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Rayman 2 : The Great Escape

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rayman 2 : The Great Escape - Nintendo 64

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In order to get 100% at the game select menu you have to find a secret lums in the Tomb of the Ancients level. In the first part of the level, after having activated the 3 switches that raise the platforms in the poisonous pond, jump on these floating platforms and climb the web on the other side. Once at the top, instead of just falling down the pit, place yourself at the edge of the wall, to the left (when facing the poisonous pond), Then, fly over the pond, go as far to the left as possible to find a narrow hall in the wall, and land on the platform. Follow this path and kill some pirates to get the 1000th lums in the skull's eye.

Go near the first frog in the Aztec level to get the code to get 75% from the fairy.

Having trouble defeating the thing that fires lightning at you and you always get hit? try to get passed him by hitting the switch by the wall near the area where the thing is and then run as fast as you can to the other side. once there, stand by the wall and then shoot. he will fire a lightning bolt at you and when he does. run behind the wall. this is a easy way to defeat him. - Sent by [Benoitfan1900]

During the credits, hold the C-Left button down while quickly and repeatedly tapping the A+B buttons to unlock the Menezis minigame.

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