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Pokemon Diamond

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Diamond on Nintendo DS

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Get ready to get either Glaceon or Leafeon! First, get Eevee from Bebe after you get the National Dex. Then go to either Route 217 (if Glaceon) or Eterna Forest (if Glaceon). Then in Route 217 and Eterna Forest, you shoud find a wierd rock. Then level up Eevee near the rock in Eterna Forest for Leafeon or level up Eevee near the rock in Route 217 for Glaceon. | Submitted by KenFougere

There are two ways to get manaphy:

1. Get pokemon ranger and access ranger net and do a VERY LONG MISSION.

2. Go to jubilife city or sunyshore city and wait till you see a man in green in front of the counter. he gives you the manaphy egg. | Submitted by David

To do this, you must have the tm embargo and teach it to a pokemon, and then use at the begining of the battle and use everytime when embargo ends. | Submitted by Arceus50

Here iss a pretty good team for the elite four:


( Note: you need a couple of others too.) | Submitted by koalaperson95

Ok heres a pretty good team for the elite four.

Empolleon make sure he knows Drill peck, Metal claw, bubblebeam, and Hydro pump.
Uxie make sure it knows Yawn, charge beam, future sight, and any other move.
Azelf it can know any move.
Dialga/Palkia make sure it knows Metal Claw, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw, and Roar of time.
Golbat make sure it knows Fly, Payback, U-turn, and any other move.
Machoke make sure it knows flamethrower, submission, cross chop, and anyother move.

This works, I beat the elite for and the champion with these pokemon.

( Note: Make sure you have a couple of ethers you will need it for Empolleon.) Hope i helped!!!:) | Submitted by StephenDeLuca

When you are in the game corner and in the slot machines, when you enter a bonus round, you will eventually get out, to stay, when the clefairy just went insude the poke ball, tap the X button many times and you will see clefairy come back outside the poke ball adn continue the round you are in. | Submitted by Arceus500

To get him you do somethin at the big white rock at da 1 place. | Submitted by terd

There is a very special orb just made for Dialga. It is at the place where you catch him. The Sear Pillar. It powers up Dragon and Steel type moves. Dialga is Dragon and Steel type. It's a hold item. | Submitted by KenFougere

Go to Aspiration Lake to catch Agunomu.

21.Kitchen Timer
22.Color Changer
23.Matchup Checker
24.Stop Watch
25.Alarm Clock | Submitted by Pokemaster

1. Digital Watch
2. Calculator
3. Memo Pad
4. Pedometer
5. Pokemon List
6. Friendship Checker
7. Dowsing Machine
8. Berry Seacher
9. Day-Care Checker10.Pokemon History
11. Counter
12. Analog Watch
13. Marking Map
14. Link Searcher15.Coin Toss
16. Move Tester
17. Calendar
18. Dot Artist
19. Roulette
20. Trainer Counter | Submitted by Pokemaster

If you want to know how to get all of the Legendary Pokemon, I can tell you how. All you need is an Action Replay. Here is the list:

Rotom: To get Rotom, take the Action Replay out of your DS because it skips the main screen. Turn the game on, but don't play your game. Switch the time to any time between 8 pm and 4 am. Then turn off the power and turn it back on. This time you play the game. Go to the Old Chateou and enter the second door on the left when you are upstairs. Press A in front of the TV. Rotom will battle you. If you have a special code on your Action Replay, you will have 999 Master Balls. Use one immediately on the Pokemon.

Uxie and Azelf: Go to their caves and battle them. Use your Master Balls.

Mespirit: Go to it's cave and talk to it. It will fly away. Track it using the Poke Radar on your watch. Just like with Rotom, use a Master Ball.

Dialga and Palkia: You must have both versions of the game or a friend with another version than yours. In the story, Cyrus gives you a Master Ball. Use it on your version's Pokemon. Then trade to get the other one.

Giratina: After you beat the game, go to Route 214. You should see a clearing after you walk around a while. Go through it. After a while of walking you should come to a lake. This is the Sendoff Spring, the 4th lake of Sinnoh. There is a cave there. Go into it. You enter a room with 4 other doors. Go through them until you have gone through three rooms with pillars in them. The next room has Giratina. Battle it. You know the ball drill.

Hetran: Go to the Battle Zone. Run through Route 225 until you get to Survival Area. Then go to Route 226. If you see an opening right before the building, go up into there. You will see Wake and your Rival after a while. Talk to them and continue movin untill you see Buck. Follow him to Stark Mountain. If you reach the second room, he will be standing there. Then he will follow you the rest of the way. Take shortcuts to the third room. He will take the Magma Stone. Go back to the Survival Area. Search the houses untill you find Buck. Then talk to him. Go to the third room in Stark Mountain. Hetran will be there. Battle him and catch him.

Regigigas: Get the three Regis by migrating and put them in your party. Then go to Snowpoint Temple. Go all the way down and ice skate to the Pokemon statue. Talk to it and it will battle you. Capture it.

Cresselia: Go to Canalave City and visit the Sailor's house. His son has fallen ill. He will take you to Fullmoon Island. Talk to Cresselia and it will fly away. The Lunar Wing it drops will cure the boy. Then track it, battle it, catch it.

Manaphy: Do a special mission on Pokemon Ranger to get the Manaphy Egg. Transfer it to your game. It will soon hatch.

Phione: Breed Manaphy.

Darkrai: Go to Fullmoon Island and using the Walk Anywhere cheat on your Action Replay, go East. If you walk far enough, you will reach Newmoon Island. You will find Darkrai. Capture it.

Shaymin: Go to the Pokemon League. Walk East untill you reach Route 224. If you walk through the rock at the end, the Seabreak Path will appear in front of you. At the first part of it, a mirage of Shaymin will be there. Walk through it and it will disappear. Walk or cycle down the path untill you reach the Flower Paradise. Shaymin is there. Catch it. Please. I love Shaymin and I will cry if you don't catch it.

Arceus: Go to a Pokemon event and get the Azure Flute. Use it at the Spear Pillar and a staircase will appear. I haven't done this but my friend has. I even watched. Go up to Heaven. Catch the Arceus that is there.

All the other Pokemon you will have to migrate. | Submitted by noob

Rotom-Mansion in eterna forest at night (in a TV that is in a room on the second floor that is glowing)

Dialga-spear pillar (Diamond)

Palkia-spear pillar (pearl)

Uxie-Lake acuity

Azelf-Lake valor

Mesprit-LAke verity

Heatran-Stark mountain

Regigigas-temple in snowpoint city (migrate regice regirock and registeel)

Giratina-Spring path to a cave with a weird cemetary place inside

Cresselia- canalave town (go to the sailors house, his kid is in bed and he asks you to go to Full moon island cresselia flys off like mesprit follow it)

Phione- girl version of manaphy, breed manaphy to get phione

Manaphy-the only breedable legendary, so far you get it from the game "pokemon ranger"

Darkrai- obtain membership pass from nintendo event or use action replay or whatever it is called. GO to the inn in canalave town which is normaly locked, this guy takes you to the bed and you fall asleep, (dream) then you end up on an island with darkrai on it called new moon island and have to battle darkrai, when i battled it, it
was caught in my master ball and i woke up with darkrai in my PC (p.s. you can still go to the island darkrai was on)

Shaymin-Get oak's letter from event or action replay. Then go to the big white rock where professor oak is (Route 224) then you talk to oak and he says "who are you most grateful for" or something like that whatever you say is carved into the rock and a big extension to the route appears follow it up and shaymin is there

Arceus-get the Azure flute from evet or replay thing then go to spaer pillar when you walk up your flute starts making noises and then a big staircase appears and when you walk up a lvl. 80 arceus is there who immediatly battles you.

I do not have the codes for the replay thing because my friend used his replay thing on my game and so i have Arceus Shaymin and Darkrai

I know all this info because i have all the 4th. Gen. legendary pokemon on diamond and more. | Submitted by Poke`Guy

A shiny pokemon is very rare. a shiny pokemon is a pokemon that has a different color then its origional form. for example a Quagsire is blue, but if its shiny it can be red, gold, silver, etc. these are very rare so always keep a pokeball handy. every time a wild pokemon appears-even legendary, you have a 1 out of a 18972 chance of it being shiny. | Submitted by costas

Aipom will evolve into Ambipom when it levels up and knows the move Double Hit. Aipom learns Double Hit at level 32.

It's a park in hearthome city. | Submitted by Beacon

In Amity Square Park in Hearthhome City, walk 200 steps, then talk to your Pokemon. It should be holding an item. Also, if you try to go in without a cute Pokemon, the man at the entrance will tell you which Pokemon are allowed.

Go to Amity Square with a Pokemon that is able to walk there (cute Pokemon such as Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Pachirisu, Happiny, Buneary or Drifloon). Go to the old ruins at the top right of the square. Go in the left ruin. Inside on the left is the Amulet Coin.

Go to the big white rock on route 224 get an action replay ds and walk off north and you will see shaymin walk down the longseabreak path than at the flower paradise you will see him. | Submitted by suprpokemonledgend

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Fire Red in the cartridge slot and search for Arbok at the Safari Game.

Arceus i the god of all pokemon. It can only be obtained with the Azure flute witch you can only get with nintendo events. After obtaining it, head to the Spear Pillar where you fought Dialga or Palkia. Go on the symbol btween the two pillars and some stairs will appear taking you up to the "Hall of Origin". Arceus is at lv 80 so b reparred. It knows

Hyper beam
Future sight | Submitted by brandikins11

After you beat the game go to solaceon town until you see professor elm. he will tell you about a dogish looking pokemon. then go to sandgem town and head inside the lab. you will see your rival and he will say that rowan went back to the spear pillar at mount coronet. go up there and talk to him. he will be with an old man. the old man will give you a clathentic orb. go to victory road and head out the secret exit(the guy will only let you go through if you get the national dex)go to the end of the route where that big stone is at. use the orb and it will break open. arceus will come out. then it will dissapear. go back to the snowpoint city and it will be there. press A again at it and it will leave again. go to wayard cave where mira waz at and battle it at level 70. | Submitted by DiddyKong

After battling and quelling Dialga or Palkia, the three legendary Pokemon will be scattered around Sinnoh. Positioned in Lake Valor is the Blue Pokemon in the trio. You battle it here and it is only here once. Make sure to save. It is at level 50.

Go to the pokemon mansion between 2:00am and 5:00am and you may touch the statue in his room. | Submitted by Pokemonfantasy

To get Ball Capsules you must have the Seal Case then you go to Sunyshore City. Go up until you see a building that has ribbons on it. Go inside it and walk up to a man with glasses. He will let you buy Ball Capsules. When you buy one, go to the Pokemon Center. Go to the PC. Go on your file. Go to Ball Capsules and select a Pokeball. You will see an icon. Use your stylus and drag the icon to the Pokeball. You can put on as many as desired. Select "Confirm" and you have made a Ball Capsule.

Once you beat the game go and complete the pokedex.after seeing all the pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex try to complete the national pokedex. if you see EVERY SINGLE POKEMON EVER then head back to sandgem town and rowan will challenge you.

his pokemon are:
torterra lv.100
empoleon lv.100
infernape lv.100 | Submitted by costas

Look on your town map. You will see a huge island on the top right hand corner of your screen. thats the battle zone. to get there you must beat the elite four and complete the sinnoh pokedex. Then fly to snowpoint city and ride the boat. go quikly though because if you take too much time then your rival will fine you 100 million dollars. | Submitted by costas

This will only work if you have 2 DC's and 2 Games. (Or you use a friends) Start the game and get the starter pokemon you want. Then trade it to your other game and restart your game. Then if you got the fire type, get water this time, if you got water, get grass, if you got grass, get water. Now trade back the starter pokemon you got earlier. Now your rival will have the opposite type pokemon as you so you will have an advantage and hey, you get to starter pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

1. Dialga
2. Rapidash
3. Gravler
4. Rosalia
5. Staravi
6. Piplups third evolvment | Submitted by Ricecakes

Go to the elite four and go in the first room where elite four aaron is. Make a certain pokemon learn cut, rock smash, strength,and surf. Go up to the door that leads to the next room and use cut. The door will break open allowing you to go to the next room without fighting aaron. in the next room with elite four bertha go to the door and use rock smash. that door should break as well so you can go to the next room. again go to the door and use strength. the door will break open. go to the next room and use surf at the door. It will break open. In the final room go up to the door and press A 47 times and it will open. congrats! you just beat the game without facing any elite four member!! Even though you think that you will face cynthia at the end because you walk right up to her. but before you enter the room press B at the flashing light on the right side of the door. this allows you to go right past her.remember-this only works with the right pokemon and it will not work if you dont have it. the pokemon is supposed to be legendary and it cannot be found in sinnoh. You must migrate it from pokemon looks like an alien thing and its from space. Its name starts with a D. And it must be on level 1 because thats what level its at when you find it. | Submitted by ramond

Many people will tell you that it is possible to get to a place called Benco City on Diamond/Pearl but this is not so. Rumours include "releasing every pokemon you have except for two Starlies and a starter pokemon in Canaclave city" and "beating the elite four seven times". there are more, usually all copied and pasted from other sites, but i digress. Bottom line, there is no such place as Benco City. However, has anyone noticed that there is a little bit of squiggly random pathway just after the pokemon league on the map? The map says it is a route so it must be something useful. Someone please work out what that is and post it. | Submitted by ILiveUnderYourBed

If you want more berries, each time you plant some, water them during each cycle of growth.

Earthquake, Close Combat, Aura Shere <(signature move), and Hyper Beam. | Submitted by KenFougere

I think that the fire type pokemon are the best starters so I would pick Chimchar. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Here is a good team to have:


Get this team and you'll be invincible! | Submitted by xsdre352cfd

Set the system date to the birthday registered in the settings. Talk to Dawn after defeating the Elite Four and they will wish you a happy birthday.

Go to Route 222.Use cut at a tree/shrub. Look in the tall grass and there Will be blue Gastrodons. | Submitted by SuperRyan64

To catch a blue shellos go to route 231 and you should find it. | Submitted by Wyatt

Go to Jubilife City and see the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Use this page to generate these words. This will enable a special Box Wallpaper in your game.

Defeat the Elite Four and get the National Dex. Go to Spring Path and go to the right. Go up then go left where you can use Rock Climb. When you get down there will be a hole. Go in and look around until you find Bronzor.

To capture mespirit easly you must fly to jubilife city.Then go down until you are in the midle of jubilife city and route202.Now you must enter and exit the city and enter route202 and backwords.For each time you enter and exit jubilife city mespirit will move do this until mespirit is close to you and find him.This way you dont have to chase him. | Submitted by georgethepokecrazy

To capture rotom you must go to the old chateau and go up to the second floor then go to a room with a tv talk to the tv and will ask you something say yes and rotom will apear from the tv and he will battle you imedeatly. (he is a legendary and he apears at lv 15) | Submitted by georgethepokecrazy

To catch Drifloon, go to valley windworks on a Friday. It will be flying around in front of the windworks. Go over in front of it and press A. The battle will begin! | Submitted by buizelluver

While chasing Mesprit wait untill it goes just north of Twinleaf. Find it and it should be easier to get. | Submitted by angelmateoviera

To catch Pokemon easier after you threw your pokeball keep pressing B repeadily. You should have a better chance of catching that Pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Rotom is a lv 15 legendary after you beat the elite 4 so don't use your normal pokemon. After the elite 4 go to Eterna city and go out left. Keep going left until you get to the tree that goes to the forest. Cut the tree near the fence and go into the old chateua. Go upstairs and through the door in front then go through the second door and click on the TV. It will only work at night though. | Submitted by pokeman

When you go to the caves were the three ledgendaries are at battle them (except Mesprit it runs away) first get its HP down to a minimum of 10hp or less, then throw any kind of ball and do the following.

1. When it says so and so threw the whatever ball press an hold L and R.
2. When the ball opens press A.
3. When the ball flashes press b and hold it until the ball hits the ground then release ONLY A then start pressing L, R, B, and A.

Have the Game Boy Advance game Pokemon Fire Red in the cartridge slot and search for Caterpie at Route 204 south.

Happiny can evolve into Chansey if it is happy with you and you use an Oval Stone on it. Fortunately if it is happy with you it means that it will probably evolve into Blissey shortly after it evolves into Chansey.

Use the following trick to get Chatot early in the game. First, go to the grass in front of the Valley Wind Works and capture a Buizel. Train it to level 14. Then, go to Eterna City. Go into the building to the right of the Pokemart. There will be a boy at the table closest to the bookshelf. Talk to him and he will ask you to trade him your Buizel for his Chatot. Trade with him and you will get a level 14 Chatot.

If you do a bit of exploring and talking to people, you will eventually encounter someone who says that Chatot can learn human words. Once you obtain one (after trading with a girl in an early town) and get it to about level 20, it will learn the move Chatter. As they said, it can indeed learn human words. Once it learns Chatter, go to your Pokemon menu and select "Chatot". It will show Chatter along with summary, switch, and etc. From here, press A and record what you want to say in the DS mic. Not only will Chatot say what you said whenever you use the move Chatter, but it will become its cry. Note: This is not permanent, so you can change its Chatter as often as desired. Also, the speech will be slightly distorted so it will not sound exactly as you said it. The recorded sound lasts for only one day, so you will have to re-record it.

Chingling will only evolve into Chimecho if it is happy with you and it levels up at night.

Here's how to clone your EEVEE. first, get an eevee from bebe once you have the national dex. next, migrate a DITTO from a previous game. put them together in the daycare in solaceon town and they'll have an egg together.voila! You've cloned your EEVEE.(Note:This Works with most other pokemon too, but ALL pokemon that are breeded will hatch eventually,and when they do, they will only be level one.) Happy Breeding! | Submitted by toomanyturtwigs

For this you will need to be able to connect to the internet on your DS. Also you need to be far enough through the game to access the GTS building in Jubilife City.

Please note that this takes a lot of patience. This doesn't always work 1st time round. It usually takes a few attempts to get it to work. When i first tried this, it took me 12 tries to make it happen.

There is also a risk that you may lose your pokemon. It will become clear why as I explain how to do it.

Step 1) Go to Jubilife City and enter the GTS building. Once in, talk to the receptionist and you will be let into the trading room.

Step 2) Put the pokemon you want to clone up for trade. This is the risk. When you submit it, make sure it is a pokemon you are willing to trade OR ask for a pokemon that is much better.
For example, if you are submitting a level 50 entei, ask for a level 100 entei, that way if it goes wrong and some idiot trades you, then you will still have gained something.

Step 3) after you submit the pokemon, a text box will show up at the bottom of your screen, showing 'Checking GTS status...' and there will also be a small clock-like icon in the bottom-right corner. Wait for the clock to go round about 7 and 3/4 times and turn your DS off just before it finishes. (this is why it takes quite a few attempts, as you have to find out how many turns of the clock it takes for your DS)

Step 4) Load up your game. When you load it, it should say something about corrupt data. This should happen. It is safe, as your game backs up all data. Your previous data will load.

Step 5) if done correctly, the pokemon you wanted to clone should still be in your party/pc, whichever it was in. Enter the GTS and the pokemon should also be in there as well. Withdraw it from the GTS and you will have two of the same pokemon.

Enjoy =) | Submitted by CaptainSnowman

There is a glitch in the GREAT RANK CUTE CONTEST in Hearthome City,first you get a level 60 BUNEARY (any level will do mines was on 60)in the last round in the battle part (your Buneary must know BOUNCE!) use bounce on the contest judge DEXTER he will say buneary gets 3+ hearts but instead of getting 3 you get 2 an Buneary will use bounce in the air.

To get this legendary pokemon go to canalave city after you beat the game and head into the sailors house and you should see his kid is in his bed. talk to the kid and the mom then the sailor will come in and ask you to go to new moon island to retrieve medicine. go from his boat and go up to cresselia at new moon island. it will dissapear but grab the item then head back to canalave. the boy will be cured and then to get cresselia look on the poketech app. that you used to catch mesprit and start chasing down cresselia. | Submitted by costas

Have you ever tried to catch mesprit or cresselia? and then they teleported? Well, I will tell you how to catch them!first, go to turnback cave and catch a haunter. If it doesn't have mean look or hypnosis,get some heart scales and go to pastoria city and talk to the guy who can teach old, fly to eterna city. Get on your marking map. Walk so that you stop at
THE VERY BEGINNING OF THAT ROUTE! now, go to eterna city so that it only takes a step. On your marking map, it'll say cresselia or mesprit moved! Keep going back and forth until its where u are.look near the grassy patches NEAR THE HONEY TREE NOT THE WATER! since haunter should have a speed of 114, it should go first. Use mean look, then try to lower the life to red. Use hypnosis and get lots of nest, timer, and great balls. Have fun catching it, because they are not that hard to catch. Cresselia knows aurora beam, slash, mist, and future sight. I wouldn't know about mesprit, cause I killed it by accident. Hope you get them! (there are more places Cresselia and Mesprit go its like a hundred long pattern) | Submitted by empoleonrules

When your battling Cynthia:

Spiritomb - Normal,steel
Gastrodon - Fighting,grass
Garchomp - Dragon,ground
Lucario - Fighting,ghost
Milotic - Grass
Roserade - Fire, flying | Submitted by Brody

You can get darkrai by using cheating devices such as the action replay. | Submitted by Alex

Performing the glitch isn't a problem at all. In fact, it is a very, very easy process. However, while the glitch is easy to execute, and can work for anyone with an earlier Japanese version, it is still a dangerous glitch. If you make it to either Darkrai or Sheimi/Shaymin, then you're safe. However, absolutely every single itsy bitsy thing you do in between the first room of the Elite Four and the "Flower Paradise" or New Moon Island can be very dangerous.

Anyway, the first thing you do is travel to the room of the first fight of the Elite Four. When you arrive there, walk back towards the door that locked behind you when you entered. While looking towards that door, and as far as you can walk up to it, have a Pokemon use "Surf". Crazy, huh? That's not supposed to work, right? After all, it's ridiculous to surf on...concrete. However, for whatever reason, your character will jump through the door onto that now-surfing Pokemon!

You have now wound up past the game's normally travelable areas, past boundaries and into a void. Again, don't worry. You can walk in throughout this void as far as you please, but because this is a very dangerous glitch, you'll need not to move an inch, but only in the right direction and distance! Don't move yet! From here, you will have the ability to visit a number of places. I have provided safe directions to three significant locations: Where Darkrai and Sheimi/Shaymin are, and right in the middle of the Hall of Fame.To access Darkrai, from where you should now be standing, and using the
Poketch's built-in Step Counter, walk 146 steps to the east. After that, walk 254 steps south, for a total of 400 steps.

If you feel you've messed up, you can always fly from where you are to the game's other areas. The next part is what can mess some people up very easily, as you will have to be unusually still for a certain amount of time.

Now, use the Explorer Kit to go underground. This will cause you to save. When you go underground, DON'T MOVE! Simply resurface. Guess where you are? You're at New Moon Island! The place looks a little messed up, but don't worry about that. Maneuver yourself west around the glitchy visuals for a short distance, or look at your Map Key Item to help clear it up, then afterwards travel north into the woods. Floating right before you is the rare Pokemon Darkrai!

Common statistics:
National Pokedex entry number: 491
Height: 4'11", or 1.5 meters
Weight: 111.3 lb., or 50.6 kilograms
Gender Ratio: (Genderless)
Base Happiness: 0
Species: Darkness Pokemon
Evolves into: Not Applicable
Evolves from: Not Applicable

Battling statistics:
Type: Dark (It's the very first pure Dark-type legendary Pokemon.)
Ability: Bad Dreams (Constantly deducts 1/16 of a sleeping Pokemon's HP)
Level found: 40
Catch Rate: 3/255 (The higher, the better; unfortunately for you this time)

Congratulations! Once you're done with either capturing or killing it (if you have beaten the game, Darkrai won't give you any problems), you can fly away at your earliest convenience. If you can't, know that that sometimes can happen in some Japanese games, so turn off your game and try it again.

Sheimi/Shaymin is also acquired in the exact same way, but it's in a different location. It is easier, when you start all over again, to reset your Poketch's pedometer, as you can very easily get lost. You shouldn't have to needlessly lose time, because, again, this is a very easy glitch. After you wind up again in the void outside the door of that same room, walk 200 steps east. Afterwards, walk 363 steps south, totaling to 563 steps taken. After that, walk 722 steps east, totaling to 1285 steps. From where you stand, walk 19 steps west, totaling to 1304 steps.

Don't think you can shorten the 722 steps east by 19 to reach the same place--trust me, it won't work. Make sure you go 722 steps east, and only then take 19 steps west. It is important that you follow directions for your safety. Again,
go underground with your Explorer Kit, and without moving, immediately resurface. Look at your Map Key Item to help take care of the visual glitchiness you are probably experiencing. You're now below the "Flower Paradise" with Sheimi/Shaymin straight ahead of you.

===Faster Method by leebui===
Another person, known as "leebui", has given me directions as to how to get to where Sheimi/Shaymin is, but in a much faster and simpler way. From right outside that Elite Four door, walk 903 steps east. After that, walk south 363 steps, for only 1266 steps. That's 38 steps shorter, and two steps less! All you do after this is go underground with the kit and resurface--you'll know what comes next. Anyway, thank you very much leebui!

Common statistics:
National Pokedex entry number: 492
Height: 0'8", or 0.2 meters
Weight: 4.6 lb., or 2.1 kilograms
Gender Ratio: (Genderless)
Base Happiness: 100
Species: Gratitude Pokemon
Evolves into: Not Applicable
Evolves from: Not Applicable

Battling statistics:
Type: Grass (And it's the very first pure Grass-type legendary Pokemon, too!)
Ability: Natural Cure (Every time this Pokemon is withdrawn from battle, all malignant statuses are automatically cured, which of course won't affect your battle with it.)
Level found: 30
Catch Rate: 45/255 (The higher, the better; this instance is in your favor.)

This fight will be a pushover. However, I still suggest that you bring with you as many Ultra Balls, Great Balls, and Pokeballs that you think you'll need. You don't want to risk more than you need to by saving at the "Flower Paradise".

I would like to congratulate you on successfully and legitimately capturing either of these Pokemon. I'm sure it turned out to be fun and easy. Either that, or at least much easier compared to the less rare and much tougher other legendary hunts. However, there is one more way you can safely make good use of this glitch, and that is by skipping the Elite Four. | Submitted by Jonny

DO NOT SET YOUR DATE AHEAD ON YOUR DS TO MIGRATE!!! If you do you wont be able to migrate for another 24 hours after you set it so you have to wait even longer. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Ok so this only works if you have Action Replay, get deoxys and go to veilstone city and on the far right down the bottom there should be so meteors. The one at the bottom on the left is defence. The one at the bottom on the right is attack. The one in the middle is normal. The one at the top is speed! | Submitted by WAKKOJAKKO

If you have a Deoxys and, for example, have speed form but you want attack form, go to Veilstone City. After that walk east and go to a meteorite. Talk to your Deoxys (top speed, middle normal, bottom left attack, bottom right defense) and it will change form.

You will need Rock Climb, Surf, and Strength. To capture Dialga, start out with Fighting or Ground type moves. This causes twice the damage and reduces its HP by a lot. Then, use Water, Normal, Electric, or Flying type moves which only do half the damage. Use this technique to get its HP to the red then throw Pokeballs at it.

You will encounter a Diagla at some point in the game. If you fail to catch him the first time, visit Sandgem Town. You will find Lucas standing in front of the Pokemon Lab. Check with him regularly and he will tell you when Diagla has reappeared.

Once you get to Spear Pillar, the difficult part is the battle with the boss, Cyrus. However if you have an electric Pokemon and your starter, it should be fairly easy. If your starter was a Grotle, train it to level 46 or 47 before you go to Mount Coronet. Make sure that it knows the move Earthquake. Save the game before you go up after talking to Professor Rowan. When you start the battle with Dialga, use a Quick Ball. If that does not catch it, use Earthquake. If you knock it out with a critical hit, turn off the game and try again. It will now be very easy to snatch your prize with an Ultra Ball.

Atop Mt. Coronet, after doing battle with Team Galaxy grunts, admin and Team Galaxy Boss, Dialga will have been awakened. After the legendary trio appear, Dialga's power will be quelled but you are capable of fighting it. This is immediately after the battle with the team Galaxy Boss so you will not have time to heal. It is at level 47.

I'm not sure if this works or not, but my mate told me that if u finish the Elete 4 7 times, then go to Celestic town and go into the big house in the middle and talk to the old Lady/Granny and she will show u a card with Palkia/Dialga on it then talk 2 her again and she will show u Palkia/Dialga and then say "I Have No Need For Him Anymore, Would You Like Him?" If u say yes and u have 5 or less pokemen in your party then u will get Palkia/Dialga

P.S If you don't have 5 or less Pokemon in your party u will have 2 do the 7 Elite 4 again! | Submitted by hyper23432

Set the system date to January 12th and Fly up to Snowpoint City. Instead of the normal snow you will see Diamond Dust "snow".

Have any of you ever gone to Backlot's place to try to touch the statue? Well, I know how to make the guard disappear. First, change the DS time to any time between 2 am and 5 am to make the guard go on break. Then save the game. Change the time back and go to Backlot's room. The guard will not be standing there. | Submitted by noob

To get a drifloon you may have heard you get it at 9:00 - 9:43 in the morning well thats wrong. Drifloon apears outside the valley windworks every Friday. | Submitted by DDaddy

Dual trading is a special trick its not really a cheat. If you insert pokemon emerald into the Game boy slot & Diamond you trade the pokemon onto each other game. But you cant send new pokemon back to emerald. | Submitted by WINKSTAZ

Get a ditto with no item and another pokemon with the item you wish to duplicate as partners in a double battle and have a pokemon knowing thief with you. Make ditto use transform on the pokemon that has the item then switch the other pokemon with the pokemon that knows thief and use thief on ditto, then after the battle the pokemon with thief and the pokemon with the item both have the item. | Submitted by Pokemonfantasy

Save first before you start. First access your PC. Then put in the pokemon you want to duplicate from your party to Box 8 (it should be alone!) Next, release that pokemon (Don't worry you won't lose it). Then save (it should say Saving a lot of data), turn off the power after 10 seconds (exactly 15 seconds) during the save. Then you should have the pokemon in your party and in your PC box 8. | Submitted by GTFerrari

This requires 2 DS's and 2 games. You can have whatever starter pokemon you want. Then, trade with your friend or yourself. Get all 3 starter pokemon. Okay, now you got Fire, Water, and Grass. Now, get a powerful Flying and Electric pokemon. Now you got all the types you should have. Fire for Grass, Water for Fire, Grass for Ground and Water. Flying can be switched with Psychic for fighting pokemon. Then Electric for Flying and Water. | Submitted by DarthIsaac

Here's the way to do easy battles in your Pokemon game. Make sure you have 2 pokemon diamonds, pokemon pearls, or 1 of each. Get all the Pokemon you want to become stronger, and trade it to your other Pokemon game. Put all the pokemon you trade into your party except make sure the pokemon you used for the Elite 4 are in your Party.Give 1 of the pokemon
the exp. share and battle the elite four train the pokemon till its the level you want it to be and then take the exp. share away and give it to a different pokemon you traded. Then do the same over and over till all the pokemon you traded are the level you want them to be. Trade them back to your other game and then you can battle people and beat them in 1 hit
maybe. Also, the pokemon you traded were your pokemon, so they'll obey you! Hoped that helped! | Submitted by Daniel

If it seems kind of hard to you to catch Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit, then this is what you should do(Requires the defeat of the elite four). First make sure you've seen every pokemon except Mesprit Uxie and Azelf. Now Go to Mesprit once and it will run away. Then go see Azelf and once you go into battle, run away. Then do the same with Uxie. The reason you should
run away is because the next day or so, they'll be back again. Now you've seen all the pokemon. Go get your national dex from Prof. Rowan. Then go to the Pal Park and save your game and shut it off. Get three of our gameboy pokemon games that have the masterball( ex. Ruby Sapphire and Emerald). Make sure you give the master ball to 1 of the pokemon you are going to migrate to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Migrate your pokemon, and take the master balls.Wait at least a day or change the date on your callender untill Uxie and Azelf are back and use the masterballs on both of them. Now go look for Mesprit from the Marking Map App,and when it appears, use the 3rd Masterball, and you have all 3 legendarys. | Submitted by Daniel






By the way,the legendaries that you should use is only dialga or palkia. | Submitted by lucario437

Ok this glitch was found in the japanese version of the game so I am not sure if it works in the US

Go to the Elite four and go to the first room and turn around and go to the door use surf on the door and you might jump over it. now you can walk around in the abyss.

you can also go anywhere you want with the right number of steps.

yes you can even go to the event pokemon. | Submitted by Plaswack

First: flying, fire

Second: ice, grass, water

Third: rock, ground, water

Fourth: bug, ghost | Submitted by pokeaholic

At the battle zone beat your rival 100 times and you will be able to enlarge it. heres some more stuff:

beat him 150 times:get a gorgeous gem
beat him 200 times:get a pokemon trophy (bronze)
beat him 250 times:get a pokemon trophy (silver)
beat him 300 times:get a pokemon trophy (gold)
beat him 1000 times:you unlock the hoenn region-you can go there and explore
beat him 1500 times: unlock johto region
beat him 2000 times: unlock kanto region -yes this seems impossible but its not. just go every few minutes and challenge him. oh yeah- if you beat him over 10000 times your game will get a serious glitch | Submitted by chris

Hold Up + Select + B at the title screen.

Once you beat the game, go back to sunnyshore city and talk to the old people that say that once there was a friendly boy in the town named cyrus (team galactic boss)little do you know they are his grandparents and go everyday until you see cyrus. he will ask you if you want to join team galactic. If you say yes, than you only do one mission-rob the pokemon department store but then you will never be able to go in there again. | Submitted by costas

Certain stones make certain Pokemon evolve.

Dawn Stone: Mt. Coronet. On the second visit the first floor.
Dusk Stone: Galactic Warehouse
Fire Stone: Fuego Ironworks. Dig underground.
Leaf Stone: Floarama Meadow. Dig underground.
Moon Stone: Occasionally Wild Clefairy and Lunatone hold it; Dig underground.
Oval Stone: Lost Tower second floor
Shiny Stone: Iron Island
Sun Stone: Solrock sometimes hold it; Dig underground.
Thunder Stone: Sunnyshore City. Dig underground.
Water Stone: Route 214. Dig underground.

Did you seel your odd keystone already. Well you can get another by going to Twinleaf Town. Go into the middle of the pond or lake. Go left until you get to the end. Press the A button, and you should get a odd keystone. | Submitted by Maddy

All you have to do is get a pokemon that knows magma armor or flame body.

1) Get the pokemon egg you want to hatch.

2) Get a pokemon that has magma armor or flame body.

3) You usually have to walk about 10,300 steps or around there but doing this will cut the hatching time in 1/2!!

ENJOY!!! | Submitted by cheatmaster27

To catch Feebas you will need ANY fishing rod, access to Mt. Coronet (North), and most of all patience.In the entire lake within Mt. Coronet there are only 4 tiles that Feebas will be in. These tiles change every day and are different in each copy of the game. Even if on the right spot there is still only a 50% chance of catching this very rare fish. My advice is to scan the tiles from right to left fishing 2-3 times in every spot (just to make sure you don't have bad luck and miss him). A lot of websites and people say that you need the super rod to catch Feebas but i caught 30 of them just as easily with a good rod. Once Feebas is found you can fish and find him over and over again in that same spot anytime until the next day, so stock up on these fish to trade them later on the GTS. The information is from from the official Nintendo Power, Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Guide. If you want to save yourself the trouble of catching him yourself I have many to trade away my code is 29239. Thanks! | Submitted by Momo

I bet it you are going nuts trying to find the suit key. Well go to the beach in Valor Lake Front and go into Hotel Grande Lake. Then go through the hotel to the other side. Then right when you get outside use your Dowsing Machine and it will tell you exactly where it is. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Good Rod: Obtained from a fisherman on a jetty on Route 209.
Old Rod: Obtained from a fisherman in Jubilife City.
Super Rod: After defeating the Elite Four, go to Snow Point City. Your rival will invite you. Take the boat to the fight area. As soon as you arrive, go up and there will be a fisherman. He will ask you a question, agree with him and he will give you the Super Rod.

Heres how to go to Fugeo Ironworks. Fly to floroma town. Go left not into valley windworks but the route before that. Use surf at the body of water. Keep going left. You will then find fugeo ironworks. | Submitted by koalaperson95

If you've ever played pokemon colloseum or XD gale of darkness there will be a release on a game called pokemon battle revolution where pokemon acually hit each other you can trade you DS pOKEMON TO THE BATTLE REVOLUTION WHEN IT COMES OUT ON THE NINTENDO WII. | Submitted by AaronCrowie

To get Gallade you have to have a dawn stone a boy Kirlia then use the dawn stone on Kirlia. | Submitted by legendmaker

To get gengar:

1) Go to eterna forest.

2) Go into the old chateu.

3) Go to the dining room and follow the ghost until you can't find him.

4) Exit the dining room.

5) Go upstairs into the middle door.

6) Go into the first room on the right.

7) Talk to the girl and she will dissapear.

8) Get out the the room.

9) Go to the second room on the right.

10) Click on the picture with the flashing eyes.

11) Move around the room until you find a gengar. | Submitted by lucario437

This isn't a cheat but you can do it.

1.Get the national dex and then go to BeBes house and she,ll give you eevee.

2.Beat the elite four and go to pal park and migrate eevee from a game boy advance verson of pokemon.

3.Use the pokeradar until you find eevee.

Hope this helps. :) | Submitted by cheaterdan

Complete every pokedex and see every pokemon then go to Pro. Rowans lab and go to the tiny room on the right. Hop down the stairs and a master ball will be there. | Submitted by herokid

If you want to find Darkrai or Shaymin after you beat the game all you have to do is get an action replay thing and the national dex. The first thing you have to do is add a cheat that allows you to walk through walls. Next you have to travel to Canalave City and talk to the sailor. When he takes you to fullmoon island go and click on the pokemon in the forest. It will fly away just like Mesprit.

It leaves behind the item the sailor needs. After you help the sailor's son wake from his nightmare save the game and use the action replay cheat I mentioned. Back in Canalave City have the sailor take you back to Fullmoon island. This is to find Darkrai. When you arive at the island go east and that cheat should let you walk across the water to Fullmoon island's twin, Newmoon island.

When you get to Newmoon island go into the opening in the forest. When you go in Darkrai should be floating there waiting for you.

Next is Shaymin using the cheat to walk through walls, fly to the pokemon league. Once there go east and search on the land for a big white rock. If you find it go to the right of it and go forward. You should see Shaymin and then it dissapears. Walk down the path until yopu reach a place called "flower paradise". Walk forward And you should find Shaymin.

P.S.: Just a fact but if you go to pal park using that one cheat I kept talking about you can go behind pal park and find some patches of grass. There aren't many good pokemon there but it's just a fun little place to hide. | Submitted by Darkrain-X

After you have the national pokedex go to Canavale city. Go right out of the city to route 218 and go to the patch of grass. Use the pokeradar and you will find it. | Submitted by masterap

Put the HM that you don't want at the top of the moves list, do this by pressing A and then go to the move and press A again and move it to the place you want it to go and then press A again, then put it in the day-care and when your pokemon learns a new move it will be kicked off. THIS WORKS I GOT RID OF FLY FOR MY STARAVI

 | Submitted by brady

I'm not sure if this will work for all of the versions or not but i got my female drifloon this morning at around 9:00 am to 9:43 am, my game time was around 76 hours (but this doesnt matter) and i have uxie and azelf caught and dialga and it was standing outside the 'Valley Windworks' next to route 205. make sure you have a good ammount of various balls, i caught it with a quick ball, (may not always work), make sure u have a pokemon that can make it sleep or paralyze it that way it wont kill ur pokemon, it was lvl 22 wen i found it and its atks are: Gust, Focus Energy, Payback, Stockpile. Make sure you have the pokemon that can paralyze, sleep, etc it on first, make it fall asleep, etc then get a pokemon at lvl 20-24 to use weak attacks on it until the hp bar is in yellow zone, if is still asleep then attempt to catch it, if not make it sleep, if it is still paralyzed then catch it. To get the Drifloom You want eg. female, Unburden, Naive, etc. save the game next to the drifloom and battle it until it has female, male. I chose a female so when i get a ditto i can attempt to breed it. | Submitted by Patty

You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from your Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game, you can get all the fourth generation Pokemon, but only about fifty original Hoenn/Kanto/Johto Pokemon.

First is the Normal Card which is red. Then there is the Bronze Card which is blue. Then there is the Copper Card which is copper. Then there is the Silver Card which is silver. Then there is the Gold Card which is gold. Then there is the Black Card which is black. Here is how you get the different cards:

1. Defeat the Pokemon League
2. Complete the National Pokedex
3. Win 100 Consecutive Battles at the Battle Tower
4. Win all divisions at the master rank of the Pokemon super contests
5. Get the Platinum Flag in your Underground Secret Base | Submitted by xgreendayx

To Get a drifloom go to the valley windworks next to route 205 and it should be there, if not then get some honey and slather it on the tree next to the building and on the tree next to the small bridge in route 205, after about half a day or so, go to the tree, battle the pokemon and after the battle drfiloom should be standing outside the building, to get a female drifloom save the game next to it and then talk to it, if its not a girl restart the game, and keep battling it until it is a girl. | Submitted by Patto

You first start with the Normal Flag. Then when you steal 1 flag from your friend you get the Bronze Flag. The when you steal 3 flags you get the Silver Flag. Then when you steal 10 flags you get a Gold Flag, Then finally when you steal 50 flags you get a Platinum Flag. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Did you ever want a mew? Well I did so I found this really awesome code (if you don't have a action replay then get one) if you have one here is the code:

B21c4d28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000304 000000ec
56c40def 92610000
652a0449 169eac41
D375d032 b52ef452
B6d6a688 d7a79742
80fd7ee4 6915235e
506df00f d6001978
9072ceba a2591012
45923bb1 417adcbc
Ab3f5db3 21511a7d
3dc8fe5b 5a6c51b4
F3295899 67863f2e
Fe7b5e95 236bfd13
F85b3062 093717bc
42454ef4 64fecc7b
4be274a9 cfd8f740
D9bc40fd 66ec7568
9b4d084c ac8f16e4
5f872393 bd99f2cf
Def78793 a7fe89f0
02337d36 a7860b03
58e4fdeb 63ce583a
9b8aa157 e92cedbf
5dafa310 3468b978
B703c3ef 49a76ad7
5cf4d105 6cfda13b
Df64d299 50469c95
Fc9c2771 4a35544e
407f1050 eaad1868
63026fc0 804f20e3
19dbc211 00000000
D2000000 00000000

This works but it turns in too an egg so tell if you know a egg haching code or secret. | Submitted by pok'emonMaster23

Ever wonder why you can't find Giles in the Wayward Cave? Well I have the answer. Under Bike Bridge, (where the Wayward Cave is located) there is a secret passage way UNDER THE BRIGDE!!! You can find Geodudes, Zubats, and most importantly, Gibles! | Submitted by KenFougere

After beating the elite four go to veilstone city and head south. Before arriving at valor lakefront go east into the spring path and head north into turnback cave. Go to the end and he will be there at level 70. | Submitted by costas

Giratina is a Dragon/Ghost type. It's # 487 in the National Dex. Now heres how you get this awsome pokemon. After you get the National Dex, go to the Return cave wich is in Route 214. Go to the very back of the cave, you will find this legendary pokemon. It's at Lv. 70. Like all Legendarys, this pokemon has an unkown gender. Try using Dusk, Ultra, and Quick Balls. Or easily toss the Master Ball.

P.S. You can find this pokemon in both Diamond and Pearl games. | Submitted by KenFougere

To get glitch city you must have started out with turtwig and have beaten the story mode. Keep going to your house until your moms not there.tHEN go 2 sandgem into the lab and she will be there talk 2 herr and she will ask you if u want to help out herding some miltanks. say no and she will ask you L1 7 times then go outside and go underground and go right back up. for some reason you will be in sunyshore city and it will be all glitchy.

its weird but if you save while ur there and you turn your game on again, you will be at eterna city. | Submitted by Petey

This was in the japaneese version so i dont know if it works in the english version.

Fly to hearthome city and go inside the contest hall. go up to the PC and have a pokemon use surf. somehow you will surf right ontop of the computer. then go out the door. you will see cynthia walking around on the roof of the contest hall! | Submitted by costas

First, go to the elite 4 in the first room use surf on the door go 754 steps to the right go 700 steps down go undergroud then resufice go 1 step down than one step up congrats!!! your there

Note: this only works in the japanese version. | Submitted by pokeaholic

The maze that you go through to find grinata is random each time you use it. | Submitted by uchihablood2

If you set your calendar on your DS to your registered birthday and talk to you Professor Rowan's assistant they will wish you a happy birthday! This is only possible after you beat the elite four.

If you are trying to hatch an egg and have a Pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability in your party, then it will cut the hatch time in half.

Put a ditto and a Chimchar or any of the evolutions of Chimchar in daycare and they will have an egg together. You will get a lvl. 1 Chimchar after you hatch the egg. It takes 5311 steps to hatch the egg. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Put a ditto and a Chimchar or any of the evolutions of Chimchar in daycare and they will have an egg together. You will get a lvl. 1 Chimchar after you hatch the egg. It takes 5311 steps to hatch the egg. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Put a ditto and a Maril in daycare and they will have an egg together. You will get a lvl. 1 Maril after you hatch the egg. It takes 1805 steps to hatch the egg. | Submitted by xgreendayx

When you get an egg on Iron Island a Riolu will hatch from in after you take 6456 steps with it in your party. | Submitted by xgreendayx

At the battle zone when you go the second time to starks mountain go back to the end and battle it at level 70. | Submitted by costas

To find the secret item,go to wayward cave.Go to where you find Mira,get her then when you are going to leave the cave,instead of heading out go down to where the 2 trainers are and fight them.When you win head down to wherethe rocks are and press a at each one.When you find the right one,it will say you have picked up a tiny mushroom(also,you need to have rock smash and needed to of beeten the 2nd gym). | Submitted by John

Have you ever wanted a high level Psyduck or a Psyduck ready to evolve to Golduck in between the levels of at least 30 - 40 or so? Go to route 214 and right when you get to route 214, you'll see a patch of water(Make sure you have surf.) Surf on the water and just keep surfing around and once you come across a wild pokemon, and it'll be a Psy duck level 30 -40 or some level like that. Also, if you think it'll take to long for you to grow it a level, surf to the top right corner of the patch of water and you'll find a rare candy(unless you already found that there. | Submitted by Daniel

After putting honey on a tree, you must wait twelve hours before a Pokemon will appear, and they will only be there for fifteen minutes.

To beat ur rivals piplup with ur chimchar on the first battle, do the following:

Step 1)When ur chimchar has full HP give it a potion.

Step 2)Use ember on the piplup.After the flame hits piplup and before his turn press A,X,LEFT,UP,RIGHT,Y,Y,B. This should burn piplup.

Step 3) use leer until the burn affects piplup twice. after it affects piplup twice use scratch twice then ur ember again. Piplup should have 5 HP.

Step 4) this last step is amazing!!!! If piplup has 5 hp and u have done every thing correctly this should work. Use leer. after that burn should affect piplup leaving him with 3 hp. use leer again. If u did every thing correctly leer should kill piplup!!!!!!!!! Its AMAZING!!! | Submitted by PokeMANIAC67

To catch Heatran, you need to beat the game. Then when you escort the guy in the stark mountain go to the left in the survival place(i forgot the name). Go to the door of the pokemon center and go left. You will see a house enter it and there will be the guy. Talk to him. Then go to the place where he get the treasure.Heatren will be there. Have fun catching it. | Submitted by khorey

Go to the bike path, when you're on your way to Oreburgh from Eterna. There is a tree, cut it. About 3 times you'll see rocks. The 3rd time, go to it until you find a cave, in there you can find Gibles. It may be 4th. | Submitted by DarthIsaac

How to get crobat is get a golbat then have high friendship with it and it will evolve into crobat. | Submitted by koalaperson95

If you want a shiny girantina you jsut save the game in front of girantina and go to battle him. If it is not shiny then turn your ds off and do it again and again and again until your girantina is shiny, this is the same with all rare pokemon ( mesprit, dialga etc )

Who are these three well once on the top of Mt.Coronets You'll see Dialga and his mighty power's will be quelled by these three pokemon.Later on in the game or so you'll spot the three pokemon in a lake each and here are there desriptions:The yellow pokemon Uxie Lv.50 The blue pokemon Azelf Lv.50 and The pink pokemon Mesprit Lv.50 well I know what UR thinking there all the same way to catch ennnnnnnnnt! U.R wrong the last pokemon Mesprit once u talk to it, itll' flee but it in your map dont worry.[P.S there only there once soI suggest put to sleep,or paralye wellgood luck. | Submitted by Mr.666

This is how I got most of the pokemon on Emarald I got the exp.share first then give to a whole lot of pokemon that evolve."I got about 78 pokemon doing that so I'm going to get a lot of pokemon on my diamond. I haven't got the whole pokedex so I can't get Emarald pokemon yet. | Submitted by Aaronbalcomb

It's really simple all you do is beat the gyms and go to the poketech creater and he rewards and gives them to you. | Submitted by dialgamaster

To get Ryperior you have to get the protector item and trade a Rydon holding it.(the protector is somewhere at the top of route 228) | Submitted by legendmaker

Burry any size sphere underground then turn off the game. Then before you start the game change the date in your settings to about 2 weeks or so (depending on what size sphere you burried) and turn on the game. The sphere should be size 99. If not skip more time. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To get the National Dex you have to have seen (not caught just seen) all 149 pokemon. Then talk to Pro. Rowan and while you are talking to him Prof. Oak from the Kanto Region will walk in the door and give it to you. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Use Surf on the first door it will open without having to verse the trainer.

Second door, Strengh.
Third Door, Rock Climb.
Fourth door, Rock Smash.

You will have to beat the champion. | Submitted by Jonny

I just found out you can skip the Champion. Once, you get in the champion's room Press X fr the Menu then save, switch
two pokemon's places join your party. Then, the champion will dissapeare. | Submitted by Jonny

When you get to your Dialga don't use your master ball, use it after on Mespirit (one of the lake legendaries) because it always runs away. | Submitted by pokemonmaster

Go to the route between Mt. Coronet and Snowpoint City. Go where the hail gets stronger and faster and look for two houses. In one, there will be a hiker who says that he lost his HM Rock Climb. The HM is right aside from his house. When you have it, see the hiker again. He will give you both the HM and the Icicle Plate.

Put a pokemon that has ability Intimidate on your first party. It works better that the Item holds that makes you incounter less pokemon in wild. | Submitted by DoubleEdge

Type: Ghost/Dragon
Definition: A pokemon that is said to live in a reverse side of ours. It appears at an ancient cemetery.
Beginning Moves: Shadow Force, Earth Power, Slash, Heal Block.

At Level: 70
Seen At: Turnback Cave | Submitted by KenFougere

For you people who been strugling to get Manaphy for the National Dex, FYI, you don't need to! | Submitted by KenFougere

To get Leftovers you must catch a Munchlax. They sometimes hold Leftovers. Munchlax can be caught by slathering trees with honey.

First go to route 214. Look for a cave and go inside. You will see the ruin maniac.If you talk to him he will tell you that he digs with his UNOWN.Then he will tell you to go catch some UNOWN and he'l be digging more meanwhile you go catch some. Collect all the letters of the UNOWN series from the cave of Solacean town. Then if you go back to the ruin maniac's
cave you will have to walk a long time to get to him. Once you see him talk to him. He is going to say that he dug and discovered a small cavern.If you go inside you and start walking around you will encounter the two legendary UNOWN. Its the "question mark" UNOWN(?)and the "exlamation point" UNOWN (!). | Submitted by Pokemaster

There are a lot of codes about lucario like giving riolu a lot of protien, iron, zinc ect. but i have a level 35 lucario and it evolved level 24 with out all the stuff. Riolu the only way to get it is to go to iron island and go to the caveang go right then go till you find an elevtor walk on it it will take you down then go to your left then you'll see a guy dreesed in blue he is riley he wants to team up fight your way out then go down another elevator then you split up but he asks you if you want this egg if you have a slot in your party say yes it will hatch into riolu. So after it haches raise it to level 23 - 25 and it should hatch. | Submitted by itsme

To get magnezone you need to cath a magneton by using pal park then level it up at mt. coronet ant it will evolve.

To get Rhyperior you need to cet a rhydon using pal park then give it the protector and trade it.

To get a tanggrowth you get a tangela by pal park on leaf green/fire red then you level it up when knows the attack ancient power. | Submitted by mizzill

To do this cheat, you need to get into a battle. Then weaken your opponent (you dont have to, but it has a higher success rate if you do). After that, throw the ball (any type, you can even use pokeballs on legendarys doing this). When the ball hits the pokemon, hold L and R. IMPORTANT: You MUST keep them held down the whole time, even while youre pressing other buttons. Now, when the pokeball opens, at the exact same time as it opens press A. Then, you know how the pokeball closes and flashes? At the same time as it flashes, press and hold B. Wait for it to finish bouncing, while youre holding B. Then as it lands, roll your thumb over the four buttons in a circular motion in a clockwise diretion. As in, slide from B to Y to X to A to B. Then the ball should wobble. Do it again after it finishes wobbling, and it will wobble again. Do it a third time, it will wobble again. Then slide your thumb onto Y, hold it, and the ball will ping. It takes practice to get it right, but it does work. | Submitted by epic_shadows

If you have an action replay ds get to drakrai and put on run anywhere get right on him a run west until you are in complete darkness then go back and darkrai will be upside down its funny how you battle him too. | Submitted by Abhilash

Go to Solaceon Town. Get on your bike and ride it at its fastest speed to route 210. Go to where it rains. Go a little bit in it then ride into Solaceon Town. It will look like it is raining.

To get Mamoswine you have to get a Piloswine that knows ancient power.(you can do this by going to the move tutor in Pastoria City. | Submitted by legendmaker

To get the manaphy egg on daimond you must get a specail mssion on ranger net called recover the manaphy egg. Then you can check n the egg in ranger net and then click it it will say searching then put daimond in another ds and search and then it will transfer the egg to daimond. | Submitted by mizzill

In Route 217 (the snowy route heading to Snowpoint City), there are two houses. In the first house, a hiker will give you an Icicle Plate if you have taken HM 08: Rock Climb from behind his house. In the second house, a lady will give you a Spell Tag. Enter the second house and talk to the lady to get a Spell Tag. Then, go outside and enter the house again. The woman will no longer be there.


lv9 asorb
lv13 razor leaf
lv16 evolve
lv17 curse
lv22 bite
lv27 megadrain
lv32 leech seed and evolve and learn earthquake
lv39 synthesis
lv45 crunch
lv51 giga drain
lv59 leaf storm | Submitted by khorey

If you're like me and you REALLY want to know where heracross and munchlax are, this will tell you where to find them.

1.Get some sweet honey from the guy in Floroama Town's garden. I got about 10.

2.Slather honey on yellow trees throughout Sinnoh, BUT REMEMBER WHERE THEY ARE!!!!!

3.Come back in about 8-10 hours and if you're really lucky, you'll find one of them. | Submitted by Cheatmaster

You must have cut and must have skipped cheryl in eterna forest. go to eterna forest and you will see cheryl go through the forest but before you get to the end you will see 3 cut trees cut one and go up you will see a house go in its the old chauetu then go right out and cheryl will disappear go in the grass and you will find 2 pokemon ALL THE TIME. to get rid of her go backto the beginig and leave the forest. warining cant use fly surf rockclimb or water fall cant see cheryl either. | Submitted by dragontrooperleader

To get a munchlax in diamond or pearl put honey on a honey tree and wait a half a day and go back. It's rare but you can get one. | Submitted by Parker

My party is

Jirachi Lv.100
Rayquaza Lv.100
Entei Lv.100
Suicune Lv.100
Lugia Lv.100 | Submitted by pokemasta

all are level 100
all attacks over 400

if you got a better team email me at | Submitted by generalkeefer

If you don't have an action replay don't bother reading this unless you want to.

How i beat the elite four:

I used a;
Lv.100 Entei,
Lv.100 Mewtwo,
Lv.100 Infernape,
Lv.100 Ditto
Lv.100 Articuno
Lv.99 Deoxys

My Party;
Lv.100 Giratina
Lv.100 Magnezone
Lv.100 Palkia
Lv.50 Cresselia
Lv.100 Swampert
Lv.100 Rayquaza

My Legendaries;

Heatran, HO-OH, Artucuno, Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, Kyogre, Groundon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Shaymin, Latias, Latios, Raikou, Mewtwo, Mew, Entei, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Deoxys, Celebi,Arceus, Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Regigigas, Jirachi and Suicune.

My Starters;

Blastoise, Infernape, Sceptile, Charizard, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Empoleon, Swampert and I did have a Blaziken but I can't find it. | Submitted by bagonboris

Luxray lv. 100
Staraptor lv. 100
Rampardos lv. 100
Bastiodon lv. 100
Dialga lv.100
Machamp lv.100
5 badges
Beat the Elite Four | Submitted by jazzmaster

Latios LV86
Zapdos LV86
Groudon LV84
Mewtwo LV81
Giratina LV76
Dialga LV80

My pokemon easily beat the league! | Submitted by Gabby

Rayquaza LV100
Torterra Lv86
Primeape Lv72
Dialga LV91
Venusaur LV73
Mewtwo LV89 | Submitted by pokemonfantasy

heatran .lv73

203 pokemon in national pokedex

If anybody has a better team e-mail me at | Submitted by zick2233

Well, heres my team (not the best)

Empolleon lv76
uxie lv53
dialga lv59
azelf lv50
machoke lv50
golbat lv47
(not the best) | Submitted by koalaperson95

infernape lv.100
blissey lv.53
blissey lv.53
staraptor lv.53
garchomp lv.75
metagross lv.64
yes,i got two blissey.
250 pokemon in national pokedex.
beat the elite four 20+ times.

If anybody has a better team email me at | Submitted by zick2233

To get the mystery gift, first go to the 3rd floor of Jubilife TV and talk to a man standing next to a woman. He'll tell you to say something then say everyone happy. Then he'll tell you to say another thing, say wi-fi connection. Then he'll be reminded of the words and give you the mystery gift. Now the Pokemon part.

The first pokemon you get after the mystery gift is Darkrai.

1st go to the pokemart in Canalave city and talk to a strange man, he will give you a card. Now go to that usually closed Harbor inn. A ghostly guy will put you to bed, and you will have a dream. Your dream takes place on fullmoon island's opposite island, newmoon island. Now go to this one little opening in the trees. Darkrai will be waiting in a dried up pond. If you catch him, He will be in your PC in reality.

The next Pokemon is Shaymin.

1st go to Prof. Rowan's lab and get Prof. Oaks letter from him. Now take it to route 224(hidden) and Oak will be by a sparkling rock. He will ask what you are greatful for. Now be honest. Then the rock will give out a blinding light Shaymin will come running down a path. It will go up it again, and now you have to follow it up the path, and it will be on a small hill catch it and there you have it.

The last one is arceus.

1st go to Celestic Town and talk to this one person, he will give you the azure flute. Take it to the spear pillar and it will make a noise and it will ask,"Do you want to play the azure flute?" Say,"yes" and a stairway will come down. Go up the stairs and you will be in a place of crystal called the hall of origan. Arceus will be waiting at the end of it. Battle it at lv. 80 and the Origanal one is yours.

Note: Mystery gift will not work on Gameboy games even if you do have the wireless adapter. | Submitted by masterdashi

This isnt really a cheat but instead of catching all of the pokemon to get the national dex, in diamond and pearl all you have to do is SEE all of them. If you beat the champion and fight most or all of the trainers, you should see all of the pokemon. If you are playing diamond, you can see a picture of palkia in a big hous in celestic town which will count as seeing it. Same thing with pearl but you will see dialga.HOPE THIS HELPS! | Submitted by Cheatmaster

Complete your Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing all 150 Sinnoh region Pokemon, go to Prof. Rowan's lab and talk to him. Prof Oak will dash in and upgrade it.

Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to complete the Shinou Dex is SEE all the Pokemon in the Dex, as opposed to catching them like in previous games. And once you see all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon in the Shinou Dex, but not all the new Pokemon are included in it.

This isnt realy a cheat but it is cool. Go to the old chateau at eterna florest.then go to the second floor and enter the last room of the right side then exit that room and enter the room next to it then if you lock to the right(to the room you ben before)and you will see a litle girl gosht. in the room you are now you mustnotice the painting in the wall if you see it then walk to the door BUT DONT exit then the paintings eyes will stert glowing.exit the room and go talk to the statue next to the dinning rooms door then enter and exit the dinning room about 13 or more times and you will see the old mans gosht. | Submitted by georgethepokecrazy

Go to Jubilife TV and do the steps to get a picture of your Pokemon. You must approach the photographer from the left or right side. If from the left, when asked to choose Pokemon, press Left or Up. If from the right, press Right.

When in the Union Room, stand where your friend spawns. When he or she enters the room, it will not notify you or show them, but on their DS it will show you and it will have a notice. When your friend communicates with you, it will say that your friend wants to talk, but on your DS you are the only one in the room.

Planthy is a grass type legendary that is the final pokemon in your pokedx. heres how 2 get it: irst unlock benco city by beating the elite four 7 times.after you find the emerald there take it to pro. rowan and he will tell you that it unlocks a legendary pokemon. then go to wayward cave where mira was at. you will see an exit. go out there and it will be called mystic garden. get to the end of it and battle it at level 70. | Submitted by chris

You can find certain plates that boost the effects of special attacks (sp. Attack). The locations of plates are as follows.

Dread Plate: Old chateau in Eterna Forest
Earth Plate: Oreburgh Gate:
Fist Plate: Route 215
Icicle Plate: A house on Route 217
Mind Plate: Solaceon Ruins
Splash Plate: Route 220
Spooky Plate: Amity Square in Heathrome City

You may also dig out these plates in the underground:

Draco Plate: Boosts Dragon moves
Dread Plate: Boosts Dark moves
Earth Plate: Boosts Ground moves
Fist Plate: Boosts Fighting moves
Flame Plate: Boosts Fire moves
Icicle Plate: Boosts Ice moves
Insect Plate: Boosts Bug moves
Iron Plate: Boosts Steel moves
Meadow Plate: Boosts Grass moves
Mind Plate: Boosts Psychic moves
Sky Plate: Boosts Flying moves
Splash Plate: Boosts Water moves
Spooky Plate: Boosts Ghost moves
Stone Plate: Boosts Rock moves
Toxic Plate: Boosts Poison moves
Zap Plate: Boosts Electric moves

To obtain free Pokeballs of all types, go to the house to the right of the Pokecenter in Solaceon Town. Catch the type of Pokemon the man requests that day. Show it to him by the time he must run his article. Save the game before you show him the Pokemon. If you do not get the type of Pokeball desired, turn off the game and talk to him again.

This is more of a trick than a cheat but if u put any Pokemon with another of the same Pokemon of a different gender or with a ditto of a different gender in the day - care and leave it 4 a while, then 1 will be holding an egg! eggsamples are:

Male Infernape with a Female Infernape or:
Male Infarnape with Female Ditto

Once you hav an egg, u must go walking around 4 ages. Here are the amounts of steps u need to hatch some eggs:

Pokemon egg | steps taken

Happiny | 2,234
Shinx | 5,329 | Submitted by hyper23432

When you have a Nosepass level it up in Mt.Coronet and it should evolve. | Submitted by bgorham001

After you defeat Saturn at Lake Valor, go to Lake Verity. You will find out that Professor Rowan is being held captive by Team Galactic. Go to a Pokemon Center and go to Rowan's PC on the PC. Professor Rowan will be talking to you.

There is no way to get Darkrai without using a cheating device. | Submitted by Parker

Go to the pokemon mansion on route 212 and talk to the owner "backlot" and whenever he asks you a question say yes and he will tell you of an otherwise impossible pokemon to catch each day. Note:only works once a day. | Submitted by Pokemonfantasy

To get the reaper claw that is used to evolve dusclops go to the
route above resort area and it will be near the grass. | Submitted by pokemonfantasy

To get Regigigas you must migrate all the regis (registeel, regirock, regice) and you will find him. | Submitted by georgethepokecrazy

After you beat the elite four fly to snowpoint city and go into the snowpoint ruins. Go to the bottom floor and challenge regigigas. hes at level 70. Remember, you cant battle it unless regirock, regice, and registeel are with you. | Submitted by costas

To get Regigigas you have to have all three regi pokemon in your party with you traded from ruby, sapphire, or emerald. The AFTER beating the Pokemon League and getting the National Dex got to the top floor of Snowpoint Temple and you will battle regigigad. NOTE: Be prepared he will be lvl 70! | Submitted by xgreendayx

After you beat the elite four at least 10 times go to the oreburgh mine and there will be a new room that has just been discovered. go in it and regirock will be waiting at level 40. | Submitted by chris

If your one of those people who love ribbons, and don't know where to get more of them, heres something that may or may not help you out.

Ribbon House-Ribbon House is a big estate In the "RESORT AREA" where only the best ribbon collectors may enter.To get into this establishment, you need to have at least -10- ribbons on -1- pokemon in your party.If you don't like to do the contests and you just want to get into this house, then do this:

(The Real Reason You Want In This House Is Becuase, On The Second Floor There Is A Spa Guy You Can Talk To Who Will Give Your Pokemon A Day Spa.This spa will make it so that anything that needs love to evolve-Umbreon,Espeon,Blissy,Milotic,etc..-will only need about 5 of these day spas to have maximum love, therefore you can get any of those pokemon I named a lot Faster)

NOTE:Put these on a strong pokemon Lv.60+ to save trouble of having to get these 7 ribbons i'm about to name, again.(maximum heart size on your little Poketch APP that shows the stuff in your party walking around.Just tap them to see if they have HUGE hearts.)

Go to Sunnyshore, and follow the elevated road until you reach the north-eastern corner.There should be 2 houses on this piece of land.

Go into the house on the right.Inside there is a girl that has something to say each day.All you have to do is tell her something, ANYTHING, and shortly after she will give you a ribbon for the day of the week.Thats 1 ribbon, now save, turn off your DS, go to your setting, and change the -TIME-(NOT CALENDER)to 23:59(NOTE:If you change your calender to one day
ahead, it won't actually register.I'm still not sure why this is but it does it, so just change your clock to save trouble.)Save your settings, then turn your DS back on and wait a good minute for the day to roll over on the game.Once the lights on her house go out (from the window)then shes ready to talk again.Once again tell her whatever you want.Repeat this process till you have all 7 of these ribbons on 1 of your pokemon.

Still missing three ribbons?Don't worry i got that covered to so you don't have to go to the contests.

You can still get the "Effort Ribbon" in Sunnyshore so don't leave yet.To get the effort ribbon, you need to have a strong pokemon so if you didn't put these ribbons on a strong pokemon like i said way up there, then you FAIL, you need to pay more attention.Anyways, If you did, go to the "SEAL SHOP" on the ground level over by the north shore, and walk inside.There
should be a girl to the left behind something.Make sure that you have that ribbon pokemon in the 1st slot of your party.Go talk to the girl and she will say how much effort your pokemon has put forth, then she will give you the effort ribbon.Thats 8 ribbons.

Next ribbon is the "Footprint Ribbon", relativly easy to get...If you pokemon has Max Affection for you.Fly over to Pastoria, and take the North-East exit.Go over the the house just a little bit South-East(its near the beach to the left).Walk inside the house(should be a guy, some desks whole bunch of books scattered.)Talk to the guy and make sure that that ribbon pokemon is in the the 1st slot still.If you made sure to get this pokemon "Max Heart Size" then he will give you the footprint ribbon.Thats 9 ribbons.

The last ribbon is up to you.If you like pokemon battles opposed to contests, beat the pokemon league with that pokemon in your party, thats an easy ribbon if you have a strong party.If you really don't want to battle, then you could give begginer level(Normal Rank) contests a try.They aren't that hard really.Just give a few specialty poffins(Ones that only give Beauty,Cuteness,etc...)to your pokemon.The points you get from the dress-up part of the contest should be really high if you gave you pokemon a few poffins for whatever contest you entered.Just grab 5 things you see and drag them over to your pokemon for the dressup.Dance, well the only thing I can help you with here is a few pointers:

A. Don't look at the pokemon dancing, it will throw you off when you try to do the dance steps.
B. Don't watch the dancers little bar unless your the one dancing. Prepare for the copying part.
C. Don't double tap the thing in frustration because you missed it.Just try and hit every step on time.
D. When its your turn to dance, don't just hit 3 instantly, hit -1 or 2- colors at the beggining and -2 or 1- colors at the end.

Thats all the advice I can give you for the dance part.

The next part isn't that hard.Just do the moves according to when your turn is.Choose a judge that you think is not going to get double picked that turn so you get +3 at the end of the turn.Don't worry to much about getting double picked, the chances of a NPC picking the same judge you did is very very little.If you manage to beat all of it and get your 10th ribbon, heres
the part you've been waiting for.


On the first floor the only thing you'll be interested in is the 3 ribbons you can buy for a pokemon, here they are:

1. Gorgeous Ribbon - 10,000$
2. Royal Ribbon - 100,000$
3. Gorgeous Royal Ribbon 999,999$

Yeah thats a lot of money i know...Its the max amount of cash in the game...I suggest beating the elite 4 about 40 or 50 times for that kind of cash.

Second floor is the day spa, just talk to the guy nearest to the entrence and he will ask if you want to give whatever the pokemon on the first spot of your party a day spa.

Congratulations you have gotten into the ribbon house, have fun with your new oppertunities, and good luck with the "Gorgeous Royal Ribbon"! | Submitted by SquallLeonheart

Riolu evolves into lucario but the only way to get it is to go to iron island and go to the caveang go right then go till you find an elevtor walk on it it will take you down then go to your left then you'll see a guy dreesed in blue he is riley he wants to team up fight your way out then go down another elevator then you split up but he asks you if you want this egg if you have a slot in your party say yes it will hatch into riolu. | Submitted by mizzill

After you get the national dex, go to the Old Chateau at 8:00 p.m.- 4:00 a.m. and go to the TV (In a certain room) and it will ask, "Do you want to thud the TV," and answer yes and it will appear. Good Luck! | Submitted by dgorham001

Once you get the national pokedex go to old chateau.go between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am and go into the room with the TV. go up to it and press A and battle it. | Submitted by costas

O.k. rotom has a secret (it) doesn't tell you about. The secret is that Rotom can breed with a ditto to make eggs of... you guessed it rotom. I tried this cause i saw it somewhere so if you don't believe me go ahead and try it. Use a camerupt hatch it faster

Rotoms moves are:

1.Thunder Wave
2.Thunder Shock
3.Confuse Ray
4.Double team

Unlike your original rotom it is born with thunder wave instead of uproar, but will learn uproar. It's bull because you can trade them for legendary guys to some people.Well, happy breeding and good luck! | Submitted by DTD

Well after the pokemon league there is another route behind it. If you have ever seen it on the map and wondered what it is, listen up. Go back to victory road and into the cave. Go past the bridge and down using rock climb then go up to an old man. Then go left and up the stairs and then go across a bridge into another cave opening. Then, If you have never been this way before you will see a girl and a ! will go above her head. You will have to escort her through this section of the cave. You will have to go past 6 or seven trainers and you will see the exit to the cave at the end. Go outside and the girl will leave you. You are now in route 224 and if you explore around for a while, You will have a few battles and you will see a big stone rock. This is the rock where you get Shaymin. For catching Shaymin, you will need an action raplay. Happy Gaming! | Submitted by insectrepellant

For someone who asked earlier this path is like a mini sinnoh region and can be reached by going after obtaining the national dex go back into victory road where the guy was blocking the door and it will be open go through you will need some one with surf ,defog and rock smash there are also some useful items there. | Submitted by Pokemasterintraining

Go to the day care center and breed pokemon. If one pokemon was holding an everstone they're nature will be passed on.

To get the second dusk stone fly to the pokemon league building and go in victory road and go up a few hills.At the top of a hill there will be a door go in and it will be all foggy.use defog and you will see a girl named marly she will team up with you.

Note:you must beat the game
2nd Note:she has a arcanine
3rd Note:there are only two dusk stones in the whole game! | Submitted by legendmaker

If you have the pokemon Rotom get a Ditto and put them in the daycare. Soon an egg will come and guess who's in it, you guessed right, Rotom. If you don't believe me, try it out for yourself. | Submitted by pgorham001

At the battle zone go to the resort area. if you go to the one building with the swimming pool next to it and you go in, the lady will stop you and tell you to leave. if you really want to go and see whats inside then use the explorers kit and go underground. just walk around and go back up at a certain spot. Youll know where to go up at because there will be writing on the wall that says "go up". So go up and you will be inside of the building. but dont let the lady see you because she will make you leave and you will have to do the whole process over again. | Submitted by costas

This isn't a cheat, but it does work. When go to the menu, go to your trainer case and go to your badges. Scratch on them, tap on them, do anythig to them and they will start to sparkle. There you have shiny badges. | Submitted by Brody

If you're ever wondering what a Shiny Lucario looks like it's kinda the opposite. It's body is blue and it's head, arms, legs, and tail will be yellow/gold! But everything else will still be black. | Submitted by KenFougere

There is no set amount of time you have to play to see a shiny pokémon. A shiny pokémon has a one in 8192 chance of appearing, among normal wild pokémon. They are obviously very rare, and prized by trainers. If you see a wild shiny, make sure you catch it! | Submitted by Lan60907

Catch a Pokemon that knows the move Trick, then go to a Pokemon such as Bidoof or Starly. The Pokemon that knows the move Trick must have an item. Then, use the move Trick on the Pokemon and you will rarely get an item.

When you are in the underground and want faster growing spheres, bury spheres of the same color in the same spot. They will all become one large sphere.

Okay, so, if you're just starting, here's a tip. Pick Chimchar. Before the first gym [despite the fact it's a Ground type gym] level your Chimchar to a Monferno. Then, challenge the Gym Leader. Your Monferno should know Mach Punch, if it doesn't, keep leveling until it does. Mach Punch is the key to winning. Then, you can go ahead and just own the next Gym leader [but she makes you find and beat all her little minions first]. Considering you have a fire pokemon, and she has all grass, it'll be 1 hit kills. Anyway, I believe on your way to the next gym you can find a Psychic pokemon or two. GET THEM! You'll need them for the next gym, she's a fighter type. Catch two Ghastlies at the tower [that resembles the tower in the first games, with the Cubone or Marowak or whatever?] and then MAKE SURE THEY KNOW NIGHT SHADE. Go ahead and level them until they evolve into Haunter, they should learn Shadow Punch then. Then, go to the gym. Kill her Machokes with the Haunters, using Night Shade and Shadow Punch. It goes Meditite, Lucario, Machoke. Kill her Lucario with your Monferno. Fire works
well on Lucario. Use Flame Wheel, if it knows it. If it doesn't, I would level it till it does. And then, you should've owned the Gym leader. [Note, getting to her is tough and you will have to own all the Karate Quads, that's what they call themselves. For the next Gym leader, you'll need a few electric pokemon. Cause he's a water type gym leader. If you can fly, then go back to Sandgem and go in the tall grass there and get a Shinx, if you didn't have one. Then, you should have an exp share. Give it the exp share and go to a place with high level pokemon, but not so high they can own you. Then kill them, until it learns a few electric moves, and is high enough to own them. Try catching and leveling a few Shinx, just in case. Go and own them now. I fail at Pokemon so that's as far I can go. | Submitted by PokeMan

I reckon that the best Pokčmon to catch and level up at the beginning of the game would be a Chimchar,a Bidoof,a Starly,a Shinx and Budew,giving you an excellent mix of types to take into battle with you. You can of course choose any other combination, but I've found that these five at least offer an excellent starting point early on. | Submitted by Saaqib

To do this you must have the Step Counter Poketch upgrade. Set your Poketch to the Step Counter (number 4), then walk or ride around while holding the "C" button. It stops counting and just stays on the same number. When you are done running around, slide your stylus away from the button but still touching the screen. If done correctly, the "C" button will rise but the number will not change. When you take your next step the number will jump up to how many steps you have taken. It was still counting your steps but it was not showing it.

Get on your bike and turn on the fast gear. Go to any town or route. If you are in a town like Solaceon Town, go to the very top of the city. While riding all the way down through the city, rapidly press Left and Right. Your character should appear to be spinning while moving forward. If done correctly throughout the whole ride, the next route you are heading towards will be glitched with either an invisible wall, a white void, or a black void. Your game may crash. Sometimes the void may be walkable. You can use this glitch to find new ways to capture the event Pokemon Darkrai and Shaymin without the events.

This is for newbies only! When you pick your first starter and went on to challenge the pokemon diamond world you must first capture at least 3-4 differrent pokemon so you can have many backups when your battles become intensified and your starter has fainted. Before every gym battle you must first level up your pokemon up to the point that you exceeded the levels of the gym leader's pokemon so you can beat them easily and don't have the trouble of repeating the same battle always. This rule also applies for your rivals. Hope this helps you newbies out. | Submitted by blazed0209

Go to the battle area and talk to the fisherman near route 225 and
say yes to his question to get it. | Submitted by Pokemonfantasy

If you have an action replay put it in your DS and put your diamond version in your action replay. Go to the code menu and select enter new code. Name the code whatever you want. Then hit the next option to enter this code: 12068AC6 000046C0

Now your pokemon should be shiny when you start the game, but be warned. They will not remain shiny if you save your game and turn it off. You must have this code on if you want the pokemon to be shiny. Happy Gaming! :-) | Submitted by SuP3rH@x

There is some writing in the Ruins. The message tells you where to
go to get to the very bottom.There is another message in the bottom. | Submitted by Pokemaster

There are 3 pokemon you can't get in either Diamond OR Pearl. They are Darkrai, Shaymin, or Arceus. (you cannot get them without cheating or hacking) | Submitted by KenFougere

The 5 floors of Veilstone's department store are:

Ground Floor:Medicine and items for all your adventure needs.

Second Floor:Useful items for all pokemon battles.

Third Floor:Techical Machines(TMs)for powering up Pokemon.

Fourth Floor:Desirable decoration goods and Pokemon Dolls.

Fifth Floor:The Rooftop Squere for a refreshing break from shopping. | Submitted by Poke'master

If you made it to the elite four but you can't beat it, then here is a good team to have for the elite four(even though it is a little team)

Lucario Level 100 + easier if Lucario has Extreemspeed, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, and any other move.

Palkia Level 65 or higher + also easier if Palkia has Surf, Earth Power, Spacial Rend, and Dragon Claw

Use Lucario for the Bug Type and Psychic type elite four people and palkia for the ground and fire type elite four people. Then, for the champion, Palkia against spiritomb, and the rest use Lucario. I hoped I helped! | Submitted by Daniel

In the game corner, you will see a sign posted to the wall, it will say to get 10 bonus rounds, the prize you get will be TM 64 which is explosion, the strongest normal type move with 240 power. | Submitted by Arceus500

The fastest way to get into pal park is get the action replay and use the cheat all pokedex then get surf go there and wala you have pal park. | Submitted by dialgamaster

All the other ways that ppl tell u how to get lucario is wrong i have a lv 40 riolu and it hasnt evovled. The real way to get it is for it to have high freind ship and make it grow a lv.

To get high friend ship u must give it items like iron protien ect. | Submitted by yayab-man

When other people tell you how to get rid of HMs they are wrong. The real way to get rid of HMs is to go to canalave city and go in the house right above the pokemart. Talk to the man and you will be able to get rid of any move.

(Note: if you get rid of a move it will leave a blank spot in you moves list so be careful.) this works i got rid of strenth and rock climb for my empoleon. | Submitted by koalaperson95

Ok so heres the real way to get rid of HMs. Go to canalave city. go to the house just above the pokemart and go in. Talk to the guy thats in there. He'll ask you who he is and if you want to get rid of a move. say yes and you can get rid of any move! But it will leave an empty spot in your moves list. | Submitted by StephenDeLuca

These are the starter pokemon and info.

Weight:22.5 lbs.

This Grass-type Pokemon is very good at defence.With health sustaining grass-type moves and good defense,this Pokemon is great if you are a Trainer with a defense-based battle style.

Weight:11.5 lbs.

This Water-type Pokemon is a good all-around Pokemon.With good stats and a decent selection of good moves,this Pokemon is effective in every battle.

Weight:13.7 lbs.

This Fire-type Pokemon is very good at atttaking.Pick this Pokemon if you are an aggressive Trainer with an attak-based battle style. | Submitted by Pokemaster

Below heartrome city you will find a mansion, talk to the master in
there every day to unlock rare pokemon in his trophy garden in the back. | Submitted by generalkeefer

If you have an action replay (for DS) then when you are on path 224 by the white rock walk thrue that (if you have the right code) you will see a pic of SHAYMIN follow that path and you will see shaymin at level 30. Some of his moves are Defense Curl, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, and Synthesis. I hope this helps you! | Submitted by pok'emonMaster23

After beating the elite four go to the old chateau west from Eterna city. If you see the gym leader outside she will tell you to solve the mystery of it. Go inside the old chateau and into the room with the TV. ram into the TV andd a legendary pokemon will fly out at level 70. Note: this works in japan version only. | Submitted by blob

Get a pokemon with few weaknessess like swampert its olny weak to grass then teach it ice beam from a tm you can buy it in mauville game corner in ruby/saphire/emerald versions grass is weak to ice so your swampert will have no weakness

Here is a list of types with few weakness

Electric weak to ground

Normal weak to fight

Poison weak to ground/psychic

Fight weak to psychic/fly

Bug is not a good type its nearly weak to everything

One more thing cheatingdome has cheats like how to type the funky letters in my name

You just hold alt and type nubers on the number pad the best letters start with 0 here is a few

0248 ř
789 §
0216 Ř
1 ☺ (this may be messed up its a smiley face)

I will only post real cheats so if its from přkema§ter it works

I think this is all i know its a long cheat but its got alot of stuff. | Submitted by přkema§ter

In Diamond and Pearl there are 3 new types of poke balls. here they are:

Dusk ball:works well in a dark place like a cave
Heal ball: heals the pokemons health and status problems when chaught
Quick ball:works well if used at the very beginning of a battle | Submitted by costas

In pokemon diamond,or pearl, none of your pokemon can learn dive.But if you want a pokemon that knows dive, follow these directions.

1: Make sure you've beaten the whole game and have the national dex .
2:Go to the Fight Area and go west 'till you see water.
3:Use surf and surf 'till a Seel Appears(you might have to surf farther west to find it), and it has to be at least level 40 or 41.
4:Catch the Seel and when you check its moves, it should know dive. | Submitted by Daniel

To get into Pal Park you have to beat the pokemon and get the National Dex. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To get into Pal Park you have to beat the pokemon and get the National Dex. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Complete any of the following tasks in any order to earn a star and change the color of your trainer card, as indicated below: Defeat the Elite Four; win all of the Master Rank Contests, complete the Underground Flag mini-game with friends, capture 482 different Pokemon; or win 100 times in a row at the Battle Tower.

Blue Trainer Card (one star)
Bronze Trainer Card (two stars)
Silver Trainer Card (three stars)
Gold Trainer Card (four stars)
Black Trainer Card (five stars)

Once you get The Nat. Dex you unlock the pal park in which you get pokemon from your other games. All you have to do is put the items you want on the pokemon your migrating to diamond/pearl and when you catch them they will have the items even master balls. | Submitted by BlazeKicker

Two people required for this trick. When in the underground, get some traps or spheres then get to the surface and save the game. Go back down and set your trap anywhere. Set the other person to COM and take the trap or sphere from ground. Turn your game off but leave other person's game on. Save other person's game. Both the people should now have the same trap or sphere.

No matter what people say, do not believe them when they say "you can't get Arceus, Darkrai or Shaymin without cheating" because you can. Uou just need to wait until there is an event at a poke mart and then you can get them. | Submitted by mowster

There are two legendary breedable pokemons in the game-Rotom and Manaphy if you breed a Manaphy you can get a phione and if you breed rotom you may trade it in the gts for other legendary pokemon. | Submitted by georgethepokecrazy

Go to socesolacean town go to where the jumps are thengo down the third oneonce you reach a cave go into it and run aroung you should be able to cathch all the unknown ( all u have to use is an ultra ball there not very strong) | Submitted by butch

The fact you can transfer Pokemon from Ruby,Sapphire,FireRed,LeafGreen,and Emerald to Diamond and Pearl is cool, but you can only transfer six a day. To transfer unlimited Pokemon just go to the settings for your ds and change the date to one day ahead and transfer the Pokemon for that date. Do that as much as you want. | Submitted by MarkPKMN

Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex.

Unlocking Benco City is not hard. Just beat the Elite Four 7 times! I have'nt done this but my friend did. I even saw it.

Note: You will be able to capture Azurill, Marril, Pichu, Pikachu, Dratini, Aron, Lairon, Acsson, (a Azumarill, Raichu, and Aggron if you find them, for it is hard). | Submitted by BrendanHarris#7

As it turns out the extra oddkeystone has a use which is to summon up a spiritbomb. I don't know how so would some one please post how to get a spiritbomb out of the extra odd keystone. | Submitted by reaper

Look on your map. Go to a place that is close to the end of the map, where there are areas you cannot reach or go any further. Ride your bike through a Route (rather then a city) and encounter some Pokemon. Defeat some, run away from some, catch some, or damage a Pokemon's health once and run away. As soon as you hit the water's edge or an area that cannot be run through (for example, trees or a stone platform), save the game. When you return to your game, instantly press the direction facing the obstacle that could not be walked or ran through. You will start running through the objects. The top screen will indicate that you have reached a place called "Mystery Zone". There will be faint music playing, like that of the area where the PalPark is located, and you may bump into something. Just keep on holding the D-pad and you will eventually get through. You will soon reach the game's limits; where it just shows infinite black abyss. This is very difficulty to do, and will require multiple attempts and a very long time. Note: This is not guaranteed to work with every game. also, you cannot use your bike or open the menu. This is not recommended at some points in the game; use with caution.

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