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Need for Speed Underground 2

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Need for Speed Underground 2 - Nintendo DS

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Do only the drag races until you complete it. You should now have at least an RX-8. The rest of the game should be very easy.

The key to winning on any course or mode is to have a flawless race. Avoid traffic, cut corners, and drive straight at every opportunity. A tip is to check where you will be racing next and set up a custom free-race to emulate the race course; here you can check the feel of the course and find valuable shortcuts.

If you crash your car in a race and you have a manual transmission, put it in neutral. Hit the gas all the way, then slam it into first gear to get a very quick boost.

Beat 7500 points in Pressure Tunning 2.

Beat 5000 points in Pressure Tunning 1.

Beat 5000 points in Engine Tuning 3.

Beat 50 points in Dyno Run 1.

Beat 100 points in Nitrous Tuning 1.

Beat 2000 points in Engine Tuning 1.

Beat 175 points in Nitrous Tuning 3.

Beat 100 points in Dyno Run 2.

Beat 150 points in Nitrous Tuning 2.

Beat 4000 points in Engine Tuning 2.

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