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Mario Golf

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Mario Golf on Nintendo 64

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Go to code select by pressing Z-R-A when clubhouse is highlighed and in cheat select type 0EQ561G2. Do the same thing as the first code, but put in the code 5VW689O6.

Successfully defeat a character in versus mode to unlock them as a playable character.

When you're choosing your character, you can change the outfits by holding one of the C-buttons.

Beat Course 4: Yoshi's Island in Ring Shot mode to get Donkey Kong.

You must pick Yoshi and on the course press B until it says power. If you get a shot, even with the two lines, you'll see a rainbow. To get a fireball do the same thing except pick Mario. | Submitted by Kalib Seeley

On the "Code Entry" screen enter KPXWN9N3 to play a tournament at the Koopa Cup course. | Submitted by NikhilTarte

For a left-handed golfer, press the Z or L buttons while you're choosing a character.

To play as Metal Mario get all 108 birdie badges in Tournament mode.

To access the password screen, highlight the fourth menu option on the main menu, then press and hold Z followed by R and A. The password inserter will appear in the next menu.

To open the character Maple earn 50 birdie badges in Tournement mode. She has a 245 yard drive but she drives it completely straight.

Pause the game on the hole that you would like to restart. Choose "Save and Suit" and save the game. Now go to "Continue" and resume the game from the tee of the hole that you were on.

You start the game off with 4 characters, Plum, Baby Mario, Charlie and Peach. To access more characters, beat them in VS mode. You'll access Mario, Wario, Luigi, Yoshi, Harry, Sonny, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and 5 more.

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