birthday. Go to the Pokemon Musical and talk to the owner upstairs to get the birthday cake prop.

The mist will be gone in Routes 14 and 15.

When encountering a Pokemon you intend to catch (seems to work best on Pokemon of reasonably high level; at least high level 30s), weaken it in whatever manner you desired (HP reduction, status infliction, etc.) then throw an ordinary Poke Ball. When the view zooms in on the Pokemon, use your stylus to trace counter-clockwise circles around the Poke Ball symbol on the touch screen. While doing so, make sure to not trace your circles too fast or too slow. Try to find a good median speed to trace with. This should either make the contained Pokemon roll more or get captured in one roll. Note: That will not work every time you try to catch a Pokemon; it can simply make captures easier with ordinary Poke Balls.

Complete the indicated task to change forms.

Arceus: Give a plate to Arceus to have it change form.
Deerling or Sawsbuck: Deerling or Sawsbuck will change into their Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter forms depending on the current season based on the system time.
Deoxys: Examine the meteor in the museum in Nacrene to cycle through Deoxys' Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed forms
Eevee: Fight enemies near the moss-covered stone in Pinwheel Forest to evolve into Leafeon. Fight enemies near the frozen ice crystal at the bottom of Twist Mountain to evolve into Glaceon
Feebas: Trade Feebas while it is holding a Prism Scale (obtained on Route 13) to evolve into Milotic.
Giratina: Give Giratina a Griseous Orb from the Shadow Triad on the Marvelous Bridge to change into its Origin form.
Karrablast and Shelmet: To evolve Karrablast and Shelmet, trade one for the other with another player. The Karrablast will evolve into Escavalier and the Shelmet will evolve into Accelgor.
Magneton: Fight enemies in Chargestone Cave to evolve into Magnezone.
Nosepass : Fight enemies in Chargestone Cave to evolve into Probopass.
Rotom: Open the boxes in the first door on Floor 1 of the Shopping Mall Nine to change into Rotom's Normal, Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan, and Mow forms.
Shaymin: Give a Gracidea (from the woman in the Pokemon Center in Lacunosa Town) to Shaymin to change it into its Sky form.

After defeating the Elite 4, go to the Giant Chasm with two Blisseys in the back of your party. After encountering the Ditto, send in Blissey. Let the Ditto transform into Blissey, then switch out and defeat the fake Blissey for easy experience.

Drop of the desired Pokemon at the Day Care center on Route 3. For each step you take, your Pokemon in the Day Care center will gain 1 experience point. Run back and forth on the Skyarrow Bridge twenty or more times. Your Pokemon should have leveled up a few levels by the time you are done. Repeat this process for any desired Pokemon. Note: Make sure you have a lot of money. You must pay 100 Coins each time your Pokemon levels up.

During the Victini event, after you defeat the Team Plasma members on your way to Victini, save the game. Keep fighting off Victini for 500 to 700 experience points. Note: Victini reappears every time you run away or accidentally defeat it.

The following items can be found at the indicated locations.

Big Root: Found in Pinwheel Forest or 5% chance from a wild Lileep or Cradily. This item increases the HP that results from successful Energy draining moves (for example, Leech Seed).
Black Sludge: Has a 5% chance from a wild Trubbish, Croagunk, or Toxicroak or 50% chance from a wild Garbodor. This item restores 1/16th of a Poison-type Pokemon's HP every turn. It damages other types when held.
Experience Share: Given to you by the CEO/Janitor of the Battle Company on the Floor 55 in Castelia City.
Leftovers: Found in a garbage can under the Village Bridge between Route 11 and Route 12. The Dousing Machine must be used to find it. This item restores 1/16th of a Pokemon's health every turn.
Lucky Egg: Given to you by Professor Juniper when you arrive at Chargestone Cave on Route 6. This item gives extra experience points to the Pokemon holding it in any battle it participates in.
Macho Brace: Found in Nimbasa City, from a man standing at the eastern gate. This item will doubles the EV points the Pokemon gets in battle but will halves its speed stat.
Scope Lens: Found on Floor 47 in the Battle Company in Castelia City. This item boosts a Pokemon's critical hit ratio.
Power Hold items: Purchased at the Battle Subway.
Power Weight: +4 HP EV points after every battle, 50% speed stat.
Power Bracer: +4 Attack EV points after every battle, 50% speed stat.
Power Belt: +4 Defense EV points after every battle, 50% speed stat.
Power Lens: +4 Special Attack EV points after every battle, 50% speed stat.
Power Band: +4 Special Defense EV points after every battle, 50% speed stat.
Power Anklet: +4 HP EV points after every battle, 50% speed stat.

Ok guys there is 2 ways you can get either pokemon. The first way is by getting Heart Gold or Soul Silver and capturing Celebi and all three legendary dogs and trading them over to pokemon black or white. the second way is easy and cheap for those who cant afford to bu all the games or a second DS, or if you dont know someone who has one. If you have a gameboy advance SP all you need to do is get a game shark(If you can find one, check at or go to best buy for your best bet.) Use the game shark select any pokemon game like,Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Saphire, or Emerald. Select the pokemon(Celebi, and the three legendary dogs from the johto region.) Capture them and transfer them to pokemon diamond or peral,when have accesed palpark. Then get another DS and transfer them over to Black or White. Once you've done that you need to find zorua and zoroarks location. (F.Y.I. i'm not sure if the gameshark pokemon will work, i havent done it myself yet. but wonce i have i will let you know.) now zoruas location is pretty simple. fly or travel to castelia city, now there is a street to your right or your charecters left based on how you play(the player must be faced away from the pokemon center.) now the street is next to the center, head down that street and go into the first building on the right. now in the lobby there is only to people, a boy and the girl. if you talk to them the girl will talk to you and the boy wont. the boy is zorua. now you must have celebi with you, and i dont think you fight zorua but you do get to pick the pokeball you want zorua in. now zoroark, fly or travel to nimbasa city, home to the battle subway and the game stadiums and the music stadium. you have to travel to the path that goes east of the music stadium that leads out of town to one of the big bridges. now there is a forest called lostlorn forest. now you must travel to the very back and in the very back you find a truck with a camper. now when you go inside there is a women but she doesnt speak to you, now this is zoroark. now you must have the three legendary dogs of the johto region, and instead of you going in to talk to her it is said she comes out to you. now this follows from the pokemon movie allusions of zoroark. now this is the real way to catch them, you dont need to do some event or anything but just do what i have told you. (F.Y.I. you might want to save before you encounter them so if you kill them you can turn the game off and back on to try again.) | Submitted by ColePataki

To evolve Karrablast and Shelmet, trade one for the other with another player. The Karrablast will evolve into Escavalier and the Shelmet will evolve into Accelgor.

Defeat the Elite Four. Leave your house after the credits complete and Professor Juniper's father will upgrade your Pokedex to the National Dex.

If you go to Routes 14 or 15 (routes that usually have fog) on they day you have set as your birthday, the fog will be cleared and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Go to the second floor of the building with the scientist that wants a password at Castelia City. Talk to him, then say "Everyone Happy" then "Simple Connection". Save the game. You can now use the "Relocator" option at the main menu to transfer the Legendary Trio (Raikou, Suicune and Entei) and Celebi to Pokemon Black or White.

This glitch works in Double and Triple Battles, and is extremely crippling to whoever is the recipient of its effects. When someone is using Sky Drop and Gravity is used while the two Sky Dropping Pokemon are in mid-air, the two Pokemon will be forced back to the ground. However, the target of the Sky Drop move will not be able to do anything, as if it was still up in the air: at the same time, however, it can be hurt. In other words, it is now a completely unfunctioning Pokemon whose only purpose is to be KO'ed.

Just before going to Victory Road a man will tell you that a very unusual thunderstorm is happening on a certain route, once you go there avoid going in grass you'll notice a house. Walk past it and a lady will come out and tell you the story of Thundurus, a legendary pokemon. Once you go out Thundurus will appear in front of you and then go away.

He will now roam across the Unova region. To catch him go to places where thunderstorms are occuring and then simply walk in the grass. Eventually Thundurus will show up. Be careful because he runs away so carry a few Quick balls. | Submitted by Ranjev117

Unity Tower is located in the oceans of Unova. To access it, do an international trade using the Geonet. You then now travel to Unity Tower by getting on the boat at the Unity Pier at Castelia City. The Unity Tower tracks people from different countries available on the Geonet. You may talk to these people and track things about them.

Using the Nintendo WiFi connection, get the Mystery Gift (the Liberty Pass) from the main menu before April 10, 2011. Use the Liberty Pass to catch Victini in the dungeon of the tower at Liberty Garden.

Beat the Elite four twice.

Defeat the Elite Four to unlock a new set of wallpapers. Defeat them again to unlock another set of wallpapers.

Drop off a Zoroark and Lucario at the Pokemon Day Care. Their egg will be a Zora.


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