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New Super Mario Bros

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS

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1-UP Mushrooms can be found by hitting/smashing blocks. They give Mario an extra life. | Submitted by MORSN417

this is more a trick then a cheat, but in level 2-4, at the very end of a level, there is a turtle walking down the stairs leading to the flag. at about the 4th step, jump on him. here is where it gets hard. you need to jump on him so when he ricochets off the wall, you continue to jump on him. after that, don't ove so mario is just jumping n the turtle, and after a while, he will get 1-ups, and as long as you don't move, your lives will continue to go up till 99. | Submitted by Reaper

To access worlds 4 and 7 you first need to get a mini mushroom. You can get these at a toad house or in a game level. Then defeat the world 2 boss as mini mario. After the boss is defated you will notice a small opening at the bottom mini mario will fall in there and you will go to world 4. For world 7 defeat the world 5 boss as mini mario and mario will the go into the small opening at the bottom. You will then be at world 7. | Submitted by gamemaster748

In order to get all of the coins in a coin block, jumo on it. Then jump up (A) and press down and hold it until all of the coins are out. | Submitted by FlameFist95

If you want to store a Mega Mushroom in your inventory like you do with a multitude of other items, simply grab the Mega Mushroom and hit a ? Block at the same time. You'll then have the Mega Mushroom stored, even though you technically had enough room to "grow".

In World 3-A, go to the second "room", then go in the first pipe. You must be either Mega or Mini Mario to get the coin. To backwards slide, dash down one of the slopes, then turn back, still holding Dash. It will appear as if you are turning, but you will slide backwards. Make sure you hit the water before turning.

You can win Blue Koopa Shells in Red Toad Houses. They give Mario a shell on his back, where he can dodge enemy attacks. | Submitted by MORSN417

Go to any world then press start and L,R,L,R,X,X,Y,Y a screen should come up saying "welcome to the secret Challenge mode.Think you can reach the goal? If you get stuck press start and choose return to map" you can not turn back. | Submitted by Nathan

Remember the goal theme from the classic Super Mario Bros. that plays when you complete a world? Well, it plays on this game, too. To have it play, you have to complete the world when the last 2 digits of the time are the same, for example, "199". | Submitted by Blazin'Tony

Coins can be found in the open or hiden within blocks. You also recieve 1 coin for each enemy you kill with fire balls. When you get 100 coins, you get an extra life. | Submitted by MORSN417

At the credits screen, use the touch screen to move the letters and hear sound effects from the game.

Notice that some enemies in all stages will do some sort of dance or jump when the chorus in the background music sings. This does not include flying enemies, Bullet and Banzai Bills, and Bosses.

Mummipokey is the final boss in World 2. He will hide underground and sprout back up. Before he comes back up you will see dirt being kicked up, so that is your warning. You will have a split second to move from that area. As soon as you comes up, jump on his head. Do that a couple of times and he should be dead. | Submitted by MORSN417

Whenever you're riding on Dorrie as Fire Mario, shoot fireballs at the back of Dorrie's neck. The fireballs will ricochet off Dorrie's neck and will fly into the air, easily killing any enemies. | Submitted by WilKramer

Before entering the castle, enter an orange mushroom house and keep the Mega Mushroom you receive. Enter the castle and do not use the mushroom until the boss Battle. As soon as you can move again, tap the mushroom and grab it. As Mega Mario, simply run into Baby and King Bowser and both will be defeated.

In World 1-1, hit the "?" block containing the Mega Mushroom, then run as fast as possible to the end of the level and smash everything in sight. If you crash all the way through to the flagpole, you can earn up to five 1-Up Mushrooms. Enter the world again and repeat this as much as desired.

In World 6-6, when you find five pipes at the end of the level, go in the third pipe. You will get shot out to the top of the flagpole.

Go into one of the toad houses in one of the Worlds where you can get either a red mushroom, blue shell, green mushroom, or orange mushroom. Time it right and you can get an easy special item! | Submitted by FlameFist95

Fire Flowers are usually found after you find a Super Mushroom and give you the ability to fire, fire balls at enemys. If you get hit once you go back to the "Super Mushroom" form and if you get hit twice you go back to your original form. | Submitted by MORSN417

You can get more score points if you follow these directions.Go to any level except towers and castles. Once you get to the flag at the end of each level.Then wait for the timer at the top of the top screen.Wait until the time gets to equal digits in the ones place and the tens place.Then jump on the flag.You will here the classic super mario theme.Then Mario(or Luigi) will enter the little brick house and raise the flag with a mushroom on it and you should see Some fire works go off.You will also get score points depending on the time you jumped on the flag. For example:344=4 fire works,299=9 fireworks. | Submitted by Hnf34

At the end of world 1-2 you will find a platform at the end that moves go on the end of it on the left hand side then run up the platform and jump you should be on the top continue running and you will see a star and a pipe go and get the starand then go through the pipe you will see a red flag. | Submitted by lukeviner

Go to w1-lvl1 and keep doing that to get lots of lives. | Submitted by kendal

Go to where the Venus Flytraps are. There will be two blocks. Go to the first block and jump. You should see a star.

In World 2-4, just past the two Piranha Plants (after the mid-level point) you will come to a staircase with a turtle coming down it. Jump on the turtle just as it is about to go off the third stair (third from the bottom). If done correctly, Mario will continue to jump on the turtle and earn up to 99 lives. If you miss the turtle, go back towards the left and return to the staircase and the turtle will respawn. This is a reference to the original Super Mario Bros., in which you could do the same trick to get unlimited lives.

Go to World 7-4 as Mini Mario. Go through the stage while staying on the left side. You will eventually see a "?" box and a ledge. Jump on the box then to the ledge. Jump off the ledge, making sure to stay against the wall and you will reach a platform with a pipe leading to a red flagpole. You will unlock a 1-Up mushroom house to the north of World 7-4, which never disappears. You can continue to get 1-Ups until you reach your maximum of 99.

In World 7-5, throw a Koopa shell in-between the two Bullet Bill cannons to get an extra life every four seconds.

Successfully complete all stages, including the lettered bonus stages, then load the saved game file and Toad Houses will no longer disappear after you take the items. The only exception are the ones that appear based on your timer when you finish a stage.

Code: form/move/how to do the move Mini Mario

1: Jump high. Mario can jump really high/Press the button that makes him jump(depending on what you have it on.) and hold it.
2: Ground pound. Mario can jump then stomp/Press the button that makes him jump and the press down on the control pad.
3: Mario's famuos super wall kick jump.Mario can jump from wall to wall/You have to be between to walls. Jump towards a wall and keep holding the button your pushing on the control pad.If you do it right you will see some dust behind mario. If you see the dust then jump twords the other wall an repeat.
4: Triple jump. Mario can jump three times in a row.First press the button that makes mario dash and hold it and run.Meanwile he's dashing jump and right when helands jump agiain and then again. On his third one you will notise that he is spining.

Mario and Super Mario

1: Ground pound.
2: Mario's famous super wall kick jump.
3: Triple jump.

Fire mario:

1: Ground pound.
2: Mario's famous super wall kick jump.
3: Triple jump.
4: Fire balls/Press your dash button and mario will shoot fire balls.(He can only shoot 2 at a time.)

Mega mario:

1: Super ground pound/Same as ground pound except the ground pound will destroy all enemeys on screen.It will also make either goomas(The little brown walking mushrooms.) or coins fall down from nowhere.
2: Mario land massicur/Mario can destroy every thing in his way except land and strong metal blocks. | Submitted by Hnf34

This is easiest to do in World 1-1. First complete the level (Without hitting the Super Mario Block!) Dont jump off the big staircase yet and make sure you have a spare Super Mushroom. Now go back to the beginning and use your Super Mushroom up to level's Super Mushroom. Then get the next Orange Mushroom and complete the level (Without hitting the flag) Now the level should be prett much cleared. Go back to the begining of the level for the last time and jump in 3 fluent motions. The first will be a jump, then a cartwheel, then a flip! | Submitted by FlameFist95

You must have a mini mushroom and this can only work on the first boss on the very last lvl of wrld 1 jump on the rope and time it right and you will jump really really high and zip through to bowser jr. faster than you can say well butter my backside and call me a biscuit. | Submitted by KingMedias

Mega Mushrooms are the rarest of all mushrooms and causes Mario to grow to a huge size. Then Mario can crush obsticales, enemys and blocks. You can earn 1-UP mushrooms, depending on how much damage you do. | Submitted by MORSN417

You can find green mini mushrooms in blocks just like Super Mushrooms. They shrink Mario, giving him the ability to walk on water, hop on enemys (but you can't hurt them), fit into tight places (including small tubes), and glide horizontilly after jumps. | Submitted by MORSN417

Complete a stage with a time having the last two digits of the same number to have a different color Mushroom house at the start of the World.

Have a time ending in 11, 22, or 33 for a red Mushroom house appears that awards items.
Have a time ending in 44, 55, or 66 on the timer for a green Mushroom house with a mini-game for an extra life.
Have a time ending in 77, 88, or 99 for an orange Mushroom house with a Mega Mushroom.

If you break off the flagpole at the end of the level as Giant Mario, your time won't be reduced to 0 and added to your points. It has no purpose, it's just fun to see. The best level for this is 1-1. | Submitted by Naridar

When your just about to select your profile hold down the L and R button and select your profile at the same time. Then you should be able to play as luigi. | Submitted by Elmo

When you beat the game, at the end of the credits, you'll see Bowser Jr. lugging his dad off to somewhere. Plus, if you were observant, you'd notice a code. When you are about to select a file. Highlight yours, then hold L and R, and press A. If you did it right, Luigi's voice should say his name, and you should be playing as him rather than normally playing as Mario. | Submitted by Blazin'Tony

Suuccessfully complete the game to get the option to save your game anywhere. When you start a new game, the "Save" option will be available under your menu in the map screen.

You can only save after you beat a tower or castle for the first time or when you open an area by using 5 Star Coins. | Submitted by MORSN417

Successfully complete the game. Start the cleared game file, then pause the game while at the world map and press L, R, L, R, X(2), Y(2). If you entered the code correctly, the message "Welcome to the Secret Challenge mode" will appear. Similar to the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES, Secret Challenge mode will not let you backtrack in certain levels. To indicate whether a level has a Secret Challenge version, the new right arrow icon will be lit in the top right corner of the map screen.

To locate the secret exit in World 7-4, you will need a mini-Mushroom (in storage, if possible). Make your way past the mid-level point and upwards to the left side of the screen (high up). You will eventually come to a flying "?" block. Use the mini-Mushroom to make Mario smaller and jump onto the block to stop it. Then, use the block to jump into the little opening in the brick wall. Make a "C" jump (backwards C) and jump up and to the left to land at the top of the wall. Go over and you will see a small pipe that only mini-Mario can fit in. Take this pipe to reach the red flag secret exit.

Just before you reach the giant Bullet Bill, you will see a pipe that is covered in blocks. Use the Bob-ombs to blow up the blocks and then access the pipe to reach the red flag secret exit.

After you reach the mid-level point, you will come to an area with two rows of bricks. You must be big, but not mega-sized to perform this trick. Knock out the middle brick on the top row, then knock out the third brick in the bottom row. This will cause a vine to grow. Climb the vine and make your way to the end of the level above to reach the red flag secret exit.

Go to level 2-5, then go to the very end of the level until you get to the boomerang throwing turtle, kill him and then fall into the quicksand on purpose, then keep holding (right), and rapidly mash (b) until you jump by the steel peice and keep on falling down until you and jump to the right and there should be a jumping block dude,(don't kill it), jump on top of it and it will jump there will be a star coin get it,then go to the top again and get the flag.

Congratulations youve got the secret star coin. | Submitted by mario12

Successfully complete the game, then load the completed saved game file to find a new blue Toad House at the beginning of World 1. Inside are four background patterns you can choose for the touch screen. You can purchase these with Star Coins. The fifth and final pattern can be purchased for 20 Star Coins when you have collected all Star Coins, completed all stages, and found all hidden exits.

Successfully complete the game to add a star icon next to your save file.

Successfully complete all World maps by finishing all stages and locating all secret exits to add another star icon next to your save file.

Spend all Star Coins to add another star icon next to your save file.

At the end of any stage except Bosses, touch the flag when the last two digits of the clock are the same (for example, 311, 222, 099, 111). When the flag is lowered, the old chime (for clearing a level) from Super Mario Bros. will play as you walk into the castle. Once inside, and the flag is raised, fireworks will go off corresponding with the number repeated on the clock. For example, if the time is 099, then nine explosions will be set off; however, if it is 211, only one will go off. The time will also set off other events, as stated in other cheats listed.

Super Mushrooms are red and can be found by hitting blocks. They double your size and allow you to be hit once without dying. If you get hit you revert back to your smaller, original form. | Submitted by MORSN417

Successfully complete a stage with the time having the last two digits of the same number to have a different color Toad House with bonus at the start of the next World:

Have a time ending in 11, 22, or 33 for a red Toad House that awards items.
Have a time ending in 44, 55, or 66 for a green Toad House with a mini-game for an extra life.
Have a time ending in 77, 88, or 99 for an orange Toad House with a Mega Mushroom.

Usually, after you complete a level with the classic goal theme playing, a Toad House will appearin the arrow space. The 1-Up houses, Mega-Mini Mushroom houses and Item houses have a chance of appearing. | Submitted by Blazin'Tony

There are three different Toad Houses you can go to: Red, Green, and Orange. In Red Toad Houses you can get a Super Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Blue Koopa Shell, or a Fire Flower. In Green Toad Houses you can get 1-UP Mushrooms. In Orange Toad Houses you get a Mega Mushroom. | Submitted by MORSN417

There is atleast one Tower in each level. In Towers you start at the bottom and work your way up, instead of the usual horizontal design. At the end of each tower you face Bowser Jr. | Submitted by MORSN417

To get Unlimited Lives you must beat the game. Then go to any world with a light green toad house. (The same as a 1-up mushroom) About 7 boxes should pop up and you will hit them until you find one with Bowser on it (You lose). If you do good you should get an easy, decent amount of lives each time. Then just re-enter. | Submitted by FlameFist95

In world one the first level where there is a mushroom that makes mario very big get it and let it go to the edge dash quickly to it and run into everything and at the end you should have 1 to 5 lives.

Note: Keep doing repeatedly and you could get 99 lives. | Submitted by adam

First you must beat the game. Then go into any world with an Orange Toad house and there should be a huge box with a ? on it. Hit it and it will always be a Super Mushroom. | Submitted by FlameFist95

When you load a saved game file that you have cleared every level, including the lettered bonus levels, Toad Houses will no longer disappear after you take the items. The only exception are the ones that appear based on your timer when you finish a level.

Alternately, if you want to have all of your Toad Houses back, save the game then intentionally lose all of your lives. When you return, all of the Toad Houses will be restored.

This is a warning to SAVE before you go into the Secret Challenge Mode. It some spots you will get stuck where you cant move so you will have to press start and return to the map and then you will lose all of the points, lives, and coins you earned that level! | Submitted by FlameFist95

Go to the tower in World 1 with the Blue Shell power-up. Go to the first pipe that shoots you up into the air. On your way back down, go in the gold door. There will be a lot of randomly moving platforms. On the right, there is a gap that always stays the same size. Go through it and you will see three blocks. Use the Blue Shell ability to break them all, then break the last three. Go to the right and finish the level to reveal the World 1 Warp Cannon, which will shoot you to World 5.

In Secret Stage 2-A, there is a secret exit to the stage that will grant you access to the Warp Cannon in World 2. Near the end of the stage, there is one last spin jump platform you need to use to reach the final Star Coin. Instead of stopping once you get the last Star Coin, continue falling to the right and press Jump at the same time you land on the red turtle on the final platform to get enough jump height to reach the platform with the pipe above you in the little alcove. Go through the pipe and exit the stage using the red flag.

Enter in the Ghost House as Mini Mario. Go to where you see a huge ghost next to a pipe in which you have to press a switch to turn them into red blocks. Go all the way to the right and do not get hit. Keep wall jumping until you get on a secret ledge with a door. Go in the door and jump on the red flag, then use the Warp Cannon to get to World 6.

Enter the World 5 Ghost House and get a Mushroom from the blocks. Then, go up the stairs untill you get to a place with three brick blocks on the left side of the screen. Stand on top of them and jump to reveal three invisible blocks. Next, wall jump on the left side to get on top of them. Stand on the middle raised block and duck, then jump to reveal a block with a vine in it. Climb up the vine and a Boxing Ghost will appear. Jump off the vine to avoid taking damage from it. Kill it and climb back up, and enter the door. Kill the two Walking Pumpkins and stand in the middle. The platform will wobble and as long as you stay in the center you should be fine. When it reaches the top, exit and jump on the flag pole. A path will open to the Warp Cannon on the World Map. Enter and use the Cannon to get to World 8.

First you must have a blue shell in your evevtory go to the world 1 bowser junier lvl when you get to the first pipe that shoots you up, fall back down then you will see a door on your way back down go into it and there will be a star coin and a lot of moving block apart from 2 at the top right hand side try and run there and get thru them if you go further on u will see some blocks and a pipe (dont go thru the pipe) where your blue shell and smash the blocks then there will be sum more blosk so smash the and the go thru a pipe you will end up out side the castle and just go on then jump on the flag and you will have the world 1 cannon to get you to world 5. | Submitted by ben

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 2 with Mini Mario to unlock World 4.

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 5 with Mini Mario to unlock World 7.

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 6 with Mega Mario to unlock World 8.

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