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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker - Nintendo DS

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Here are some dragon quest monsters joker codes. These cheat codes can only be used on Datel's Action Replay:

1208f8fa 000003e7 Max Skill Points
92213848 000019b6 Infinite Health
02099e10 0001869f Max/Infinite Gold
02099e14 3b9ac9ff Max/Infinite Gold In Bank
94000130 000000ff Press L+R for All Items In Bag
94000130 000000ff Press L+R For Complete Library
0203de8c e3a02080 Disable Vsync
521c10c4 13510021 Scout 100%
921af404 000010a8 100 XP Per Battle
921af404 000010a8 500 XP Per Battle
921af404 000010a8 1000 XP Per Battle
94000130 ffbb0000 Press Select+Up To Run Twice Quicker - Sent by [Jurian]

Later in the game, prizes will be given out by the Commissioner's employees. These monsters will be given after you obtain the required amount of skills/monsters.

EffectHow to unlock

Successfully complete the game. Continue from your cleared saved game file for a bonus dungeon.

Go to the scouting place on any island and synthesize a metal slime with another metal slime and boom you will have a liquid metal slime. Have fun with his high defense. - Sent by [Spartanofsat]

Simply check the scouts den for the jetty that the pirate is between and once you defeat the captain himself he will force himself into your party. This monster is valuable as he has the skill gigagash. - Sent by [Spartanofsat]

Synethesize a Jamirus with a Living Statue. It can attack twice per turn. - Sent by [Spartanofsat]

To get Malroth, the Rank S demon class monster, simply synthesize a Living Statue with a Demon-at-arms. - Sent by [Spartanofsat]

To get treeface you need to synthesize a hades condor with a stump chump. This monster is great as its trait heals it after every attack. - Sent by [Spartanofsat]

To get atlas you need to have an Gygantes lvl 15 and a Moosifer, synthesise those two and you will get an atlas, give him the move health after training health it will gain Omniheal, it costs 36mp but it heals your monsters fully, he can also learngigadrain then he hits 3 targets with around 250! - Sent by [Jurian]

GEM SLIME = Grandpa Slime+Grandpa Slime+Gold Golem+Gold Golem

DRAGOVIAN LORD = Rhapthorne 2+Dragonlord

DRAGONLORD =Alabast Dragon+Captain Crow+ Alabast Dragon+Gem Slime

ALABAST DRAGON =Drakulard+Mechan-o' Wyrm

DRAKULARD =Drakularge+Atlas+Drakularge+Pazuzu

BLACK DRAGON =Great Dragon+Bone Barron 2  - Sent by [Jurian]

If you want to gain more exp, you can use these cheats:

921af404 000010a8 100 XP Per Battle
921af404 000010a8 500 XP Per Battle
921af404 000010a8 1000 XP Per Battle - Sent by [Jurian]

Follow the next instruxions to get better if you got an R4 card and a Friend/family has one to. Have one super nice monster which you want more off. Copy your .save file to a place in the computer where you can find it back. After that trade the monster to your friend. After that you will trowh the save file away. Copy the save file off the pc back to your ds, Ask your friend to have that monster back and voilla you got two of them, Do this more and you will be master off all your friends. - Sent by [Jurian]

Metal Slime Knight =slime knight+dancing devil
Dark Slime Knight =dark slime + slime knight
Skelegon =hackasaurus + skipper
Notso Macho =merman + restless armor
Hunter Mech =metal slime knight + lethal armor
Lethal Armor =skeleton soldier +lesser demon - Sent by [Jurian]

Here are some synteses:

KHALAMARI =Khalamari Kid+Khalamari Kid+King Squid+King Squid

KING SQUIT =Khalamari Kid+Night Clubber Gracos+Yabby

BEETLEBULLY =Beetleboy+Metal King Slime

RHAPTHORNE 2 =Rhapthorne+Zoma

RHAPTHORNE =Nimzo+Dhoulmagus

DHOULMAGUS =Psaro+Alabast Dragon 5
or Psaro+Dragovian Lord
or Estark+Alabast Dragon 5

NIMZO =Malroth+Drakulard - Sent by [Jurian]

In the game, there are only two Rank X dragons, the "Dragon Lord," and the "Dragovian Lord." These monsters are the hardest to synthesise in the entire game, even more so then the X ranked "Dr. Snapped." To get the "Dragon Lord" you will need to synthesise an "Alabast Dragon"(Drakulard + Mechan-o'-Wurm)+"Gem Slime"('Grandpa Slime'+'Grandpa Slime' and 'Gold
Golem'+'Gold Golem') and an "Alabast Dragon"+"Captain Crow". The "Grandpa Slime"(one of them at least) you can get through filling 200 entries in your monter library, and "Captain Crow" is obtained after you defeat him. To get the "Dragovian Lord," you will need the "Dragon Lord"+"Rapthorne 2." "Rapthorne 2" is another one of the harder monsters to synthesis in the game. To obtain him you will need to synthesis a "Rapthorne"+"Zoma." If you can get the "Dragovian Lord," it is more than worth it. Good Luck! - Sent by [crisscross900]

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