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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia - Nintendo DS

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Mr. Kincaid :Drapion
Gem guardian Lucario
Gem guardian Heatran
Mr. Kincaid:Gliscor
Gem guardian Cresseila
Blake Hall (A.K.A team dim suns boss):Darkrai
Ranger Net
Darkrai - Sent by [???]

Successfully complete the main storyline. You can now ride Wailord from Haruba Village to reach the Capture Arena.

Connect to wifi and search for new missions on wifi connection. You can then download Recover The Manaphy Egg, Rescue Riolu, and Liberate the tower. - Sent by [lugimaster]

After completing the game, go back to the top of Alturi tower. At the top, there is a man. Speak to him and you can fight Darkri again. However, once you have fought him you will lose all your Pokemon.

To find the pokemon licky licky first finish the game then go into the shipwreck of the cargo ship. He will be in the room that barlow shoed to you a.k.a mr.kinkads room.

First go to the vien forest and go to the place where you got the blastoise on the misson to stop the fire. Get a Floatzel and go surf. Keep going up until you reach the end get off keep going down. Go into the cave at the very bottom. Go and destroy the rock (crush 5 Garchomp at Hippowdon temple) target clear it and regirock will come out.

On Quest 11, where you have to find Lumineon, it will be in the same place that you had to chase Sharpedo to get the key in Mission 5 "Recover a key from Sharpedo". - Sent by [noob]

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