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Mario Party 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mario Party 3 on Nintendo 64

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If you don't enter a name for yourself when you create a new save file and leave the field blank, the game will randomly pick a classic Nintendo character name for you (this means it will using something like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, and other names)

Complete the game in story mode to unlock the Backtracks and Waluigi's Island mini-games in party mode.

When rolling the dice, roll doubles, after using a mushroom for 10 coins.

Go into the warp pipe and select a 1 player game. Pick any board. Get all started and on the first turn press start. Go to controller settings, pick your character, press A and make it computer operated. Before the last turn begins press start, go to controller settings, pick your character and set it back to player 1. Then play the last turn and at the end of the game you get all the stars and coins without playing the game. | Submitted by AndrewBernish

To get the Battle Royal Map Waluigi's Island and the Duel Map Backtrack for play in Party Mode, beat the levels featuring these maps in Story Mode. | Submitted by AndrewBernish

Either go to the mini game mode or get to it in story mode. Choose the mini-game M.P.I.Q. and make sure you choose to ''see the rules.'' You must choose practice. During the game pause when you hear no sound at all. Unpause and quickly press the R button to quit the mini-game. If done correctly the game will have no sound at all until you reset it. | Submitted by AndrewBernish

To power up your partners in a duel mode, get the same partner in the back and front. The Eternal Star will improve their stats (Example: 2 Snowmen will be awarded +1 attack each; 2 Thwomps will have decreased salaries).

In Duel Mode, players start with these partners:

Mario- Koopa
Luigi- Goomba
Yoshi- Boo
DK- Thwomp
Wario- Bomb
Peach- Toad
Daisy- Sniffit
Waluigi- Pirahna

Hit L while playing to hear your character's taunt. You can't do this in mini game. Only while playing on game board.

Play story mode and get as many S star ratings as you can. If you get eight S star ratings and beat story mode, you will be able to go into the Game Guy's room in the mini-game room. Complete Game Guy's challenge by earning 1,000 coins in his special mini-games. When you are done, you will be able to play Mario's Puzzle Party in the mini-game room. | Submitted by NikhilTarte

Play story mode and complete it. After you beat the millenium star at the end of story mode, you will be able to play Stardust Battle in the mini-game room. | Submitted by NikhilTarte

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