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Disney Friends

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Disney Friends on Nintendo DS

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The adventure begins when you enter the Jelly Fields. You must follow Squirt's jump sequence on the nine jellyfish. Tap on each jellyfish that Dory needs to bounce on to follow Squirt's pattern. If the Dory fails, you can tap Squirt to try again the same day.

Tap Nemo to begin the adventure. You must tap all the sea shells in the Coral Reef to find Nemo's missing Black Pearl. When you find it, double tap the Pearl to put it in your inventory. Then, throw the Pearl at Nemo so it hits him to complete the adventure.

Tap Bruce to begin the adventure. You must drag mines out of Dory's way as she swims through the mine field to find Bruce's three missing teeth. If the mines explode you can tap Bruce to try again the same day.

Tinker Bell asks you to retrieve four missing bags of fairy dust to restore her fading magic. Fairy Dust Bags for each character can be found at the following locations:

Stitch: At the Ohana Fair to the right of Jumba's Space Chicken Booth
Dory: In the Coral Reef behind the Oyster by the Bubbling Fissure
Pooh: At the 100-Acre Wood in the far left corner behind the Giant Tree
Simba: In the Tall Grass Maze in the far right corner of the maze

This adventure is complete when all Fairy Dust Bags are found and you return to the Guardian Lounge. The doors will not open correctly; you must tap on random doors until you enter the desired world.

Your Friends have four basic needs you must fill to earn Guardian points and move up in rank. Each Friend can be tired, hungry, bored or lonely. You must help them be happy. Put a tired Friend down for a nap. Give a hungry Friend a snack. Play with a bored Friend and give some love and affection to a lonely Friend.

Each character has three places that can be visited. Go to those locations to find hidden golden Disney coins.

As you interact with your Friends, you will earn Guardian points. As your Guardian Points grow, you will unlock more Friends, adventures, and special items and go up in Guardian rank level. If you reach the daily goal for Guardian points, you will get a special bonus. You can earn this special bonus with each of your Friends.

Rank titleUnlocked FriendPoints required

Tap Timon to begin the adventure. You must tap bugs to stun them so that Simba can eat them. This adventure can be completed by eating more bugs than Timon. If Simba fails to get more bugs than Timon, you must wait until the following day to try again. Blue bugs are worth 1 point and red bugs are worth 2 points. Red bugs can be found by tapping logs or bushes in the area. Note: Points doubled on Friday (Dung Day).

This adventure begins when you enter the Winding River. You must blow into the microphone to navigate the leaf boat around the river. If the mast falls down from blowing too hard into the microphone, tap the leaf mast to raise it again. Tap the flamingos to collect all five of them. Once all the flamingos are collected, the adventure is complete. Steer clear of rocks and hippos; they will stop the leaf boat and cause it to move in the opposite direction.

This adventure begins when you enter the Tall Grass Maze. You can complete the adventure by finding your way to the Big Tree at the end of the maze. You will receive more points for finding each of the three characters hiding in the maze. The maze can only be completed once a day.

Certain days of the week have special activities for specific Friends.

Tuesday: Two's Day for Pooh. All the honey values are doubled on Two's Day.
Thursday: Sandwich Day for Stitch. On Thursdays, Pudge the Fish can be found at the beach. If Stitch feeds Pudge a peanut butter sandwich, Pudge will make it sunny if it is raining; or rainy (or snowy, depending on the season) if it is sunny.
Friday: Dung Day for Simba. He gets extra dung beetles in his Bug Harvest competition against Timon on Fridays.
Saturday: "Fish Are Friends" Meeting Day for Dory. This is when the "Fish are Friends" meeting takes place in the Sunken Ship location.

Before you enter Stitch's world, go to Tinker Bell's store and buy a sandwich. Enter Stitch's door. The first thing he will ask for is food. Interact with Stitch to build up your Friendship level. Remember that Stitch gets hungry often. After you have built up your Friendship level, Stitch's Beach will be unlocked in Adventure mode.

Tap on Pleakley to begin the adventure. You must drag three logs from the beach area and drop them into the fire to keep it going. Once completed you will receive a stick with a marshmallow from Pleakley. Give the stick with the marshmallow to Stitch, who will then roast it over the fire. Tap Stitch to have him eat the marshmallow and complete the task.

Tap Lilo by the stage to begin the adventure. You must tap the drums while they are highlighted and fill the meter on the top screen to complete the task. If the task is not completed in the time allowed, you cannot tap Lilo to try again the same day.

Tap Lilo in the Laundry room to begin the task. You must find six pieces of laundry that Stitch has hidden around Lilo's house and place them in the washing machine. Do not forget to check the refrigerator and surrounding cabinets. Once all six pieces of laundry are in the washing machine, the task is completed.

Tap the Cardboard cut outs in the kitchen to begin the soccer game with Stitch. You must throw the ball through the cut out holes in the cardboard pieces to gain points. The middle piece is worth 10 points, and each side piece is worth 5 points. Receive at least 100 points in the allotted time to complete the task.

You can purchase items for your Friends at Tinker Bellís store. Use the gold earned by interacting with your Friends to buy snacks and accessories to make them happy. Touch an item to see details about it and click the "Buy Item Now" button to purchase the item.

The adventure will begin as soon as you enter Piglet's House. You must place all leaf piles in the fireplace, turn on all lights in Piglet's House, and close all windows and brace them shut with wooden pieces to complete the adventure.

The adventure will begin as soon as you enter the Bouncing Place. You must build Pooh-crows by dragging the head to the body of the Pooh-crow to distract Tigger from bouncing the real Pooh. The adventure is complete after Pooh survives one minute without Tigger bouncing him. You cannot repeat this task until the following day if you fail to last one minute.

This adventure begins when you enter the 100-Acre Wood. You must shake the trees in the area to find five beehives. If you shake a tree that does not contain a beehive you will disturb the bees and lose one of the beehives already collected. Once all five are collected, tap Eeyore to get a balloon for Pooh. The balloon is placed in your inventory. Remove it, hand it to Pooh, then blow in the microphone to make Pooh float to the top of the Big Tree. Tap the Beehive at the top of the tree before the bees pop Pooh's balloon. This adventure is completed when tapping the Giant Beehive. You can tap Eeyore for another balloon in the same day if you fail the adventure.

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