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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Lost in Blue 2 running on Nintendo DS

Lost in Blue 2

Cheats & Hints for Lost in Blue 2 - Nintendo DS

If you are always dying while fighting an animal, there is a way to avoid dying entirely. In fact, you can avoid getting any damage at all.

When in fighting mode, continuously click the right (or left, whatever is your preference) button. Just keep on pressing it. The animal will lounge at you but will miss because you keep on step-siding to the right (or left -- just go in one direction constantly).

When the animal starts to go back into its resting position, hit the animal. Repeat this as many times as it takes to kill the animal. Using this exploit, you can kill an animal easily with just your fists (which, of course, would take longer than a weapon)!

Go far into the jungle to find a grassy place where you can make another house.

Search beside the fire and the game can glitch to where you will keep going down to search. It never stops until you turn off the DS.

You can ask your partner for food and firewood. When you have 40% or less, tell her or him to get food or firewood.

Repeatedly press A outside and you will get spices every time. If you want to get salt or shells you must go to the beach.

You can ask your partner for food and firewood. When you have 40% or less, tell her or him to get food or firewood.

Aside from the things your partner can make when you give her things, such as food so she can cook, vine so she can make rope, etc., you can also talk to him or her and have them get you food or firewood. Having them get food is very useful in the beginning of the game. However later when you can fish this becomes unimportant. Using them for firewood helps throughout the game because with everything you have to do, taking the extra time to gather wood can be very annoying.

Are you sick of having your partner burn everything constantly? Here's a way to change that!

Step 1: Go and gather carrots, roots, mushrooms, or anything else you find on the ground.

Step 2: Give them to your partner to cook. Get some fish or meat to cook and eat alongside of her/his cooking

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for about 10 days. You should see a remarkable inmprovement with cooking.

Remember, you won't fill yourself off of their burnt veggies! Get fish and eat those, too! Using meat works, but it's generally a waste until the get better. My partner gets me the best possible from using these steps.

Use the following trick to learn the recipes and complete the scrap book. First, give your partner food to cook with until a recipe is made. Then, learn what ingredients and cooking method were used. Only give your partner one lot of those ingredients and make a note of how many of the spices you have in your inventory. Have your partner to cook a meal using one lot of those ingredients until they make that recipe again. If they do not do this the first time, make a note of how many spices they may have used (perhaps making a different dish). Once made, check your spices to see which ones have dropped in numbers. This shows how many of what spices they used. Cook for yourself using those same ingredients and spices. The only difficult part is learning which of the six methods they used. Usually if it is on a leaf they either cooked it raw, steamed it, or baked it. If it is in a bowl it was either fried, boiled, or perhaps steamed. If it is on a slate it was either baked or stir fried. There are some exceptions. For example, some meals that are boiled will end up on a leaf.

Successfully complete the game in Regular Survival mode to unlock Serious Survival mode. In this mode, you must survive as long as possible without a partner.

You can only go to sleep if you do not have 0% for water and food. However, that only applies to your character. The game will still allow you and your partner to go to sleep if you have at least 1% food and water, even if your partner is at 0%. You can both rest to fill up the stamina meter as long as the character you are playing as has food/water. Hold the partner's hand to rest.

If you look closely on the walls of the ruins, you will notice what appear to be old style fire pits. Light these with your torch. The wall will open up and you will gain access to a new room. One way will be a new exit to the swamplands. Two openings will lead you to rooms that have huge pedestals that must be lit with your torch. You must do these in the order as they appear one after another. They will lead you all over the island.

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