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Pokemon SoulSilver Version

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon SoulSilver Version - Nintendo DS

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Once you obtain all 16 badges, talk to the music designer in Celadon, and you unlock the 8-bit originals from the original gold/silver games.

When you start a new game and you will be warned that you cannot save until you delete previous data. Accept the warning, then play until you can move your character. Enter the "Options" menu and select "Save". You will be told to press Up + Select + B at the main menu. This will delete the old profile and begin your new one.

In Ecruteak City at the Dance studio, a Team Rocket grunt is hassling a kimono girl. Talk to the person on the right side of the stage. He tells you he would have put a stop the grunt's behavior if it was not for the incredible pain of his stomachache. This is a tactic commonly used by Hercule Satan in Dragon Ball Z to get out of fighting.

You can get about one to three Oran Berries before you have to do this task. However you probably have used them or at least only have one Oran remaining. If you do not have any Oran Berries, at the sixth floor of the Goldenrod Department Store is a betting corner, where you pay 300 to draw a ticket. The ticket will win you a #1, #2, or #3 prize. The #1 prize is the TM of the day (the woman next to the ticket counter will tell you what it and the #2 prize is). The #2 prize is a special Pokeball. The #3 prize is a random selection of one of ten different berries, including the Oran. Do not waste your money by trying to get a large number of them. The Miltank needs seven Oran Berries. Harvest the berries in the berry pots until you have seven of them. Optionally, the girl to the left of the Miltank will give you a seal case and the girl on its right will give you three seals. The farmer woman gives you a TM Natural Gift. Once you give the Miltank the berries you can buy Moomoo Milk (which heals 100 health) for 500. Finally in Olivine, the girl in the house north of the Pokemart will give seals.

Beat the Elite Four once and go to the S.S Aqua ship in Olivine City to get the National dex.

You can use the points from the Pokeathalon in the shop to buy certain items. These change from day to day, so look for elemental stones and rare candies in the shop (and you can use the DS calendar options to change the day of the week).

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding map.

MapHow to unlock

At one point you are required to dress up as a Rocket to get to the radio tower. After you are told you have to get the key from the director, instead of taking the card key and battling the grunts, just head to floor B1 in the Goldenrod department store, head to the stairs, and you'll find the director. Battle the grunt and you're done.

If you accidentally kill a legendary pokemon, don't panic. Just beat the Elite Four again and the legendary pokemon will be alive and roaming again.

Simultaneously press L + R + START + SELECT to reset the game.

In the same rooms where you have to complete a picture puzzle of Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, or Ho-Oh, there is a plaque that has a word that is spelled using Unowns. Do the following steps.

Room with the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing): The word is "Light". Use Flash while facing the plaque. The four items obtained are Energy Root, Heal Powder, Moon Stone, and Sitrus Berry.
Room with the Ho-Oh Puzzle: The word is "Ho-Oh". You must have Ho-Oh first in your roster. The items obtained are: Charcoal, Leppa Berry, Life Orb, and Revival Herb. In Pokemon HeartGold, Ho-Oh is obtained in the Bell Tower. In Pokemon SoulSilver, Ho-Oh is obtained after you have defeated the Elite Four.
Room with the Kabuto Puzzle: The word is "Escape". You must use an Escape Rope facing the plaque. You can easily get an Escape Rope at the Violet City Pokemart. The four items obtained are Energy Powder, Heal Powder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.
Room with the Omanyte Puzzle: The word is "Water". You must have a Water Stone in your bag. The items obtained are: Leppa Berry, Mystic Water, Stardust, and Star Piece. A Water Stone can be obtained by winning it at the Pokeathlon on Wednesday.

When you go to the back of the Safari Zone where the poles are, they will split in two or fuse together depending on where you are standing.

Complete the following events for stars (in any order): Beat the Elite Four; Defeat Red; Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower; Show Hibiki 5 Gold Leaf pokemon; Capture all 493 Pokemon (does not include event-only pokemon). The number stars you have determines your Trainer Card color.

Red Card - Default
Blue Card - Obtain 1 star
Bronze Card - Obtain 2 stars
Silver Card - Obtain 3 stars
Gold Card - Obtain 4 stars
Black Card - Obtain all 5 stars

Complete the following tasks to add a star to your Trainer card. Note: Shiny Leaves are obtained by speaking with your Pokemon in certain areas on rare Nature-dependent locations.

Defeat the Elite Four and Champion.
Give Ethan or Lyra five Shiny Leaves.
Break records in ten Pokeathlon events.
Win 100 battles in a row at the Battle Tower.
Complete the National Pokedex (except for Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus).

With regular usage of the Pokewalker included with SoulSilver, you can obtain Watts that can be used to unlock special courses that hold unobtainable pokemon in both HeartGold and SoulSilver versions. Watts are not total obtained, but collected in the game after returning from a stroll or sending gifts back to your game. There are also several routes unlocked by Nintendo Wifi Events and specific pokemon.

UnlockableHow to unlock

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