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Pokemon Pearl

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS

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If you have an action replay DS, good, if you have ears, better. For this cheat to work, you go on the menu screen on the ARDS on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and go on walk everywhere. Now go up to the union room, ask the lady if you can go in, and go in, then come out emmediately. Now here's where the walk everywhere part comes in. This time you don't ask the lady and use your walk everywhere cheat to go in the door without permission. The union room should be full of people. Crazy huh? But!! What ever you do, do not talk to any of the people(including the lady) or else your game will freeze. So if you are willing to try it,... PLEASE PLEASE TRY IT!! I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR!! Nah I'm just kidding, just try it. | Submitted by BurnedDynamite

The item Odd Keystone is vital for catching a Spiritomb. There's one you get from a black belt on Route 209 (is it?) and one in Twinleaf Town. Just use Surf near the pond there, surf to the trees on the left, press A and you'll find an Odd Keystone there. If you want to find one the hard way, look for one in the Sinnoh Underground.

This cheat founded by Alex, posted by me! | Submitted by Cheatran

Arceus can turn different types and colors from what ever plate it had on.

At the battle zone beat your rival 100 times and you will be able to enlarge it. Heres some more stuff:

Beat him 150 times:get a gorgeous gem.
Beat him 200 times:get a pokemon trophy (bronze).
Beat him 250 times:get a pokemon trophy (silver).
Beat him 300 times:get a pokemon trophy (gold).
Beat him 1000 times:unlock hoenn region, you can go there and explore.
Beat him 1500 times:unlock johto region, you can go there and explore.
Beat him 2000 times:unlock kanto region, you can go there and explore.

Yes this seems impossible but its not. Just go every few minutes and challenge him. Oh yeah- if you beat him over 10,000 times your game will get a serious glitch. | Submitted by HappyHugh

This will only work if you have 2 DC's and 2 Games. (Or you use a friends) Start the game and get the starter pokemon you want. Then trade it to your other game and restart your game. Then if you got the fire type, get water this time, if you got water, get grass, if you got grass, get water. Now trade back the starter pokemon you got earlier. Now your rival will have the opposite type pokemon as you so you will have an advantage and hey, you get to starter pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

I think that the fire type pokemon are the best starters so I would pick Chimchar. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To catch a blue shellos go to route 231 and you should find it. | Submitted by Wyatt

To catch Pokemon easier after you threw your pokeball keep pressing B repeadily. You should have a better chance of catching that Pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

On pokemon pearl (and diamond) the only way to get manaphy is to get a manaphy egg and to that you need to get a spetial mission on ranger net called recover the manaphy egg.Then you can check n the egg in ranger net and then click it it will say searching then put pearl in another ds and search and then it will transfer the egg to pearl. | Submitted by 666Evilrules666

Not many people know this but you can record your voice on chatot's chatter attack. Just get a chatot and get it to know chatter then keep it in your team and go on it and it should show the move between summary and switch go on it press A or B and record (recording is very short on timing so use a really short saying). | Submitted by chatterman

Have you ever tried to catch mesprit or cresselia? and then they teleported? Well, I will tell you how to catch them!first, go to turnback cave and catch a haunter. If it doesn't have mean look or hypnosis,get some heart scales and go to pastoria city and talk to the guy who can teach old, fly to eterna city. Get on your marking map. Walk so that you stop at
THE VERY BEGINNING OF THAT ROUTE! now, go to eterna city so that it only takes a step. On your marking map, it'll say cresselia or mesprit moved! Keep going back and forth until its where you are. Look near the grassy patches NEAR THE HONEY TREE NOT THE WATER! since haunter should have a speed of 114, it should go first. Use mean look, then try to lower the life to red. Use hypnosis and get lots of nest, timer, and great balls. Have fun catching it, because they are not that hard to catch. Cresselia knows aurora beam, slash, mist, and future sight. I wouldn't know about mesprit, cause I killed it by accident. Hope you get them! (there are more places Cresselia and Mesprit go its like a hundred long pattern) | Submitted by empoleonrules

DO NOT SET YOUR DATE AHEAD ON YOUR DS TO MIGRATE!!! If you do you wont be able to migrate for another 24 hours after you set it so you have to wait even longer. | Submitted by xgreendayx

There are differences of pokemon diamond and pearl.

D: mime jr.
P: bonsly

D: dialga
P: palkia

D: scyther(after national dex)
P: pinser(after national dex)

D: stunky
P: glameow

D: skuntank
P: purugly

D: mr. mime
P: sudowoodo

Those are just a few differences if you are wondering, but there are more so why don't you find them out for me. | Submitted by shinygem

To catch a ditto you first need the national dex, then go to Canalave City and find a ditto on Route 218. | Submitted by Link'sTwinSidadel

Save first before you start. First access your PC. Then put in the pokemon you want to duplicate from your party to Box 8 (it should be alone!) Next, release that pokemon (Don't worry you won't lose it). Then save (it should say Saving a lot of data), turn off the power after 10 seconds (exactly 15 seconds) during the save. Then you should have the pokemon in your party and in your PC box 8. | Submitted by GTFerrari

The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour. You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all of the following tasks:

- Beat the Elite Four.
- Win any one Master Rank Super Contest
- Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower
- Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground (Capture 50 flags)
- Capture all 482 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)

Effect - Code

Black Card - Earn 5 stars
Blue Card - Earn 1 star
Bronze Card - Earn 2 stars
Gold Card - Earn 4 stars
Red Card - You start with this card
Silver Card - Earn 3 stars

First leave the two pokemon u wanna lv up in the day care then go to (fuego ironorks) and then go to a warp panale and run at it

Works best if you celotape the arrow button and the B button down and leave it over night

My RIOLU went from lv 1 to lv 43 then one rary candy and it evolved

My team bye the way

Rapidash Lv 50
Azelf Lv 50
Roserade Lv 53
Luxray Lv 50
Epoleon Lv 59
Lucario Lv 52 | Submitted by sophie

The easiest way to train your pokemon is to press start,pick the pokemon you want to train, press summary and check how much EXP it needs to get to the next level, then put that pokemon in the Day-Care(Which is in Solaceon Town if you did'nt already know) and take that many steps. each step counts as 1 EXP point.

NOTE:You can do this with two pokemon at a time and you m ight sometimes lose a move. | Submitted by ThatGuyStan

Eevee is a pokemon that can evolve into seven different forms.These include olteon, flarion, vaporion, umbrion, espeon, leafeon and glaceon.

These are the following steps to successfully getting all these pokemon.

1.Go to route 218 (which is next to canalave city) and find a ditto in the patch of grass closest to the water using a pokerader.(Note:you need to beat the elite four, get the netional pokedex from professor rowan and get the pokeradar from professor rowan as well).

2.Obtain Eevee from BEBE in hearthome city.(Her house is next to the pokemon center).

3.Go to solaceon town and give both Eevee and Ditto to the daycare couple. Dont worry about asking them how they are becouse they will have an egg anyway.If you have the Daycare checker you should refresh it while your walking around to check if there is an egg between them.

4.If your pokemon have had an egg, collect it and walk for about 10,000 steps until the egg hatches.

5. Tadaa! your Eevee has hatched. ( make sure to train your eevees to a reasonable level before evolving them.

Eevee information on evolving

Jolteon:thunderstone( found underground)
Flareon:firestone (found underground)
Vaporeon:waterstone: (found underground)
Umbreon: evolve by happiness during night
Espeon: evolve by happiness at day
Glaceon: level up near a big rock nearby snowpoint city
Leafeon:level up at a big rock in eterna forest. ( the rock is found in the southwest corner on the forest)

I hope you make use to my information! | Submitted by Yoshigirl654

Go to Hearthrome City after getting the national dex and go to the house next to the pokemon center and talk to Bebe. | Submitted by Link'sTwinSidadel

Did you seel your odd keystone already. Well you can get another by going to Twinleaf Town. Go into the middle of the pond or lake. Go left until you get to the end. Press the A button, and you should get a odd keystone. | Submitted by Maddy

This cheat is how to lv. Up your pokemon at a pretty good rate.

Step I- Trade any pokemon with a friend, it doesn't matter. All traded pokemon gain more experience than "your-own-raised-pokemon".

Step II- if the pokemon you got it weaker than the ones in your party, Do these two things-

A- Put your pokemon in the Day-car until it is the lv. you wish


B-Get an Exp. Point Share and put it on the traded pokemon. To lv. it up EVEN FASTER, go to the Elite Four and battle.

Hope that helped! | Submitted by Felix

All you have to do is get a pokemon that knows magma armor or flame body.

1) Get the pokemon egg you want to hatch.

2) Get a pokemon that has magma armor or flame body.

3) You usually have to walk about 10,300 steps or around there but doing this will cut the hatching time in 1/2!!

ENJOY!!! | Submitted by cheatmaster27

Ditto is located in route 218.You must have the national pokedex, defeated the elite 4 and obtained the pokeradar. OK, here are the steps.

Go to route 218 (the route that is right next to Canalave City). Use the pokeradar in the grass patch closest to the lake. Look in one of the grass patches that have been shaking and one of them should soon have a ditto in them. Take your time because its very rare in this game. | Submitted by Yoshigirl654

I bet it you are going nuts trying to find the suit key. Well go to the beach in Valor Lake Front and go into Hotel Grande Lake. Then go through the hotel to the other side. Then right when you get outside use your Dowsing Machine and it will tell you exactly where it is. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Being nuts cuz ya lookin 4 Finneon? Piece of cake...

1. Get good rod.
2. Go to canalave dock.
3. Look 4 da sailor.
4. If ya find em go up beside em.
5. Use good rod.
6. Better do this with many dusk balls and Ultra.
7. Ya got a choice nightime 4 dusk and anydaytime 4 ultra.
8. Keep on doing it if ya dont find finneon.

Good luck | Submitted by Genesis

Empty your pockets outside at you front door. Go check in your house if you have a closet or drawer. Put anything there in your pockets and empty it outside. Next, press Start to save. Now you will be at the menu. Click others or something and then Erase Resident. Make you new character. You can change you name and Gender how ever you like. No pick up everything outside that you eptied. It's like it's still you. You'll stilll have the same things in you catalog... I hope. The only thing is... you have to work for Tom Nook again but look on the bright side. Piece of cake!

The lustrious orb is a hold item for palkia. It boosts the power of water and dragon type moves. You can only get it after you catch palkia, after you do, go to the back of the area where palkia was, go down the steps and the item in the pokeball thing is the lustrious orb. | Submitted by penguindude

You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from your Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game, you can get all the fourth generation Pokemon, but only about fifty original Hoenn/Kanto/Johto Pokemon.

First is the Normal Card which is red. Then there is the Bronze Card which is blue. Then there is the Copper Card which is copper. Then there is the Silver Card which is silver. Then there is the Gold Card which is gold. Then there is the Black Card which is black. Here is how you get the different cards:

1. Defeat the Pokemon League
2. Complete the National Pokedex
3. Win 100 Consecutive Battles at the Battle Tower
4. Win all divisions at the master rank of the Pokemon super contests
5. Get the Platinum Flag in your Underground Secret Base | Submitted by xgreendayx

You first start with the Normal Flag. Then when you steal 1 flag from your friend you get the Bronze Flag. The when you steal 3 flags you get the Silver Flag. Then when you steal 10 flags you get a Gold Flag, Then finally when you steal 50 flags you get a Platinum Flag. | Submitted by xgreendayx

If you are like me and are so annoyed about getting stuck in bogs in the Great Marsh and the Safari Zone all you have to do is this:

If you are trying to go left or right squirm about pressing up, down, up, down and then left or right (whatever direction you wish to go in)

If you are trying to go up or down squirm about pressing left, right, left, right and then up or down (whatever direction you wish to go in)

I hope you find this useful in bogs so you don`t get over-tempered and smash your DS.

Note: Sometimes once you are freed you get stuck in the very next spot so this trick is extra useful, because you don`t step the wrong way, and thus you save steps. | Submitted by Kick

This is for WiFi users only. Go into the Global Trade Station and put a pokemon (eg. Haunter, Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke) and put it up for trade. Don't worry about what pokemon you're getting because you are going to take it off anyway (But make it like a lv100 Piplup to be safe). Take it off, and it'll go through the standard trade screen. When you get it back it will show you the evolution screen and say "What? _______ is evolving!" This should work for all pokemon that evolve by trade, even ones that need hold items. | Submitted by MarkHarvey,Jr.

Go in the haunted mansion in eterna forest and go in to the first room below the stair cases. It should be a dining room. In one of the chairs, there should be an old man. He'll look at you yhen float away... it's kinda creepy, but it's cool. | Submitted by Dude

First, get the Happiny Egg from the guy in Hearthome. I don't want to tell you who he is. Just talk to everyone you see, you might find him. You must have 5 or less Pokemon in your party. Say "Yes" to the guy's question and he will give you a Happiny Egg. Walk, Run, Bike, whichever you choose. Just keep doing it to hatch the Egg. I'd rather let you bike so it could hatch faster. I suggest you go up and down the Cycling Road 15-20 times and go through Eterna Forest without going through the shortcut. My guess is that by the time you get to Floaroma Town, the Egg will hatch into a Female Happiny. Any Egg that hatches in Floaroma are Females! Except if they're like Tauros or Lucario... yeah. They will stay a Male. If they have
no gender, they will stay with no gender. Now, let Happiny hold the item "Soothe Bell." You get it from the Pokemon Mansion. Just talk to anyone and one might give you the Soothe Bell Item. Feed Happiny lots and lots of Vitamins and Poffins. You know that massage girl in Veilstone right? Well, take your Happiny for a massage there daily. Next go up and down Solocean
Town and/or the Cycling Road to make the Soothe Bell work a bit. Find an Oval Stone Underground or catch a Chansey near Solocean Town. Those Chansey's are hard to find but they will be holding an Oval Stone Item. Did you get the Friendship Checker App from the lady in Eterna Pokemon Center? You should! Once you get it, touch your Happiny and hold your stylus down. When it has atleast 2 small hearts, use the Oval Stone on it. It should evolve in Chansey. Now, we all know Chansey evovles with friendship, right? So, everything you did to Happiny is everything to show it friendship. That means, it should evolve into a very very happy Blissey soon! Just make sure you take off the Soothe Bell. You can use it on another Pokemon too that evovles with friendship. Trust me, you won't be needing the Soothe Bell anymore for your newly evovled Chansey and Blissey! | Submitted by Shaira

If you are trying to hatch an egg and have a Pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability in your party, then it will cut the hatch time in half.

Put a ditto and a Chimchar or any of the evolutions of Chimchar in daycare and they will have an egg together. You will get a lvl. 1 Chimchar after you hatch the egg. It takes 5311 steps to hatch the egg. | Submitted by xgreendayx

When you get an egg on Iron Island a Riolu will hatch from in after you take 6456 steps with it in your party. | Submitted by xgreendayx

After you get the national dex talk to your friends sister in his house in Sandgem Town she'll say there is an outburst of pokemon(other kanto, johto, and hoenn pokemon are in the sinnoh region). So come back there the next day and she'll say, "What did the news say today, oh yeah there is a whole lot of ---------- on route ---------- you should go check it out!" So listen to her she wants you to be better the her sister/brother. | Submitted by jgorham001

When you go to Pal park and Migrate pokemon from ruby, sapphire, leafgreen, or firered, after you are done catching all the pokemon, when you are inside the HQ of palpark go to the 2nd floor and talk to the lady in the top-right corner and she'll give you 2 new backdrops(ruby and sapphire only) or 2 new accessories(leafgreen and firered only). | Submitted by jgorham001

Riolu is the pokemon you get when you get the egg from Riley (guy in iron island cave) it hatsches on lvl.1. Then when it hatches battle and walkaround a lot then it evolves (it evolves at no specific lvl. it is friendship Evo. at day time) | Submitted by LucarioMasta

Go to the lakes Near Snow point to catch Uxie use a dusk ball or quick ball at lakeAcuity(get at the pokemarts). To capture Azelf go to lake Valor.There should little islands in the lakes there inside. | Submitted by Hydro

First, go to the menu and go to New Game. Pick yes by pressing A. Right after you watch the show about the Red Gyarados, go to menu by pressing X, then try to save several times. Then, restart your game and go to Continue. Press X and go to Options. There should be a change gender and change name options there. If not, you might not have saved enough or the
creator mistakenly pulled this cheat out of your gamecard. Not my fault because everyone I know has done this cheat. My name went from Emma to Emmy.

To get the happiny egg you have to go to hearthome city. Then go all the way down(at the bottom)and turn right. Then talk to the fat man with the beard. | Submitted by cheatmaster

First u ether have to go to a pokemon event. Or u have to have a action replay with the Arceus cheat. After u get the flute u go to the place were u got Palkia or Dialga. The flute will make a noise it will ask u to play the flute pick yes. Stairs will appear. Go up them and there Arceus will be. He will be Lv. 80

He can learn every move except Focus Punch. | Submitted by MarioT

Go to fullmoon island and start walking to your right until you get to another island, darkrai is there. | Submitted by PokeFandude

On Friday you must to go to wind workers and you can catch a lvl 22 dribloon if you don't did't beat the team galactic team you can't do it so you must to have beat al the team galactic ppl :) I hope it work geuss i got a lvl 22 brifloon. | Submitted by Marco

To get rock climb, you first have to make ur way up to snow point. On your way up there, you will see a house right before you get to snow point. It will be the last house on the trail. look behind it and u will see a pokeball. go up to it and press A. You now have ur HM08=rock climb. | Submitted by Garrett

Burry any size sphere underground then turn off the game. Then before you start the game change the date in your settings to about 2 weeks or so (depending on what size sphere you burried) and turn on the game. The sphere should be size 99. If not skip more time. | Submitted by xgreendayx

1.Fly or walk to Solaceon town.
2.Go down till you find the remains of a tower.
3.(must have a key stone)put it on the tower.
4.(need other people) go under ground and talk to 32 people then go up and go back under ground ant there will be spirtbomb Lv.? | Submitted by Zophes1

To get the National Dex you have to have seen (not caught just seen) all 149 pokemon. Then talk to Pro. Rowan and while you are talking to him Prof. Oak from the Kanto Region will walk in the door and give it to you. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Vesiquen is only a female. You have to get a female combee not a male. You need a lot of honey in Flormoa Meadow. | Submitted by Deirdre

If you have some traded pokemon which arent obeying you, and you want them to obey you, you must turn them into eggs. To do that, you put one of the disobedient pokemon into the daycare with a ditto. Soon after, the two pokemon will have an egg.Put the egg into your party pokemon and walk 5311 steps.The egg will hatch and the pokemon will be at level 1.Train the level 1 pokemon to the same summary as the disobedient pokemon. Wala! Your pokemon is now not disobedient. | Submitted by Aqualord

Use Surf on the first door it will open without having to verse the trainer.

Second door, Strengh.
Third Door, Rock Climb.
Fourth door, Rock Smash.

You will have to beat the champion. | Submitted by Jonny

I just found out you can skip the Champion. Once, you get in the champion's room Press X fr the Menu then save, switch
two pokemon's places join your party. Then, the champion will dissapeare. | Submitted by Jonny

Put a pokemon that has ability Intimidate on your first party. It works better that the Item holds that makes you incounter less pokemon in wild. | Submitted by DoubleEdge

The guy who wrote"Lucario!{The real way to get him}," was wrong on the evolution time. Mine didn't evolve till Lvl. 39. It's all really based on friendship. | Submitted by Raphael

The way to get your pokemon hairy press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right and then start in gameplay and your leading pokemon should be hairy. Thanks for taking my cheat and I hope you have fun. | Submitted by Taskou

The best moves for a manaphy would be tail glow, ice beam, surf, and either enrgy ball or grass knot. With these moves manaphy would be a special sweeper. | Submitted by BlackGuy347

Okay, most people say that you need Mean Look or Block or a Pokemon with Shadow Tag ability. Ummm... well, you really don't. Ummm... try this. Find Mesprit and attack it. Then, let it run away. Find it again, it should have the same HP from the time you damged it. It will not be fully healed. I don't know about the stats if you used Growl or something. I also don't know about the status problem. ummmm... keep doing this until you want to throw a ball. Find it, then use Mean Look, Block, or a Pokemon with the Shadow Tag ability. Be careful. When you use Mean Look or Block, the effect wears off once you switch your Pokemon. You can do this with Cresselia too! | Submitted by Shaira

Giratina lv.84
Deoxys lv.52
Charizard lv.82
Empoleon lv.59
Sceptile lv.70
Palkia lv.79 | Submitted by POKeMASTA

In my party i have some of my favourite poke'mon! I'll even be kind enough to share them and their moves with you! ^^


Shiny Rayquaza (from Sapphire)
type: Dragon/Flying
ability: Air Lock (Eliminates the effects of weather)
level 70

I dunno how it was shiny but it was and it's black incase your wondering what colour it is.

Focus blast (fighting)
Draco Meteor (dragon)
Outrage (dragon)
Extremespeed (normal)

item held: mystic water

weaknesses: ice, rock, dragon

Salamance (male)
ability: intimidate (lowers the foe's attack stat)
level 70
from my Ruby game.

Fly (flying)
Earthquake (ground)
Dragonbreath (dragon)
Fire blast (fire)

item held:luck incense

weaknesses: ice, rock, dragon

Charizard (male)
type: flying/fire
ability: blaze (up's fire moves in a pinch)
level 70
from Fire Red

Fire fang (fire)
Heat wave (fire)
Flamethrower (fire)
defog (flying)

item held: metronome

weaknesses: water, electric, rock,

Spiritomb (female)
ability: pressure (the pokemon raises the foe's pp usage)
level 70
from the crumbling tower on route 109

Hypnosis (psycic)
Dream Eater (psycic)
Ominous Wind (ghost)
Dark pulse (dark)

item held: spooky plate

weaknesses: none. The dark/ghost combo makes it have no super effectives!

Giratina (no gender)
type: dragon/ghost
ability: pressure (the pokemon raises the foe's pp usage)
level 71
from the turnback cave

Shadow force (ghost)
Shadow claw (ghost)
earth power (ground)
thunder (electric)

item held: spooky plate ( i traded one from Diamond)

weaknesses: ice, ghost, dragon, dark,

Milotic (female)
type: water
ability:marvel scale (boosts defense if there is a status problem)
level 71
from a feebas i found in the lake in the cave before the snowy route which leads to Snowpoint.
Get a feebas' beauty to full using blue poffins then level it up by 1 and it'll evole into the water beauty her/his self.

dragon pulse (dragon)
hydro pump (water)
avalanche (ice)
ice beam (ice)

item held: Lustrous orb (i know it's meant for Palkia but i couldn't be asked so i gave it to her and it actually seems to be working ^^

weaknesses: electric, grass,

This is my ultimate party and it's helped me take the elite 4 and Cynthia down without loosing any of them at all.  | Submitted by Taduko

My Team, levels and genders:

Palkia-lvl.100 no gender
Shadow(Shiny Charizard)-lvl.100 male
Arceus-lvl.100 no gender
Staraptor-lv.100 female
Luxray(Shiny)-lvl.100 female
Aggron-lvl.100 male

Their moves:

Palkia-Surf, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Spacial Rend
Shadow-Fire Blast, Fly, Overheat, Flamethrower
Arceus-Hyper Beam, Blizzard, Earth Power, Fly
Staraptor-Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Giga Impact, Fly
Luxray-Discharge, Thunder, Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt
Aggron-Solar Beam, Cut, Focus Blast, Giga Impact

Times Beaten Elite 4:7
Gender: Girl

Do you think I am weak? | Submitted by Pokemonmaster

My team is palkia lvl 73 torterra lvl 63 uxie lvl 54 giritina lvl 70 azelf and mesprit lvl 50 also giritina is at spring path under veil stone it will be on map after getting national dex can't find pokemon? mothim is with a ace trainer at fog area next to celestic town barboach no.80 finneon no.134 he can be found at iron island dock use good rod only obtanable by fisher man under salceon town hope this helps. | Submitted by ethanpowell

This is my team and how I got them.

Lv. 100 Infernape
Lv. 100 Palkia
Lv. 100 Luxray
Lv. 100 Chimecho
Lv. 100 Alakazam
Lv. 100 Pachirisu

For Infernape I raised from a Chimchar.
For Palkia I went through Mt. Coronet and beat Team Galactic and caught him with a Master ball.
I raised Luxray from Shinx.
I raised Chimecho with training.
I raised until he got to Kadabra and traded with a friend.
I just used Action Replay with the Rare Candy cheat. | Submitted by Boston

This is my team

-cloyster lvl.100
-kyogre lvl.100
-crobat lvl.100
-articuno lvl.100
-quagsire lvl.100
-infernape-lvl.100 | Submitted by chilloutman456

Rhydon lv.55, Garchomp lv.54, Heatran lv.70,
Infernape lv.73, Dialga lv.63, Giratina lv.70

Staraptor lvl 66
Manaphy lvl 16
Azelf lvl 51
Raichu lvl 23
Golem lvl 46
Drifloon lvl 22
146 pokemon in pokedex | Submitted by matthew

WARNING! May be weak.

Lucario Lv. 36
Staraptor Lv. 40
Manaphy Lv. 42
Palkia Lv. 48
Azelf Lv. 50
Chimecho Lv. 54

Don't judge it because I know it's weak and you can beat them up and stuff but I'm working on strengthning them to battle the Elite 4.

Badges: 8
Pokedex: 129
Gender: Girl

Lucario: Quick Attack, Force Palm, Reversal, Me First
Staraptor: Double Team, Aerial Ace, Fly(HM), Close Combat
Manaphy: Tail Glow, Waterfall(HM), BubbleBeam, Surf(HM)
Palkia: Dragon Claw, Spatial Rend, Ancient Power, Water Pulse
Azelf: Confusion, Uproar, Future Sight, Nasty Plot
Chimecho: Shock Wave(TM), Healing Wish, Charge Beam(TM), Last Resort

Think I'm still weak? Hmph! | Submitted by Shaira

Honest to god this is my team:

1. Arceus. lv 99
2. Celebi. lv 100
3. Mew. lv 98
4. Darkrai. lv 100
5. Giratina. lv 99
6. Heatran. lv 100

Iv'e played this game for hours and hours and nobody in the world has beaten me so far. This is the ultimate team in pokemon pearl. | Submitted by chops

What's in the Pokemon Pearl and Diamond games that never was in the GBA games of Pokemon such as Emerald and Ruby. Is that when you get the running shoes and you go into a house you will still be running. It's so awesome. | Submitted by GTFerrari

After you defeat the elite four and get the national pokedex there are 6 new send-off places. Battle park, pal park, stark mountain, fullmoon island, the snowpoint temple, and turnback cave. fullmoon island, turnback cave, and the snowpoint temple are all homes to lengendary pokemon. Like for the snowpoint temple you can see regigegas. For the fullmoon island you see cressela. | Submitted by Hydro

You have to beat the Pokemon League atleast 10 times. Next, go to Iron Island and beat 100 wild Pokemon there. (That should be easy.) Keep roaming in Iron Island until you find a wild Jirachi. It should be lv. 32. | Submitted by Shaira

1st of all, get Manaphy, now get a Ditto and breed it, and wait for the egg, now hatch it. Now you should have Phione. ENJOY! | Submitted by dgorham001

Fly to the resort area once the NAtional pokedex has been unlocked. Then give the desired pokemon the EXP. Share. Battle with high pokemon as the pokemon are lvl 50+. You can get some rare pokemon like Oddish, Gloom, Pinsir and if you head north yoou can encounter Beldum and Cacturne etc. Good luck. I use this all the time to raise my eggs and evolve the
pokemon! | Submitted by NintendoCheatMaster

When you go to route 221, look around and you should find a Red Gastrodon. | Submitted by tgorham001

To get Regigigas you have to have all three regi pokemon in your party with you traded from ruby, sapphire, or emerald. The AFTER beating the Pokemon League and getting the National Dex got to the top floor of Snowpoint Temple and you will battle regigigad. NOTE: Be prepared he will be lvl 70! | Submitted by xgreendayx

O.k. rotom has a secret (it) doesn't tell you about. The secret is that Rotom can breed with a ditto to make eggs of... you guessed it rotom. I tried this cause i saw it somewhere so if you don't believe me go ahead and try it.Use a camerupt hatch it faster

Rotoms moves are:

1.Thunder Wave
2.Thunder Shock
3.Confuse Ray
4.Double team

Unlike your original rotom it is born with thunder wave instead of uproar, but will learn uproar. It's bull because you can trade them for legendary guys to some people.Well, happy breeding and good luck! | Submitted by DTD

Well after the pokemon league there is another route behind it. If you have ever seen it on the map and wondered what it is, listen up. Go back to victory road and into the cave. Go past the bridge and down using rock climb then go up to an old man. Then go left and up the stairs and then go across a bridge into another cave opening. Then, If you have never been this way before you will see a girl and a ! will go above her head. You will have to escort her through this section of the cave. You will have to go past 6 or seven trainers and you will see the exit to the cave at the end. Go outside and the girl will leave you. You are now in route 224 and if you explore around for a while, You will have a few battles and you will see a big stone rock. This is the rock where you get Shaymin. For catching Shaymin, you will need an action raplay. Happy Gaming! | Submitted by insectrepellant

There are three secrets of the old chateau that are pretty cool yet creepy at the same time.

1) The main event, Rotom. At the night zone of the game, go to the old tv in that one room. Then thud it and you will find Rotom.

2) There are two also rare pokemon in the old chateau. The creepy Haunter and Gengar. At the night zone of the game, Go to the creepiest room, the one with the picture with the red eyes. Just walk around and you'll eventually find one of the creep couple.

3) The curse of the old chateau. When you go into the room with the red-eyed picture between the intermission of the hallway and the room, let go of up and press it again. Then, when you are inside the room, for the 1st few seconds, you will see the ghost of a girl in the room on your right. That is the creepiest, and the best part, is thatyou can do this one any time of the day.
I hope you've enjoyed this segment of cheats. And if you know what's good for you, you will try them. Happy Cheating. | Submitted by GhostlyGengar

Shadow´s Ribbons are:

Effort Ribbon
Sinnoh Champ Ribbon
Beauty Ribbon
Beauty Ribbon Great
Beauty Ribbon Ultra
Beauty Ribbon Master
Alert Ribbon
Careless Ribbon
Smile Ribbon
Gorgeous Ribbon
Royal Ribbon
Gorgeous Royal Ribbon
Footprint Ribbon
Champion Ribbon
National Ribbon

(PS. I was wrong, shadow has 15 ribbons instead of 13) | Submitted by pokemonmaster

First you need an action replay.Then activate the walk through walls code and walk through victory road to route 224. Keep going up until you see a large grey rock.Walk about 4 steps right then walk up across the water.There should be a small stretch of land,walk on it when you cycle to the end shaymin battles you.

Just thought I'd show you my pearl team :)

shiny scizor
shiny garchomp

(all over lvl 65) | Submitted by ShinyGarchomp

SHAYMIN: Use the action replay ' walk through walls cheat and go to route 224.Next, walk through the big white stone at the end of the route.Then, travel up a stretch of land on the other side of the rock. Shaymin should be at the end.

Metagross LV: 100 Moves:Psychic, Hyper Beam, Hammer Arm, and Meteor Mash
Giratina LV: 100 Moves:Shadow force, Dragon Claw, Earth Power, and Aura sphere
Deoxys LV: 100 Moves:Hyper Beam, Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, and Super Power
Wailord LV: 21 Moves:Water Pulse, Water Gun, Rollout, and Whirlpool
Palkia LV: 16 Moves: Dragon Breath, Scary Face, and Water Pulse
Dialga LV: 16 Moves: Dragon Breath, Scary Face, and Metal Claw

First, I found acheat for the action replay called " Wild Pokemon Modifyer " and put it in the action replay. Next, I used it and got all those pokemon. Then, I got a 999 rare candy code and leveled them up.( note: I am not done with Wailord, Dialga, and Palkia.) | Submitted by AustinHarris

Biking throught Valor Lakefront was worth it, because I found myself an altered Graveler. It wasn't like any of the other Gravelers in the wild, because it's color was a tinted orange. You don't find many Pokemon like that, because odds of finding one are 1 in 8,192 battles. Even after 8,191 battles, the odds are still the same. The trick is just to be patient. | Submitted by Cheatran

All the other ways that ppl tell u how to get lucario is wrong i have a lv 40 riolu and it hasnt evovled. The real way to get it is for it to have high freind ship and make it grow a lv.

To get high friend ship u must give it items like iron protien ect. | Submitted by yayab-man

To get into Pal Park you have to beat the pokemon and get the National Dex. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Trade a Ditto from you ruby, sapphire, emerald, firered, leafgreen, (Note: You cant trade it back) then put the Ditto and the pokemon you want more of in the daycare. Walk around for a bit then talk to the daycare man. He will give you an egg. It will hatch to be the other pokemon you put in there. (not the ditto) Note: The other pokemon you put in there has to be a male or female. If it is unknown this will not work. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Because its more fun to trade cuz your gonna get different ids for the Lotto tickets in jubilife city.

My team when traded:

Palkia lv 76
Empoleon lv 53
Tentacruel lv 49
Palkia lv 55 or 54(i forgot)
Infernape lv 90+ by now cuz i gave it back
Staravia lv 28 | Submitted by Genesis

Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex.

You go to Veilstone City then go down to Route 214 ther will be an opening take it you will need rock climb then you will need rock smash then wants you enter it pokemon is on LV 70. | Submitted by kyleyourwelcome

To get manaphy go to pokemart in Jubilife city and there should be a guy in front of the counter talk to him and he will give you your manaphy egg but he will only be there if you transfered the egg to pokemon pearl. | Submitted by Metroid1234567


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