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Pilotwings 64

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Pilotwings 64 - Nintendo 64

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Choose test 1 and turn 45 degrees to the left. Fly low above the village. When you past the village, watch the big cave along the coast. In it, there is another star.

Choose test 1 and fly ahead and cross right towards the waterfalls. In the top of one of the falls, there is a secret entrance. When you follow this entrance you will bump into a star.

When you are in the Little States, fly to the south east part of America (Georgia). You will find an intersection with gas stations at all corners, fly in-between the pumps and station and you will be filled up 'free'. It won't help you with any challenges, but will help when you are exploring.

To warp to the Birdman stage, fly under the bridge on the first level. Grab the star and you'll be free as a bird. You can also become the birdman by flying to New York (on Little States Island) with the rocketbelt and touching the golden star in Central Park. In Everfrost Island use the rocket belt in the first test, look to your side and you will see waterfalls. Go to the right most waterfall and go to the cavern. Keep going until you see another waterfall, fly down and you will see the star that warps you to the birdman stage.

Fly straight ahead until you reach the coast at the other side of the castle. Somewhere there is a rock with a bend in the sea. Underneath it, there is a star.

Go to New York with the statue of liberty. In the central there is a little park and here you will find another star.

On each island of Pilotwings a yellow star is hidden. When you touch this star you will appear as BIRDMAN.
To get to a star easily, get the ROCKET BELT in all levels. Here are the locations of the stars:

When you see the replica of Mount Rushmore on the Little States stage, shoot at the giant Mario face with the Gyrocopter missles or the cannonball shot. If you hit him, the face will change to that of Wario.

As you are flying around Little States with the jetpack, you can warp from New York City to Los Angeles. In New York, there is a big greenish building. It's front doors are open (it's the only building that you can enter in NYC.) Go through the narrow hallway, and once you emerge, you will be in Los Angeles. This saves you a lot of cross country travel.

In Seattle, there is an airport hangar with its door open. If you go inside it with any vehicle and come out, you will have warped to the Space Center in Florida. You can also warp from Florida back to Seattle.

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