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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Go! Go! Kokopolo running on Nintendo DS

Go! Go! Kokopolo

Cheats & Hints for Go! Go! Kokopolo - Nintendo DS

To unlock Expert Mode aka Go! Go! MechJinbe, simply beat the game on Normal difficulty. The Expert mode features mirrored levels and a new character, MechJinbe. The game only saves after beating a whole world, and a limited time for each world that goes up and down depending on how well you are playing.

Complete the game on Normal difficulty to unlock the Expert mode, "Go! Go! MechJinbe". In this mode, you play mirrored versions of the stages, starting with J7 and working your way backwards. You play as MechJinbe, who has the same moves as Kokopolo and Tatsumo. The game will only save after completing an entire world and instead of having five hits per level, you now have a single time limit (unique to each world) that carries over from stage to stage. Defeating enemies and picking up items increases your remaining time. Getting hurt reduces it.

In the first level, refuse to kill the flower enemy and wait 5 minutes.

Scratch 300+ butterflies on start screen minigame.

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